Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Haunted doors and showers.

Today was my first day of class!

I'll start at the beginning.

My alarm on my iPod Touch went off, which I have set to the xylophone noise (I already hate that noise) and I forgot for a second where I was. When I finally remembered, it took me a good 30 minutes to coax myself out of bed because I hate showering in foreign showers (I don't mean European showers specifically, just any shower that isn't my personal shower). And now that I know what my shower is like, I bet it's going to take even longer tomorrow. xD

The shower is in a tiny little room all on its own that contains only a water heater, a mirror and a mop. I opened the glass sliding door and immediately found that the hot side made the water insanely cold, and if you then turned it to the cold side, it was scalding. Before I could sort this out, though, something else happened.

Then the shower made a clicking noise and something happened so that suddenly a bit of the water was spraying directly out AT me, rather than downwards in a normal shower-style arc. I had to hold my left hand up to block the spray (unsuccessfully, as a puddle was forming on the floor beneath my bare feet - must be what the mop was for xD) while I adjusted the temperature recklessly with my right hand.

Eventually I got it right back toward the middle where I finally found an agreeable, warm temperature I could deal with. I hopped in and closed the door behind me before I could do any more damage to the already soaking floor.

The rest of my morning was pretty uneventful, until we got to class at 10. Our lectures are taking place in a building that is literally a 3 minute walk away, which is amazing. We're also really close to the Dome, which is the general eating area/gym/lounge spot on campus. Also nearby is the laundrette (cute name haha) and a little store with helpful things (albeit being mildly expensive).

Class was fun - our entire group was finally all in one place. We also have 4-5 actual University of Greenwich students joining us for the entire month, which is fun and helpful. I got to know 3 of the girls pretty well on our tour of the campus - they showed us the pub and told us which buses were best and where to go shopping. These are the right kind of friends to have in London.

We had a mild Internet crisis when everyone thought for about 24 hours that we would never have any wifi. We were already mapping out group trips to McDonald's (free wifi! I know, weird right?) and Internet café scavenger hunts (because I am NOT using a crappy slow PC that is only available until 6pm on Mon-Thur for a whole month - I have blogs to write), but finally, and I don't know what the problem ever was, but we all got access codes to the wifi in the lounge. It's still only open until 8pm, but at least I can use my Mac. :)

Anyway, that's where I am sitting right now. I'm about to go find someplace to eat with some of my friends here... I really need to stop spending so much money on food that other people make for me (I bought sandwich stuff and everything but it's just sitting in my minifridge!) but we're using it as an excuse to hang out and explore this town, so I'm okay with that.

There are automatic motion sensor slidey doors at the entrance to the Dome, and they keep opening on their own when no one is nearby and no one is walking in through them. It's freaking me out. That's my cue to leave.

Edit: I've found my new love... Indian food! I'd only had it once before today, but three of us went to this Indian place that is walking distance from our campus and it was amazing. None of us really knew what anything was on the menu, but we all just ordered something random, and it all turned out to be good, and by the end of the month we hope to be pros. :)


Anonymous said...

Sounds like London is growing on you. Me and my best friend were stood outside the cinema chatting about random bits and pieces and I told her about you being in London and being kinda excited about all random bits.

We both decided we needed a trip somewhere that we could get excited about bits like that.

Oceansurferg said...

I have issue with "foreign" showers as well. Not only are they all frighteningly confusing, but people outside my family have used them! I have trouble getting in the shower after someone simply because their water is still there.

Great to see you're having fun in London!


You don't have free wifi in McDonald's in the US? Huh.

Indian food is the beesstt <33

Tesni said...

My shower at home is dreadful, I love using new showers in the hope I find better ones. My uni shower is amazing as is my boyfriends, so I do my best to shower there as much as possible, and as little as possible at home. :P

I'm glad you're warming up to your London experience and getting used to it.

I adore Indian food. I can't believe you've only had it once, do you not have indian restaurants/takeaways in the US? In manchester there is a whole mile of curry restaurants- ask Jazza.

Also, you going to the Bristol gasthering - spetember 5th? xxx

omgitslouise said...

Do you not get Indian in America?
I hate "foreign" showers too, I can never work out how to use them, and the temperature is never right. :/

Caitlin said...

I LOVE Indian food.

I hate showering anywhere else but mine because I can't help thinking that something will go wrong, like someone will walk in or whatever xD

Joy said...

I have the Xylophone alarm tone too... Hearing that sound does not make me happy! Haha.

And although it sounds strange, Indian food is very British, so you're doing well at experiencing British culture! I heard once that Indian resturants now outnumber Fish & Chip shops in the UK...

Anonymous said...

There's free wifi in Australian McDonalds too I assumed there would be in America too. That's weird :)
I wish I could travel abroad as well, it sounds awesome.

Anonymous said...

^ I meant to say study abroad :P

Chaos52 said...

You should try the AlarmTunes app. You can then wake up to any music that's on your iPod. It's a much nicer than that xylophone noise.

partyweetow said...

I'm glad that things are looking up for you! How often are you going to get to see Alex?

Nally said...

Your travels kind of remind me of Maureen Johnson's book, 13 Little Blue Envelopes. I probably only mention this because I've just been reading it, and I only bought it because I've heard good things about her books from people like you.

I hate being in foreign showers too, as do most of you commenters, it makes me laugh that everyone has awkward issues about stuff like that!

BenCracknell said...

Hey Kristina!
Im glad your having fun in Enalgnd!
I was just wondering, are you going to be making 5ag and/or personal videos whilst your in the UK?
I'd hate to think of not seeing you for 2 months!
I asked all the other 4 girls, but they dont know.

Have a good rest of the trip :D

The Vagabond said...

I love Indian food!! I made some last night actually. You should get Chicken tikka masala. That's usually everyone's favourite. I'd love to try it in London; I bet it's amazing. Naan bread is great too.

I'm glad you had an eventful/ exciting first day full of Indian food and Londony goodness. I wish I was you right now.

Anonymous said...

I also hate foreign showers. There's nothing like the shower at home. <3

And Indian food is amazing! :) <3

maux said...

You program in London sounds like so much fun! I wish I'd done a study abroad when I was in college. I did go and live in London afterwards but it's not the same. You're going to have a great 2 months! I hope your studies go well, you make loads of new friends and have a great time with Alex.

I just had to leave a comment to suggest you also try one of the many, many late-night kebab places (aka "gyros" to us americans) - SO good, widely available, and CHEAP! It took me a while to discover them during my time in London and when I finally did I was thinking "WHY have I not eaten these before??" Chances are there is one near you. It's like coffeeshops in WA and OR - one on every block (or more!).

Best Wishes!

RhianonLives said...

Ugh, foreign showers suck. Especially when you're not used to the cold-hot movements!
It sounds like you had a great first day! And like you have a strong stomach, isn't indian food super spicy?
(I just watched HP6 for the third time. Omg.)
PS, I was surprised you didn't mention the fiveawesomeboyfriends movement this week!

Emily said...

It's so cool reading about what you're doing and how you're adjusting! I've wanted to go to England ever since I found out it existed when I was a little kid, so it's a lot of fun to read about all the little adventures you're having. Maybe it'll even help when I (hopefully) make it over there next year!

Anonymity said...

Indian food? I <3 that stufff! my grandma makes the best indian food (she's indian). haha, the menus are pretty confusing but in general its pretty amazing. ;)

Ashley said...

I think all showers that aren't mine are rather odd. For me, I love new places and am sillyly jealous of you and your London programness.

No clue why, seeing that I'm still in high school and have already planned my foreign exchange/study abroad summer out, but yup. Still jealous.

I manage to eat Indian food daily seeing that I'm half Indian. My caucasian mother makes it nightly. I still can't grow sick of it. I love it too. :)

This word verification is amazing!

You must have put some secret code into this bit of amazingness that is Kristina Horner.

I got a 'dftba' one the other day. I'm on a lucky streak! :)

idyllic said...

I try to tolerate other people's showers, but when I was in France, it was so weird! There was no curtain, just a tub thing with a extendable shower head! :P

We dont have a lot of Indian restaurants here, either. I had couscous when I was in France, but I'm not sure if that's Indian. Hmm. We have Thai though!

Hope you're having a wonderful time!

VicMorrowsGhost said...

Rogan Josh + Butter Chicken + Garlic Naan + Beer = Heaven :D

Anonymous said...

American McDonalds fall into two types when it comes to wifi.

1) Free that is slow and good only for text email and webpages.

2) Paid, currently $3 for 2 hours, that is fast enough to download the large Revision3 episodes.

Chinese restaurants where the food is changed to please American tastes are extremely common. They certainly outnumber Indian places in small and mid-sized New England towns.

The doors going off by themselves is probably caused by the IR sensor being blinded by sunlight at certain points in the day.

You should check with somebody that you will not be in trouble for causing water stains in the floor below you because of the defective shower.