Monday, May 4, 2009

Annoyed or not.

I am annoyed because I made a 5AG video today and YouTube won't let me upload it.

I uploaded it 4 different times; the last try has been processing for 4 hours now.

Also I walked home in the rain, which isn't actually all that bad except that I was wearing converse so my feet are soaked.

If I could fast forward to about 3 hours from now when I am getting Alex from the airport, I would be less annoyed. Also if my milk wasn't expired, that would be nice.
Someone put their guacamole on my bread too, so it's squished.


Alex will be here tonight. Instant mood lifter. :)

Days until Alex is here: 0!!!!
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Catherine said...

Actually, when I walked from Turner Field to the Georgia State MARTA station while it was pouring rain my whole entire body was soaked. The next day I had an AP World History exam and a sore throat. The day after that I stayed in bed with 6/9 Swine Flu symptoms, which caused me not to be able to go to school on today, Monday. I got to sleep in for the first time in about a week which was nice. But I missed working on layouts for my journalism class which is driving me absolutely batty.

cryspi - a different way to spell crispy.

janitorbud said...

that is the only default to converse..which i wear every day. haha

i'm sorry your day seems pretty craptastic. i'd give you some of my milk and bread but that'd be a little difficult.

yay alex visiting!

AlanDistro said...

My day's been good. Got all my work done by 1pm-ish so I've just been relaxing and annoying people on g-chat. =)

Anonymous said...

I'm happy for you that you get to see Alex : )

I get to see my UK guy in just 16 days!!

annaface said...

The weather here was beautiful today, no rain finally, but I couldn't enjoy it because of studying for AP exams. I was looking forward to your video, too; I would be less stressed about statistics and more excited about the fact that Alex will be with you soon and that means AWESOME VIDEOS!

houstion: how online gamers spell Houston when saying "Houston, we have a problem" when they mess up, a typo like pwn.

Christopher said...
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Christopher said...

Hey, you don't know me (hi, I’m Christopher, found you through you tube), but you inspired me to start a blog as well, 'cause I like your entries. I have an introductory blog if you want to know who I am, hope this comment doesn't freak you out.

Walking in the rain is fun! But converses shrink when they get wet. It's happened to me a couple times, it's surprising when your shoes suddenly don't fit!
Hope you have a great time with Alex.

Callidora said...

I'm jealous of Alan right now because I have tons of work still to do and a biology test Wednesday that I will not have time to study for. I should probably get back to my homework now. :(
Have fun with Alex :o)

Menesses: Messes made by men.

emilyt33 said...

I'm very pleased to find out that you're going to keep blogging. And I really admire the relationship that you and Alex have. Not only is it hard to have a relationship in general, but to have one so far away is incredible and inspirational.

Hope the rest of your day doesn't suck to bad.

[p.s. my word verification is penus, who comes up with these things? lol]

Sarah said...

I'm sorry your day has been sucking ... mine has actually been pretty great. However, it is almost 1am and I am just starting my homework for tomorrow. So my day is turning downhill just as yours is hopefully getting much better. Have an amazing time with Alex!!!

Carpoll: driving around a new Ford Fiesta and making everyone around you jealous!

PS - I thought of you this weekend because I played Balderdash with my family ... they are all awesome at it, but at least I'd had a little bit of practice by thinking up definitions here!

[morgan.] said...

Yes, it is my birthday. That's a plus, but the rest of my day has been crap for the most part. The internet at my school didn't work forever, and then a whole bunch of little things went wrong. Tomorrow...come quicker! haha

MmM CyNtHiA, OpInAnDo said...

*-* Alex Day! cool!!!!!

Genevieve said...

I hate it when that happens! Aaarg. I'm also part of a collab group and there have been a few Thursdays when I have yelled at the computer because it was taking a few hours to process.

John said...

YouTube has been causing me all sorts of problems lately. Specifically with the new profile layouts that some people have enabled on their channels. It's hard to find the videos you want to watch and sometimes it goes as far as making my computer crash. It's very annoying.

Are you still doing the word definition thing?
Botiond, Botion'd (verb) - the act of applying botion (robot lotion)
My screws are getting a little worn. I better get botion'd.

shecaptain said...

My day has been fantastic! I got your CD in the mail today and I love it. So far, my favorite song is I Love Brains.

Have fun with Alex!

VicMorrowsGhost said...

I'd leave a comment but I suspect you're going to be... distracted for a while.

Mathgirl said...

I'm in seattle too and the sun looks like it is trying to peak out now. Don't you love the smell outside after it has reained for so long?

Have fun with Alex :-)

SnakesAndWorms said...

Bless your dear soul for bringing that boy of yours to the NW gathering. Hope you enjoy your time with him!

Larangutang said...

Haha. I don't know what to type but my captcha is: eatalife.

Kate said...

I really dislike guacamole. Also, I was wondering, what even IS flatbread?

I realize that the entire extent of this novel-length post is about food, but such is the life of a girl who thinks with her stomach.

intothesunshine said...

My day was equally bad :( ..Have fun with Alex though! :D

Anonymous said...

My day was uneventful, though I did stumble across your blog and end up reading the archive to catch up, that was fun.

Do we still get to play the word game? I have Perchan (n): the act of quoting Shakespeare on 4chan

Yeah, pretty poor, but at least this email will let you know that the internet's not broken.

Bianca23 said...

How are things going with you and Alex?? First time since a month that you haven't written a blog, but it's ok because you have more important things on your mind right now ;)

Catherine said...

When you said someone squished your bread with guacamole, I pictured a lone piece of bread sitting on a shelf in your fridge, with a person with an evil grin just dripping gian clumps of guacamole onto your bread until it was smothered. Hope you're having fun with Alex. Actually, I hope you're just not having fun but making memories with him as well, because memories like those are always the best.

Jordiekins said...