Tuesday, May 19, 2009


So yesterday I submitted my first Fiesta mission video to YouTube and to Ford, and everyone seemed to love it, which I was glad about. I was a little nervous about submitting it on both ends - I was nervous to submit it to Ford because I really didn't talk about the car that much as the video was focused mainly on the waterfall mission, and I wasn't exactly sure what they were looking for in these mission videos. And on the flip side, I was still a little nervous about posting it on my channel because I have that minute fear that my subscribers will revolt and declare me a sell-out since I am working with Ford.

But the Fiesta Movement is so different than that. They're not paying me to just name drop their company, at all. I barely even mentioned Ford in my Waterfall Mission 1, and my personal mission control contact loved my video, my regional PR person thought it was great and it sent it to all the other agents in my area - so clearly Ford is not looking for simply free advertising. They just want to give me fun video missions to make my visual adventures exciting, and to do my thing as I normally would with my subscribers on my channel - albeit with a SWEET car and a bit of monetary compensation to make up for the cost of the said missions. In the mean time, people see that Ford is a cool company doing cool things. That's basically what's in it for them.

And my subscribers loved my video. That was such a relief. It was probably because Alex spends half the video doing cute things, but we'll pretend it's me they adore for the sake of the blog post. xD

Anyway, that was my little two cents on the Fiesta movement. I am enjoying my involvement in it, missions are fun, and everyone I have met and work with (all the people at mission control, the PR people, etc.) are all really cool people.

And now I am going to brag for a moment about my second mission.
I got my first mission done relatively early so I got to pick from a pretty extensive list of "technology" missions. There were all sorts of nerdtastic things I could have chosen but my eyes fell upon something that was TOO AMAZING to pass up.

My mission is to buy THREE items from SKYMALL, the amazing magazine that you can read on any airplane that is just FULL of weird/useless/bizarre items. Self refilling cat water bowls, seven story rotating shoeracks, you name it - SkyMall has it. Anyway, my mission is to purchase three items from this magazine, use the crap out of them, and then review them in a video on my channel.


This is every frequent-flier's dream come TRUE.

And lucky me - I'm going on a plane TOMORROW. It's shopping time.


Kaitlyn said...

Dude. That is AWESOME. Are you buying this stuff with Ford's money?

KMS said...

just checked out skymall online - ummm...awesome. "Brightfeet Lighted Slippers" are a must for review!

The Vagabond said...

That is the best mission ever. I always love the nerd pages towards the back. It usually consists of Harry Potter collectors items as of late because of the movies, but during Lord of the Rings times they had some AMAZING stuff in there. I always wanted to purchase Anduril...
You should definitely look into those two pages.

Have fun at Leaky!! I wish I was going so that I could meet you and Alex.

Infinitis 2010??

Charly- The Alton Towers Nerd said...

This sounds so cool! Have fun spending on useless yet awesome stuff!

Also, have fun at Leaky!

SammyJo said...

Hi, could you ask Alex to stop talking about your sex lives in his diary? It's extremely awkward to read.

euphonious said...



so freaking cool.

I love SkyMall. I want to have a small SkyMall shopping spree! <3

Have fun at Leaky!

Britty said...

I'm so jealous, I was on a plane two weeks ago, and I wanted every useless thing on every page.

Please, please, please, PLEASE buy the remote control R2D2. I would be nerdtastic!

Bigred719 said...

I love the skymall!!!
I just read it stuck between this man and my uncle and on every page I wanted like everything. They have a whole Harry Potter page too! At least the last time I looked they did, which was last friday

Have fun at LeakyCon, wish I was there!

Faith said...

I am so jealous. Skymall is amazing.

Anyway, have fun at leaky!

Would it be creepy if I said I wanted your life?

Shea said...

I couldn't think of a better mission! I am from SkyMall and I can't wait to see what items you select.

Cody Hotel said...

"It was probably because Alex spends half the video doing cute things, but we'll pretend it's me they adore for the sake of the blog post. xD"

Buuuuut, Alex is incited to do cute things because he's around you, so even if it was because of his cuteness, it's still you vicariously.

Patty said...

i saw you mission video and it was awesome you really make an effort to make it as near to the waterfall as you did. I can't wait to see what you are you going to buy in skymall

seurat2 said...

I profess to complete ignorance about Skymall, perhaps becauseI normally fly here in Canada? At any rate, it sound like the best, most comfortable mission ever. I trust you will buy only delightly awesome useless items. I really look forward to seeing you play with - uh. "demonstrate them" for us.

Jenny Boleyn said...

Kristina, I have been jealous of you ever since I found your videos because you're so cool.


Sarah said...

I loved your first mission video (I am a nerd and love waterfalls, so it was particularly fun to watch!). It didn't even occur to me that subscribers would think you are a sell-out. I think it's awesome that you're taking advantage of this opportunity. It seems like Ford's missions are all about travel and adventure and just living life; all things I associate with you (and traits I admire). Can't wait to see your next video!

Dee said...

Maybe this post will help you in your quest! http://awkwardramblingsawkwardmind.blogspot.com/2009/05/adventures-from-sky-mall.html

I wrote it a couple of weeks ago when i flew back home from school.
You could buy the popcorn-making machine, along with the inflatable projector, buy some of those tacky garden lights and watch movies in your backyard!

Marie said...

I was on a plane about a month ago and was almost ready to kill for something from the Noble Collection. Almost.

Anyway, have fun buying awesome random stuff!

VicMorrowsGhost said...

Skymall... the holly grail of mail order. :O

Stefster said...

Ahhh! Kristina! You must get R2D2!!! :D It's nice to hear you're having fun with the Movement. Get out there and keep us updated!


Bianca23 said...

That's an awesome challenge! Maybe this is cool, the spy pen. http://www.skymall.com/shopping/detail.htm?pid=102827698&c=10200&cm_sp=Recommend-_-TopPicks-_-DeptPage102827698

Maybe you can make a video with it haha. Anyway, you're not a sell out at all. It's not that you're saying "Ford" a 100 times in your video. The missions are cool, just like you. So don't worry.

Have fun at LeakyCon!

survivingchem said...

That's an awesome mission! I don't know how you're going to pick just THREE things!!

Marc said...

Fortunately, Skymall isn't expensive at all...


Also may I recommend...


for your precious?

BTW, living in Europe I see lots of new Fiesta's driving around. Not surprising since in the last 9 months, 250,000 Fiestas have been churned out of the factory!
Also Ford sold a whooping 52,800 of them, making it the best selling car in Europe in March!

rustandthestardust said...

the outlandishly priced pet products make me laugh the most (the humor increasing with every day spent at forty thousand feet.)

i don't know if you house any sort of critter, but i would suggest this classy, secret litter box:


finally you can keep your cat's litter box in the living room, next to all the other merely monofunctional plants.

vivsmiles said...

wow, the search by occasion one is fun. especially the graduation gifts one. I'm so jealous.

You have the ability to buy whatever you want from SKYMALL. I'm almost sure it's a superpower.

Sasha said...


Kate Pauley said...


Kassadee said...

What is Alex's diary? Does he have a blog? I can't find it!