Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I just opened up blogger to catch the world up on my travels, but I am once again so exhausted that I doubt this will be a very long update.

The last 2 days of my trip have been the first two days that I actually just stopped moving for a little while. Monday Emma and I woke up, lazed around, had computer time, filmed a video, did some laundry, moved ourselves and our stuff over to her Dad's apartment (since we currently have it to ourselves) and have since eaten more junk food than I can even feel good about typing up.

This morning we decided to watch Jeremy Kyle (the British Jerry Springer basically, for all my American readers) and about 5 minutes in we had to shut it off. "This is revolting," Emma said with a click of the remote control. We proceeded to watch more Friends. xD

She then took me to Bluewater, which is a MASSIVE shopping center.

...I almost just typed "centre". What. That was weeeird.

Anyway, we had a good time getting Krispy Kreme donuts and sugary candy from the sweetshop (PopTarts there were 5.95 pounds.... even worse than CyberCandy) and I bought a pair of pants that I am still feeling a bit skeptical about... the jeans/leggings crossover that are either actually called Jeggings, or that's just a clever name Molly came up with, because she's the first person I heard use it and I'm actually not sure now.


Everything up there was written last night at about 2 in the morning before I gave up and crashed for the night. Now it is the morning of September 2nd and I intended to finish writing a witty and insightful blog post, but now I have just spent my entire free hour talking to whataboutadam about our simultaneous trips to Dublin this afternoon, and Michael Aranda about various things because it's been awhile since we chatted. So that was my morning.

I woke up with a dead weight in my stomach, and I realized it's because I am really nervous about flying to Dublin today. I like traveling a lot, but I am not good at doing new things alone. Alex was supposed to be coming with me on this trip, so that knowledge is making it a bit harder as well. Also, I'm filming with Red in their studio and I have never done anything like that before. What if I'm terrible? What if they regret choosing me? What if I can't memorize my lines? What if I wrote down the wrong flight confirmation number because I have FIVE in my inbox?

I know it will all be fine; I'll probably have a blast up in Ireland and I'm worrying for nothing, but it's all a little bit scary. The minutes are ticking away to when I need to be showered and headed out to Heathrow, but I just... have... to finish... blogging..

Last night Emma had to work (she works in a Cinema) and since it was only a 4 hour shift, I didn't bother making other plans (even though I feel really bad; I was supposed to see Johnny). I just tagged along. She got me in to see a film for free, and then I spent the rest of the evening reading the Red script on my iPod Touch.

I saw the Time Traveler's Wife. A lot of people warned me that they just bawled their eyes out when they saw it, and I was nervous about that prospect in my current emotional state. I thought it might be good for me to cry over someone else's problems for a change though, haha. But the film was about an hour and forty-five minutes long and my eyes only welled up a few times for Claire and Henry.

I liked the movie, and I'm glad I chose to see it over "Funny People", but I was a little let down. I'm not sure, and I can't pinpoint exactly why, but I didn't feel like I walked away from it having learned anything. The film didn't really make a statement on human life, or tell you to appreciate the fleeting moments you have with people, or say anything about enduring love.... which were all things it could have easily done given the plot. At the end of the movie, I just thought, "Alright. Well that's a really sad thing that happened to those people."

I know movies don't HAVE to have a moral, but I like when at the end of a book or a song or a movie you can ask yourself "So what?", and you have a new little piece of information to go out into the world with. Like Harry Potter teaches you to do what's right, even if it's not what's easy. And Peter Pan teaches you that everybody has to grow up at some point and that's it's not all bad. And White Teeth taught me that you should actually read the books you're assigned for school lest you embarrass yourself in the class discussion.

So anyway, I leave for Dublin in a little over an hour, I get to meet and hang out with all sorts of great people, and Eia is meeting me at the airport. I miss her a lot.

Fingers crossed that this whole experience can make me feel as good as being in Edinburgh did.

Days until I go leave: 21
Times I've had Indian food: 11


Mush said...

Well I hope you have a great time - It's really cool that you're getting to visit all these places. I hope you like Dublin. Even though its not my favourite place in the world, tis still my capital and I have a certain fondness for it (although its a pity you're not going to Cork, cos blarney castle is here which is class and there's a haunted gaol in the city as well which I think you might enjoy). Anyway best o luck with it!

PS my captcha for this post? trippers! which I suppose is what you and adam will be to dublin today :)

eibbore said...

Your "Red" filming will go fine. It's a new experience, have fun with it!

Have a good time in Dublin!

ginger jones said...

Everytime I read your blog I crave Indian food like you wouldn't belive

Hannah said...

Have a good time in Dublin! I love Ireland, but I've never actually been to Dublin so I can't really say how nice it is, but Ireland is just fantastic in general :)

Your Red filming will go fine, I'm sure, and I can't wait to see it.


VicMorrowsGhost said...

Come on love! Cheer up, you're going to Ireland! Home of Leprechauns and Bailys Irish cream :D

The Red thing will be a cake walk. You've made videos shouting in the middle of the street, you've hatched from a cardboard egg, you've rapped... kinda. :P

New word - Kristinatude: To soldier on with fortitude like Kristina. :)

Shauna said...

If you want to see a leprechaun I suggest walking to the Molly Malone statue at the bottom of Grafton street. There's usually a guy hanging around there. Alternatively you could chase rainbows...:P
Have fun filming!

Catherine said...

"Days until I go leave"? That's an awfully weird phrase. But have fun in Dublin, and even though you're there with Eia, make sure to meet new people too.

SlytherinSweetie said...

Well, I hope you have a great time!! And don't worry, you sound amazing. Never been to Dublin. If there's a good blog about it later, then I'm gonna add that to the ever growing list of places I wanna go. Just because you write good reviews about them. Ha ha.


aimée-louise said...

have fun in dublin, kristina-love ^-^
ooh, and if you have time check out the library at trinity college.
mmmmmmmmmmm... booky goodness.

LibrariAnne said...

You'll be fine! Dublin is an easy city to navigate. And if you get lost, take a taxi! Irish taxi drivers are one of the things I miss most about Ireland. Not really, but still.

I don't know if you're traveling all alone or just with the one notable exception, but if it is the former, just enjoy it. You get to have a unique experience by yourself, you get to choose what you want to do and when to do it. It'd be a shame to let yourself feel lonely in a beautiful place like that.

Also: if you get a chance to go to Galway, DO IT!

Melissa Kendra said...

You have Canadian readers too, Kristina! Don't forget about us! Haha.
My boyfriend and I went to go see The Time Traveler's the second night it was out. I really enjoyed it, he didn't though.
I think if you read the book, you'll get more of the moral you're looking for. As we all know well, Warner Bros. tends to leave important things out of movies.


Hope you have a great time! <3

Rockstar Raquel said...

Just be glad that you didn't see "Funny People" It was a horrible movie! It was long and vulgare.
You will be brillant! It is just the nerves talking.
I hope you have a wonderful time in Ireland! Cheers love.

Mairead said...

I went to ireland a few years ago (not Dublin, though, I was on galaway bay) and I absolutely loved it. It may have very well been my favorite trip. You'll love it, and it'll be good to get away from all of your memories of London.

I'm sure filming Red will go flawlessly, and it'll be a new experience, so just have fun with it.

Ravenclaw2313 said...

Ireland WILL be amazing. There is something about being there that will just chase everything away (accents? Irish Coffee? pub atmosphere? I'm not sure but there is something.) Also make sure to visit Trinity College and check out a night time cemetery tour if you have the chance. As far as the Red filming goes you will be wonderful. Just get in front of the camera and rock it like we know you can.

Elizabeth... said...

Slowly but surely the UK is influencing you, though, tbh, I'm UK born and bred and often cannot decide whether to use centre or center. Your way looks better I think.

I'm sure Dublin will be great, I always enjoyed the RED videos last time so I'm sure yours will be superb.


the_who_ru said...

I got some 'jeggings' yesterday, which I quite like despite being paranoid about what my bum looks like in them. Long tops ftw.

I've been refusing point-blank to see 'The Time Traveller's Wife' because the book was just so good, I don't want the film to ruin it for me.

I'd love to try Pop Tarts because I've never had them, and don't really know what they are, but they are generally expensive over here anyway. I'm guessing it's because they have to import them.

Hope you enjoy Dublin and have a good time with your friends. :)

JustMargaret said...

Ah, Kristina. If there were any feasible way that I could fly with you to Dublin, you know I would. But this would probably have the reverse effect of what you were hoping and end up making you more nervous because, well, you don't know me.

Anyway, the point is you're going to be just FINE! You are a traveling pro at this point and you'll have tons of fun in Dublin and meet tons of incredible people and do amazing things. I mean, you have everywhere else you've gone, why should Dublin be different? :)

Emily said...

I agree with you about liking it when movies and stuff have morals of sorts. I mean, I hate it when they get all shove-it-down-your-throat condescending, but being able to take something away from the story is always nice. It makes me feel like I didn't waste my time.

Also, I really hope you have a fantastic time in Dublin! I'm sure having Eia there sharing the experience with you will make it all the better. :D

RhianonLives said...

I'm oh sooo excited for you, you're going to see so many wonderful things! Don't forget to film or take pictures, we deserve to see Ireland!!
I hope everything works out perfectly for you <3

Sydney Swift said...

they ARE called jeggings, i am wearing some right now. because i'm cool like that xD haha

Katie said...

Umm if you don't meet a leprechaun whilst there, you obviously have failed at going to Ireland.

But have fun whatever happens!

Katie said...

Also, I looked up "jeggings" images and I kind of want some now.

John said...

Have fun in Dublin Id love to meet up with you but alas I have exams which I really need to pass!

You should enjoy yourself and don't get stressed can't wait to see you on Red go RTE :P

alanasays said...

I hope you have a great time in Dublin! I'm on holiday in the UK at the moment also and have done kind of the same things of you, I spent a week in Edinburgh and absolutely loved it. A fantastic city with so much history and so picturesque. Plus The people are fantastic.

I also did Ireland, but the south west rather than Dublin. I loved it and I'm sure you will too.

Good luck with the Red thing, You'll be great.

Have an awesome time!

captcha: dostabb
Go on, the captcha says so, so go stab something. What's the worse that could happen?

Steve said...

I'm camping just outside Dublin with some friends, the weather's terrible, rain rain rain :) have fun!

nzaussiegirl said...

hey... long time reader... first time commenter..

Kristina - you are completely awesome.


you will have an amazing time in dublin - it's pretty cool.

and you will be great during the 'Red' filming - if you can sing with purple dots on your face, run around with a cape yelling at criminals and all that other fun crazy stuff you do - then you can do this. easy.

just find the fun - it's out there :o)

Cat<3 said...

Ah! I wasunsure as to how i felt about th time travelrrs wife, but after reading this post, i realize now that that is EXACTLY how i feel.


also, captcha: undesser. Which i thought said undresser (:

kira902k said...

You will indeed meet a leprechaun. At least, I hope you do, and I hope you have your camera there to capture the footage for me. :)

good luck :)


runswithwands said...

have you read 'time traveler's wife'? i haven't seen the movie yet, BUT i can probably safely say it's better. you should definitely read it sometime!

good luck on your trips! <3

Kelly said...

I read the Time Traveler's Wife book and I really, really didn't like it. Mostly because of what you kind of said...nothing really happens, there is no real moral. I guess I like to be left with something or even if there's no moral some sort of passion involving the two characters or a connection with the two characters. I honestly didn't care for either Claire or Henry, maybe in the movie their love is more prominent and passionate but in the book it was just...whatever. I also didn't like it because it was all hyped to be this AMAZINGGGG book. It was on the Oprah's book thing and everything and it was just...boring. So yeah, I wouldn't recommend reading the book, haha.

Have fun in Dublin! Cheer up! It's Dublin, get drunk!

Marissa said...

I meant to comment on your last blog, but my internet crapped out and I eventually forgot whatever I was going to say that would either have helped cheer you up a miniscule amount, or weird you out. Either way, I actually do remember the captcha, because it was kinewda hilarious. It was pneswar. Which, I kinda thought, gave a whole new meaning to cockfighting. Different things, I know, but seriously... pneswar cracked me up. And today, it's minyho. Like, a really tiny ho, or something. Dang, why are mine always kind of dirty?

Either way... uh... have fun in Dublin. :)

Katherine said...

See, this is why I have no desire to see the Time Traveler's Wife, because I just finished the book, and I loved it completely, and I don't think it is at all possible that the movie could do the book justice. Also, Rachel McAdams and whatsisname don't seem like Clare and Henry to me. (I still find it weird that her name is spelled Clare.)

Allison said...

"Had computer time." :D Sometimes my friend comes over and all we do the whole time is go on the computer.
I envy you - I wish I could spend my morning talking to Michael Aranda! (I LOVE Michael Aranda!)
Oh, The Time Traveler's Wife. The book is SO MUCH BETTER than the movie!
What're you filming? I'm sure it went great!