Wednesday, August 12, 2009

All I want is a bowl.

I am amazed at the amount of people who must wake up at 7 am (like I do) to come over to the Dome to check email and facebook and things before we all take the bus to Greenwich.

Yesterday was another sort of low-key day for me. We were supposed to go to the Maritime Museum instead of class, but plans got messed up somehow. We ended up having an entire full day of notably boring classtime, and THEN were expected to go have a tour of the museum. Guilted into staying, actually.

It was just annoying because everyone had to cancel their plans, and the tour ended up being pretty irrelevant to what we were learning, even though the guy doing the tour was nice and good at what he did. I spent most of it trying to figure out where he was from though. He sounded vaguely Irish but I wasn't sure.

Anyway, we were going to go see Billy Elliot in central London last night, but that ended up not happening because of the museum. Instead I just took the bus back up to the Eltham high street with my friend Sarah, where we explored the wonders that are the 99p store and Poundland.

This brings me to my next gripe about the UK - WHY DON'T YOU PEOPLE SELL BOWLS? Do you eat cereal off of plates? Straight from the box? Out of a mug?

Maybe this is just a problem within the value shop system, but I went to THREE different pound-or-99p related stores and there were no bowls to be found. None. I have to continue to eat my cereal out of these shallow little annoying styrofoam bowls and I'm aware I sound like a whiner since there are people out there who don't even HAVE food, but all I wanted was a nice, deep bowl, London. It's not so much to ask.

I felt like I had more anecdotes to share today, but nothing else is really coming to mind. Yesterday in class I was bored out of my skull so I was downloading iPod Touch apps.. I got this app called "Virtual Villagers" so I spent a bit of time teaching my villagers to fish, research, and build fires. Good use of my time.

OH ALSO. A few weeks ago I was complaining about the sudoku craze and Alex asked me "have you ever actually played?"

So he taught me, and I saw how fun it actually is (I had never known how to play before - I thought math was involved so I avoided it like the plague). I downloaded the Sudoko app on the iPod as well and I have been playing it nonstop. So hello, my name is Kristina and I am a sudoku-holic.

Time for class again. More later!


Anonymous said...

I have been addicted to Sudoku for years.

To the point where I would yell at someone if they tried to help me.

And on that note, thank you for reminding me that I need to buy a new Sudoku book for my trip!


BenCracknell said...

If you get a chance to see Billy Elliot again, GO!
I've seen it four times, the fourth being about a week ago, and honestly, it is AMAZING!
I can't stress enough how you come out of that theatre with an absolute buzz!
It's SO funny, Incredebly hearwarming, a little sad, but overall, EXCELLENT!

I hope you find a bowl, and like I said, if there is one thing you do before going back to America, see Billy Elliot!

Steve said...

For the first 6 or 7 months of uni i did eat cereal from a mug, cause i didnt have a bowl. It's like drinking a mug of milk, but you have to chew :D

Do you have a Tesco nearby? i know for a fact that Tesco sell bowls for around 80p

Anonymous said...

Try the local supermarket (like tesco or sainsbury) they sell Bowls - admittedly maybe not at 99p but they will have them in the BBQ stuff so they might be cheap - if not let me know and I can mail you one :)

Yes me and my cousin do sudoku against the clock and against each other. I'm not very good at it at high speed unless they are easy ones or I know how to get started.

Anonymous said...

I eat all my cereal from a mug by choice. I love the depth of it. I highly recommend that option. ;)

Caitlin said...

Tesco has lots of bowls! Asda probably does too. Nice deep ones xD

I know how to do a Sudoku and think they're alright, but they bore me xD I usually doodle all around the Sudkoku and fill it in because I have no room left.

VicMorrowsGhost said...

Didn't anyone tell you? Bowls are illegal in Brittan.

Dan said...

HA HA 99p shop and Poundland. Those are the highlights of British shopping. Seriously, those are the only shops that never go out of business in England.
You'll need to go to a supermarket like Asda or Tesco for a bowl :)

Jerry Cooke said...

Unfortunately, one inerrant flaw of the £1 shot economy is that it's a false economy - insofar as you usually struggle to find what you actually want.

Your internet situation sucks, I wish I could send you a package of wifi or something, if only such a thing existed :/

Sydney said...

I'm addicted to Sudoku too. You just remined me that I have a Sudoku app on my iPod Touch too. Now I'm going to be playing it all day.

Sajethegirl said...

I loved virtual villagers, the first time I played it. But then the second time around you know all the things to do so it wasn't as fun. Also, for the last few milestones in village history i had to look up the cheats online because i was just stumped.

I heart BE

Sydney Swift said...

John Lewis do some amazingly deep bowls. that's if you can find one in london...

Sarah said...

Oh, Kristina, why did you have to mention Soduko? I thought I had forgotten all about it, but no; Ijust spent half an hour online solving them, and once again I am hooked.

I'm glad you're having a great time in London, and I am looking forward to meeting you on the SITC gathering.

Don't forget to save me an album!

Sarah the penguin ruler ^^,

Tesni said...

try sainsburys or tescos, a reasonable size one, they'll sell cheap bowls. :O)

oo i love sudoku and codewords.

I desperately want to see Billy Elliot, so im secretly pleased you didnt see it and make me more jealous of the people who have seen it :P that said, i hope you manage to see it before you leave england xx

Melissa Kendra said...

I effing love sudoku. I have a huge book filled with 1001 puzzles. it's my life goal to finish them all.
and good luck with the bowl hunt! I wouldn't be too happy about it either. Styrofoam bowls sound awful.

RhianonLives said...

Wow, sudoku isn't math? I have to get my hands in some of that... You may have changed my life, oh Kristina-sama.
Anyway, you should be paying attention in class!

Elizabeth... said...

Sudoku is the best for long train rides and such.
I don't know why you're having such a bowl problem... I'm pretty sure our local £ shop has bowls but you probably don't want to have to travel to Durham for that... it would be pretty counter productive :P