Friday, August 14, 2009

Dollars and drachmas.

I cannot even being to explain how weird it is being on my laptop in bed before going to sleep. I haven't really been able to do this for 3 weeks now since we don't have wifi in our flats at school. I am sleeping in a guest room and it's amazing because it has a double bed and it almost feels like home. I miss my bed at home. There's so much roooooom to stretch out. I could never, ever go back to a twin bed, which is what I have at school here.

Basically I haven't been writing much because I have some stuff going on, and so I haven't known what to say.

On Wednesday I was supposed to see Billy Elliot with my school friends but we couldn't get tickets so we bought them for Monday. Thursday we had our last day of class at the Greenwich campus, and while we were trying to take a group picture outside in front of the pretty old building, an emergency medical helicopter landed really close to us and it was really crazy. I've never been that close to a helicopter before, especially not one landing. And then cop cars were zipping about all over the place.
Anyway I don't know what happened, but I'm assuming it was one of the Bollywood actors, and I hope they're okay.

The rest of Thursday was not good, but it became better when Molly (meme) came to stay with me at my stupid little school campus and stayed with me (in my stupid little twin bed - I feel like we got closer that night, regardless of whether or not we wanted to) because the buses and trains don't run late enough. That brings us to today, where we spent the day at Topshop (I bought a jacket that was way too expensive, but whatever, I own something from Topshop now) and then went to her house. I really like Molly's house, because she has a lovely yard and it's not all cramped and small like most places I've seen closer to central London. Like beds, I enjoy houses that give you a bit of room to breathe. It's nice here.

We watched a lot of Friends today. I realized that I started religiously watching Friends somewhere around the last 4 seasons or so, but I haven't actually seen too many of the earlier episodes. I feel like someday when I have a lot of time, I should change that.

Oh and then we played Scattergories. I had never played before and it was a lot of fun. I liked being the only American playing with 3 British people, because I got a lot of extra points for words like Little Rock, Recess, Mt. St. Helens, and Frosties (of the Wendy's variety). Although I embarrased myself greatly when the letter was "D" and the category was "types of currency", and I said "drachma", and they all said "dollar".
...I didn't think of DOLLAR. I have been in England too long. Next thing I know I'll start measuring myself in stones.

Tomorrow Emma gets back to London and I get to see her and I can't WAIT. We have been talking about this summer London girl time for months and now that it's here we need it more than ever.

Next weekend I am seeing Eia in Edinburgh, and I am seriously counting the minutes. She posted a bunch of pictures on facebook of her trip so far, and it's BEAUTIFUL up there. Also I am excited to meet Liam. xD

Days before I go home: 40
Times I've eaten Indian food: 4


Phyllis said...

Who the heck is Emma?

Cody Hotel said...

You should've tried to use your internet celebrity to get a ride in the helicopter. My old neighbour and family friend flew choppers out of his backyard, I used to get rides around the country-side. Hella fun (pardon my pun [ohsnap that rhymed]).

And as far as forgetting 'dollar' is concerned, don't feel bad. As I read the first sentence, the first idea that popped into my mind was the Dinar xD

Martin K. Smith said...

If everyone else put Dollar, doesn't that mean that you were the only one that got a point?

Also, the captcha for this post? - "eyescu", that amused me.

Anonymous said...

I rode in a helicopter in Hawaii once. I mostly remember that it was really loud and hard to take pictures.

Psst! Bo Burnham is in Seattle on October 17th and tickets are only $20!

Should I buy one for you?

Katie said...

Scattergories is fun. The word also makes me think of Spattergroit. Cool.

Ravenclaw2313 said...

My roommate last year owned the entire series of Friends. It was on constantly. When I moved in I had never seen a whole episode and now I have seen them all. The early ones are definitely worth watching.

Glad that London is going well and that you are enjoying a large comfortable bed.

seurat2 said...

Sounds like you are still having a great time, soon you'll be talking with an English accent! Hope you get to see Rosi soon too, that should be epic.

TheBlaireWitch said...

Friends. Most fantastic show ever. I'm glad you are having such a good time :)

Kasey said...

I feel so spoiled to have had a queen sized bed for years, and I think it's ruined me to ever be able to share a bed with someone without flopping over on top of them in my sleep, as I tend to sprawl out, too.

Also, I thought the idea of Scattergories was to come up with a word that no one else had? In which case thinking of 'drachmas' when everyone else thought 'dollars' would be a good thing, right? I don't know, maybe that was just the version I played in school. Haha.

Sarah said...

I'm sorry that you've had stuff going on and have been having not-good days ... I hope things get better for you soon, and I'm sending you good thoughts. (Is that weird, coming from a stranger? I mean it in the most non-weird way possible.)

I love Friends. It's interesting watching it now (vs when I was 14), now that I'm in my early 20s and am more in the place that the characters were at the beginning of the show.

Nicola said...

lol I'm the opposite - a Brit playing Scattergories amongst Americans all the time! Sucks trying to do categories like presidents. Then when it's "things in a candy shop" they inevitably accuse me of making up names of chocolate bars! Makes it more fun regardless =)

BenCracknell said...

I'm so glad your seeing Billy Eliot!
You will NOT be dissapointed. And as for Topshop, I don't get why you were so excited? Is it me :S
Do they not have Topshops in America?
It feels so surreal knowing that peple get excited about something where you always buy your clothes, Well Topman for me, but same principle.
Have fun with Emma and everyone!

Jerry Cooke said...

Plus you're seeing me on Tuesday ;)

Glad you're keeping busy <3

Cat<3 said...

the other day i had a cashier at blockbuster that looked EXACTLY LIKE LIAM. and we were renting moulin rouge which makes it even wierder (:

god i love that video.


Going to Topshop with Kristina and Molly, that would be such an awesome time *.* Sigh.

VicMorrowsGhost said...

I'm sure I was going to say something but the strangest thing just happened. Everything went blank after you said and Molly were in bed together. Very peculiar.

Joey said...

Ha. Maybe you were IN the movie. I mean they were prolly shooting this over the top (unnecessary and kitsch) "action" scene. Prolly used you guys as natural extras or something.

Will look out for a movie around here (I'm from India) with you in the background.

Not very significant, but theres a "Bollywood" movie on TV right now and the guy in the movie is playing an actor and he was shooting a scene where he does the matrix "pole fight" scene and ends up with a light saber in his hand in the end.



Anonymous said...

7876 minutes. CAN'T WAIT.

Ps the math could totally be wrong...I just hope not. :)

RhianonLives said...

Drachma?! Geez!
Hope you have a great time with your friends, girl time is important =)

SlytherinSweetie said...

Sounds like fun!
And I hope you have fun with your friends. Topshop sounds awesome too. And I know exactly how you feel about thinking the English way, and I've never even been to England! I was in the car with my mum, and we pulled over for McDonald's and she asked me what I wanted. I said chips. Then she got all confused and said that they didn't sell chips. Then I realized my mistake. I didn't even know I called them that. It was a reflex. Plus, I just said mum. I'm American. He he.

Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad, once playing scattergories the letter was C and the category was capital cities. I couldn't for the life of me think of a capital starting with C until someone pointed out to me that the capital of the country we live in (Australia) starts with C.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea what Scattergories are, but it sounds amusing.
I'm still jealous of you and the whole being-in-london thing.
You need to post more videos on the 'tubes. Who cares if your busy, right? (Just kiddiing.)
Also, if you see Alex, tell him to post tooooo :P


Anonymous said...

its a good thing you didnt put dollar then lol cause you dont get points when other people have the same answer : )