Thursday, August 20, 2009

Train riding fun and general geekiness.

I am currently sitting on a train on my way up to Edinburgh.

I am still saying it wrong. I don't think Americans are capable of saying it correctly, to be honest. I used to say the full on Ed-in-bur-oh, but in the last week or so, I've found myself saying it more like a rushed sort of Ed-in-bro. But people commenting on my blog said it was more like Ed-in-bruh. I sound like I am trying to be a gansta when I say it like that. I DON'T CARE. I'LL EAT MY FRIES AND GO TO THE BATHROOM AND TAKE AN ELEVATOR AND GO TO ED-IN-BRO.

There is wifi on this train! It's slowish, and I really, REALLY should be finishing White Teeth (since our class discussion is on Monday) but how can I resist taking dailybooth pictures and blogging while riding on a TRAIN? I also plan to work on my novel a bit, so I can geek out and pretend I am JK Rowling.

Oooh they're coming round to check my ticket, this is exciting.

Fingers crossed...


I didn't know which one to hand the guy (I have FIVE) so I handed him all of them.
"You just find what you need in there," I told him.
He giggled at me (a grown man, giggling) and stamped my ticket and said "cheers love". I really like it when perfect strangers call me "love". That doesn't happen in America.

So here is a dorky picture of me being all dorktastic on the train with Emma's copy of Philosopher's Stone (I can't very well read Sorcerer's Stone here). I almost wish the train ride was LONGER (it's 4 and a half hours) because trains are fun and there are so many things I'd like to have time to do while I'm on here.

I forgot to say this in yesterday's blog -- Rosi is beautiful and amazing, because she read the blog in which I complained about not being able to find a bowl and she GAVE ME ONE. A cute little kiddie cereal bowl and I can't wait to use it when I get back to school next week.

I don't have much to say since all I did today so far was go to class, sit through 3 guest lecturers, pack a suitcase during lunch, reply to a lot of emails, go to King's Cross station and eat some chicken nuggets.

Actually, that's a pretty solid day so far.

Eia is meeting me at the station when I get there, and I'm going to stay with her, even though I came up here with 4 girls I met from my class. I'm sure there will be all sorts of hanging out time, since we're there for 2 and a half days.

Basically I just wanted to preserve this moment forever; my first real UK train excursion, being all cool with my reading and writing while the countryside whizzes by out the window. I looked up just now to see what pretty countryside I was missing out on while typing, but it was in fact an ugly building that said B&Q on it in orange that was passing by. No idea. QUIT RUINING ENGLAND FOR ME, B&Q.

I am THIRSTY. I wonder when they bring by the chocolate frogs and licorice whips.

Days until I leave: 34
Times I've had Indian food: 6


Sydney Swift said...

you finally seem happy! yay! i prefer happy Kristina blogs much more.
ps. free train wifi is like THE peak thing of Britain. it's all downhill from here.

phampants said...

I love riding European trains; from the bullet trains, to the normal ones and then the 2 car trolleys. It's always fun. I wish American trains were as fast, efficient & exciting as European trains.


When I go to London I bet I'm going to stare at King's Cross station and be like ... Where can I find platform 9 3/4? Hahaha.

I think the British are so cute when they call people "love". It's so adorable, I think it makes people feel comfortable :)

Hoep you have fun :) <3

God's Rock Angel said...

hehe love is quite tame!

I get mate, duck (well mainly that one from my Great Grandad), sweetie, darlin' (yeh got that one from a prospective employer that was a little off putting!)

I've not been on trains with wifi and I live here in England lol.

This is unfortunately the closest you'll get. For Platform 9 3/4. Kristina - which route did your train take?

Joy said...

I know what you mean about wishing the journey was longer - although I usually whine about having to travel by train (car is almost always faster for the places I want to go to), I feel strangely empowered when I'm on a train journey and usually end up kind of enjoying it.

I don't know why - I think it just makes me feel all independent and grown up and stuff. And usually accompanies a visit to a friend, which is always fun.

Enjoy Edinburgh! :o) Although it only takes about an hour and a half to get there from where I'm at universtity, I've never been. Must rectify that this next year.

Cara62442 said...

I love free wifi on trains!
Sadly I have to get a boat when I go home, and it doesn't have wifi *sad times*

It was raining and horrible in Edinburgh all day, but the sun's coming out now so it should be nice for when you arrive! :)

ThatAmbergirl said...

I love you relating everything to Harry Potter! :) I would be doing the same exact thing.
Hooray for your wonderful, lovely friends, and for your reading and writing, and European train rides, and for you sounding so happy!!!

If ANY cart comes through the train, please make it a point to pull some English monies out of your pocket and say, "we'll take the lot!" XD

Hope you enjoy the rest of the train ride, and that you have an amazing time in Ed in bur oh! ;)


Nicole said...

I live in England and I still pronounce Edinburgh wrong :) I used to be able to say it correctly but one of my friends confused me and I haven't been able to say it right since. :( I'm glad you're finally having fun.

but the name is Tarah. said...

I am so jealous right now! I would give anything to be on a train in England and pretend that I am JK Rowling.

To us, Kristina, you pretty much are.

So happy to see that you're back to your old self! :]

but the name is Tarah. said...

p.s. I would also give anything to have a British man call me "love".

Gary said...

1. B&Q is a DIY store, nothing interesting.

2. Sadly you'll probably have to go find the on-board shop yourself, the people who work on the trains don't seem to bother to push trolleys around anymore. Probably health and safety or some such rubbish. If you really want chocolate frogs, we have things called Freddo over here. Don't know if you have them at home? There are no collectible cards with them though; lame.

3. I love that you are properly exploring the UK while you're here! I've never been to Scotland. The Snow Ball in Edinburgh this December will likely be my first time :D

4. Enjoy yourself! I sincerely hope seeing friends has cheered you up. Also I want to see you soon because I may not go to SitC :\

uberfrau said...

I studied abroad in london many years ago when I was in college, and it was one of the funnest times of my life. check out this place:
Also, even if you're not religious listening to evensong at westminster is pretty awesome.

hayleyghoover said...

You're my favorite blog, love.

Hailee said...

i've always wondered about riding an actual BRITISH train through a part of britain, oh what fun.
i've always felt britain to be somewhat magical, partly because of the harry potter fandom, but mostly because i suppose our american customs are somewhat different than theirs. (for example, how nice is it to be called 'love' by a giggling grown man ;D )
i hope you're having a WONDERFUL time there, i'm going to england quite soon myself actually! :D
being somewhat "famous" in the youtube community i'd understand why'd you want to keep something as personal as this that effects your emotions/mood quiet, i hope you'll recover and if not, you have us

TESS said...

ohohoh! love the picture and this is bringing back all sorts of memories for me. I've only been out of the US once: when I went to London with my dad to get Half-Blood Prince when it came out. the day after the release, we took a train to Ed-in-bro and I finished reading HBP on the way there. ahhh it was so exciting, I know exactly how you feel XD

Shannancy said...

This blog made me smile.

Ridiculous amounts.

I cannot tell you how excited I am to be in London.

I leave in three days, and then I get to read and write on trains...


RhianonLives said...

Trains are awesome!! Geekiest picture of all times; I can totally see you in ten years doing an interview on a book series and saying, "it all came to me one day while on a train to Ed-in-Bro!".
If you think british people are nice, you should try Portugal; instead of being sweet and polite, we just tell everyone our life stories while being underlyingly obnoxious about it.

aimée-louise said...

i'm having a fan girl moment... I CAN'T BELIEVE ITALKTOSNAKES IS GOING TO BE IN MY COUNTRY. not just that, but oh so close. will you be coming to glasgow? ^_^

anyways, hope you have a grand time here. and that you're smiling, ayeeeee? chuckle.


partyweetow said...

If you're thirsty, I don't think chocolate frogs and licorice whips will do you any good. xD

And I really liked this post. It was nice seeing you happy and all Kristina again. ^_^

SlytherinSweetie said...

I would give anything to be on a BRITISH train, traveling across BRITAIN. I think their customs and country is all around more awesome than the boring east coast of America where I live. =]

and FREE wi-fi on a train?! Britain just keeps gettin better and better, huh?

Anway, I'm glad your having a good time and you get to see your friends. And if your ever feeling down, just remember, you've got a bunch non-stalkery, Nerdfighting, caring commentors! =]


Kelly said...

Hey Kristina, long time reader first time commenter, haha. I'm glad you're enjoying your trip much more now. I have questions for you though...I'm going to be studying abroad in London in the fall too. What kind of phone did you get to make international calls? And for money, how do you use the ATM? Do you just pay the fees anyway or do you have like a certain bank where they have affilates in England? If you can answer them, that would help me soo much! Thanks again! Have fun in Edinburgh!

HeyLukey said...

damn you B&Q with your discount DIY products not every one wants to do it them selves *shakes fist*

sounds like you're having a good time hope scotchlands fun i haven't been in years was gonna try and catch the festival this year but i'm to poor maybe next year you might even be able to catch some shows still i'm not sure if its finished yet or not :S

Sarah said...

I'm glad you're happy; I LOVE TRAINS too. They are an awesome excuse to relax for a bit and do enjoyable things. Plus they're fun. Have a good time in Edinburgh.

kira902k said...

Ah! This made me squee in delight! I've never even been on a train, particularly not one in the UK. It is officially one of my life goals.
I love your geektastic picture. I will totally take a similar picture when I go on a train in the UK.


Larangutang said...

I've never ridden on a train lol. Now I'm going to have to do that, you make it sound very appealing to sit there with a Harry Potter book for four hours.

Natalie said...

That's right. You say Edinburgh how you want, defy the masses!
It makes me laugh how you think people calling you 'love' is funny, because my dad is one of those men that call everyone 'love', even the men who drive lorries at his work :P

VicMorrowsGhost said...

Ahh Edinburgh it's where all the good swearwords come from, like fook and gob shyte.

Elizabeth... said...

Kristina grabbed her purse full of the strange new English Stirling, she was ready to buy as many Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans as she could carry. But they didn't have Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans. The trolly was full of strange things like Mars Bars...


Are you going to a show while in Edd-in-bruh? I think Potted Potter is there for the festival (these two guys Dan and Jeff who simplify all 7 books into a 1hr show) I'm sure that would be ideal...

Enjoy yourself whatever happens.

HarryPotterNERDFIGHTER said...

I wana go to Edinburgh :(. Ive been to Glasgow, but you cant stalk Jo Rowling there Haha.

Im glad you're having a good time, im also a little jealous.