Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Six? SIX!?

I had the most terrible morning!

So I had this system... my iPod Touch was set to London time (because I use it a lot and I need to know what time it is here) but my computer was still on Seattle time because usually when I am using it, I am writing to my parents or Eia or Hayley or someone back in the US and it was convenient to know instantly what time it was at home.
But last night I charged my iPod with my laptop and forgot that it resets automatically. I went to bed with my iPod alarm set to 7:30 AM, and didn't think anything of it.

I awoke naturally this morning, and suddenly felt really uneasy. I checked the iPod and it said 12:30.


Even in my half-asleep state, I knew this meant one of two things. Either I had only slept for one hour (having gone to bed at 11:30) and it was suddenly light in the middle of the night, or I was 2 and a half hours late to class.


I didn't know what to do. Go to class late in my pajamas? Shower and go even later? Just find everyone at lunch and explain to my instructor what happened?

Then I stopped. Something didn't feel right. I opened my laptop and saw that it too said 12:30. I looked at my iPod again. Looked out the window. Looked at my computer.

Seattle time.

It was only 8:30 AM in London.


We had a nice day of class; a man from the US Embassy came and spoke with us and then we had introductions where my instructor embarrassed me by referring to me as "our resident member of the YouTube community".

After class, 5 girls and I hopped on a bus to Bromley where they have a magnificent shopping mall. We forgot how stupid London is about staying open, and took our time eating lunch at a Marks & Spencer, giving ourselves only about 45 minutes in the shops before we were being ushered out rather hastily, mostly empty-handed. Most disappointing day of shopping ever.
We learned that Thursday is "late night shopping day" where the stores stay open until 9. WoooOOoOooo. Otherwise they close at 6.
SIX! That's so early! When do people shop? I don't understand. The stores must be so horribly crowded on Saturdays and Sundays.

We came back home, dejected and not having filled our thirst for British clothes, and all planned on taking naps or doing things in our rooms, but these boys from our group convinced us to head down to the "Jolly Fenman" (the only pub within walking distance) and we ended up staying there for 4 hours or something. We met a bartender named Karley who plans to show us everything London has to offer in our month here if we agree to keep hanging out at the Fenman. She was fun and we'll probably spend a LOT of evenings here at the Fenman, especially since she seems dead set on showing us "her" London.

I just want to find a Primark.


BenCracknell said...

Aaaah kristina you crack me up.
Being Brittish, I never really thought much of the whole "Shops closing at six, and not open on a sunday." But I find it really amusing, and kind of shameful that we can't provide you with your shoptacular needs. :/ We're sorry ):
Anyway, If you find an ASDA, The english wallmart, I think (Well the one near me is) Open 24/7

Have fun x

Elizabeth... said...

If the shops didn't close early and make us rush around then we'd have even less to complain about and you know how we Brits LOVE to complain!


Anonymous said...

Here you go - although Primark is on Oxford Street I would reccomend to get the tube to Marble Arch as this is directly across the street from Primark's front door.

If you are near North Greenwich (the stop for the O2 arena) you need to get the Jubilee line to Bond Street change onto the Central for Marble Arch. :)

There is also M&S's flagship store a little further along the street.

Anonymous said...

p.s. I go shopping in town in my lunchbreak or first thing on a saturday before it gets too busy

Hannah said...

It's really strange to think about, but yeah...I guess our shops do close quite early. And most place aren't open Sunday. So Saturday is like, 'shopping day' and then you get stuck in crowds and the queues are huge and it's horrible. Aaah Britain...

iamajedii said...

Resetting my clocks like that would throw me off so badly. I don't know how you manage.

way2geeky said...

wow, shops here in australia close at 5 everyday except thursdays which is late night as well till 9 but the movies are still open till later
...i wouldnt know what to do if shops were open long hours.

K. B. L. said...

The shops in my country close at 6 pm as well. Only the supermarkets are open till eight, but only in the summertime. Otherwise they close at six.
Sounds like you're having fun in England. I'm jealous.

omgitslouise said...

haha, I went to America on holiday this year, and we couldn't believe how late the shops were open!
around me, most of the shops shut at about 5.30, so to be able to shop until 9pm was insane :D <3

xkatbutx said...

Hey,I only just found you on youtube and its great to have you in the uk:)
I'm a londoner and I know if I'm desperate for late night shopping i always go to westfield!(the only mall really near central london). If you want to get there, take the jubilee line(I'm guessing from where you are)change at bond street and get the central line to shepherds bush. I think its open mon,tue,wed,fri,sat till 9 and thursday till not really sure about sunday. It has some ok restaurants in there aswell if you get hungry, hope that helps your shopping:Dx

safi said...

I have friends who live in a few different countries, so I downloaded this world clock application that sits on your desktop with all these different timezones.
I think I just typed world clock app into google. Just in case it's useful for you :)

Anonymous said...

You will LOVE Primark, I don't doubt it.

SlytherinSweetie said...

I don't live in England, so I can't really say much about it, except what you, JKR, and Charlie have told me. Ha ha. But that sucked having to leave the store that early.

One time, the power went out for a little bit in the middle of the night, 'cos of a storm, but nobody noticed do they were all asleep. I woke up and looked at the clock that said 1:15 and panicked.

I thought I had overslept 7 HOURS! But then I turned on the news and was relieved to know that I was wrong. But I still only had 30 minutes to get ready. lolz.

RhianonLives said...

What on earth is a Penmark or Parmark or whatever you just said??
Haha, awesome day_ I also saw your video just now. Sounds like the Fenman could become your 'gang' bar! You should def. keep going there... Me and my friends have a cafe that's 'ours', we chat with the waiters and sometimes they discount things, it's cool =)
Oh, and the shops close at 6 or 7 in portugal too... The ones downtown close at 8 on weekends, but that's it! That thursday thing is weird...

loveacrosstheocean said...

The same exact alarm dilemma happened to me when I went to school in europe, except I really did sleep in. I'm glad that crisis was averted, though.

Caitlin said...


I usually avoid them at all costs, because everyone ends up wearing the same clothes, but my parents convinced me to go in. -Shudders-

We all go shopping on Saturdays. Get the train into town and walk around aimlessly, until someone suggest we go inside a shop.

Melody said...

Well it's funny because I complain when most places close at 9 because I'm a night owl. Or that places close at 6 on Sundays because I don't see a reason for that and I'm not religious.
But when my fiance is here and he seems amused by the fact that America is that way, I seem to like it a little more. Plus we have a couple 24 hour grocery stores and that's pretty amazing.

VicMorrowsGhost said...

The only thing worse than a working alarm clock is a broken one. :P

Danni said...

Haha, I'm British (and a Londoner) and you forget that not everywhere closes at 6. We all go shopping at the weekend and most places are open on Sunday these days, especially in London. But Primarks are everywhere you just have to look for them, oxford is always packed though. Westfields is great but no primark. Have fun in London :)

Nally said...

DO NOT go to Primark on a Saturday. Seriously. Middle aged bargain hunting women throw underpriced clothing at each other while hunting for their size. Don't do it. It will scar you.
Otherwise, have fun shoppung :P

Anonymous said...

I'm really loving hearing about your time in the UK. I almost feel like I'm overseas too! Have fun!
-and about the shopping thing, I would hate that. I'm always so pissed when stores close early on Sundays here in the US as it is.

barefootfiona said...

You want to FIND a Primark? Hell, I spend most of my time ESCAPING Primark! It's a mess. Clothes on the floor, children screaming, scratchy seams, kinky lingerie... there is no love!

Marie said...

Pretty much everything closes at 6 in Vermont. Well, at least in my town (which is actually one of the bigger ones). All the shops on Main Street close at 6ish, and the only places still open are either the bigger restaurants, chain restaurants/stores, and gas stations. And fast food. That's about it. The only thing to do on a Friday night is go to the tiny movie theater, bowling, or walk around our tiny walmart. The nearest mall is 45 minutes. And the better malls are an hour away in other states.

It was worse when we went to Ireland, and that was before we moved here, so at least we had some practice. Anyway, just be glad that when you return home, you can go shopping at whatever late time you please!

Anyways, that clock thing is something that would totally happen to me. Story of my life!


SIX?! Shops close at 11PM here! Whoa.

HeyLukey said...

no wai cant believe u went to Bromley i totally live in there in a flat in the town center and i was there that day i would have shown u the sights well i say the sights iv only lived there a year i dont know it that well but well enoth