Friday, May 29, 2009

Need your help. :)

I am requesting the assistance of the people who read my blog!

My next mission for the Fiesta Movement, as I mentioned before, is to pick a few items from SkyMall and review them in a video. I have been looking through the website, but I have been struggling to find items that strike a good balance between funny/interesting/useful/something I will want to own after the video is filmed and whatnot. I want the items to be fun, and something that would make an interesting video. And not something stupid like a large inflatable crocodile or something.

Sooo, I am going to give you the link to the online store, and if any of you want to peruse SkyMall for me to help find items you think are fun or want to see me use and review in a video, I would LOVE to read your suggestions in the comments. I am going to be ordering the items probably this weekend or early next week.

I need at least three items and they cant exceed $500 in price.

I just thought it would be fun to let you guys be involved in the item selection for this mission.

The SkyMall online store is here.

Thank you!


omgitslouise said...

Oh wow, they have a Weasley clock! That's so awesome!
I honestly have no idea, but as a Harry Potter nerd, I'd love to see you do something like the sword of Gryffindor. :]

Alenka said...

Dear Kristina, I think the following are a must:

and so that you can watch youtube...

just some suggestions. hope that gave you some ideas. i love your blog and videos.
love, Alenka

Katy said...
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Katy said...
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Katy said...



Just plain tacky:

Best of luck? <3

Emily said...

Definitely this. so useful! hahaha :)

Catherine said...

You should definitely get a Time Turner.

Elizabeth... said...


And pretty much any of the Harry Potter things haha

Rachel said...

They have a time turner!

Anonymous said...

OK - I think this would be fun....

Harry Potter fun

and for your love of the British..

Have fun! LeakyCon adventures sound like a lot of fun, hope you're feeling better

Brad said...

The Time Turner is cool. The HP Hardcover set is nice. I'm sure Ford would like you to get something car related, but you probably have hands-free in the car already. Power inverters are very handy car accesories for charging your camera.

If it were me, I'd get the breathalyzer! :P

Redcabbageispurple said...

you should get the portable hammock!
I've honestly always wanted one. Why not get it?

kaitlin said...

do you have lucius malfoy's cane? that could be useful somehow at parselmouths shows i guess.

goodgirlsgossip said...

Onesies!! Perfect for summer!

Anonymous said...


accioweasley said...

Hey Kristina!
Well, I think you should get these:

The Cam Color Video Spy Camera

The Lightning Bolt Pendant (haha...)


Destination Anklet

Hope you like them! <3 your videos and blogs!
Love, Emily

brnh said...

I second the footie pjs and the portable hammock. They'd go great together in a video.

Stefan said...

Personally I think the choices are clear.

This brownie pan is both useful and odd. and tasty. who doesn;t want to bake for video?

Don't you think Alex would look stunning in one of these "Digital Child Trackers"? I wonder how well it works? I don't know who better to test it then Alex.

Finally nothing is worse then having odd people look over your shoulder at the airport as you browse youtube. That's why you need to try this privacy fliter that only lets the person in front of the screen see it. That would be cool to see in a video and very useful.

Good luck!

seurat2 said...

I thought there would be more outright silly stuff, but it would be hard to beat the zombie of the Moor thing. Perhaps you could keep it in your room? And for practical, perhaps the starcrasher electronic drums set, although with Eia I guess you don't need more percussion do you?

Anne Kristine said...

Spy cam and cotton candy maker! :D:D:D:D:D:D

TheKnittingViolinist said...

you OBVIOUSLY have to get something harry potter. i suggest this:
to give to alex! haha.

i also think that one of these would be quite practical for super secret spy duties and such:

Anne Kristine said...


nico said...

I think you need this head massager: it looks like a giant spider attacking your head. What could be more useful?

Anonymous said...

Obviously you have to get something harry potter and if it were me, I'd get the Dumbledore's Army pendant.

I'd be happy to own that anyway. Although I guess it might not work in the reviewing aspect of the challenge.

Ashley said...
it's a gorillapod. I actually own one of these.
its this awesome tripod!
Birthday book NYT
Book of things that might kill you
inflatable movie screen
waterproof ipod stereo system
Harry's wand
Mobile massage system...this looks funny.
Massaging pillow. for traveling xD
music clef clock
For Alex lol
Radio/soap/shampoo/conditioner despenser

hope that helps :)

cootney =] said...

this is CLEARLY a winner =P


cootney =] said...

OMG digital camera swim mask!!!

what more could you want in life?? :)

Tara said...

The Stainless Steel Wallet.
For all your stainless steel or wallety needs.

Tilly said...

Um... one(ish) word:


Seriously, this would make the best video ever. Just the right ratios of ridiculous, unnecessary, dangerous, and potentially delicious.

notethetrees said...

I think that the Snow Cone Cart would be awesome. You could take it to a local park and hand out snow cones.

the_who_ru said...

The only thing I can think is that you could keep Alex in check with Lucius Malfoy's walking stick. And it could also be a useful prop at Parselmouth gigs/shows/whatever-you-want-to-call-them.

Good luck with the mission. :)

April said...

I would love to see someone using the mini elliptical trainer. It's so tiny!

Name: Moo said...

Flash lights on your feet.

TheOtherJessica said...

I think the elliptical machine looks like fun! and it's a good way to stay fit!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristina, good idea asking for suggestions! Went for a bit of everything, fun, cool, and weird. Fiesta have given you some good tasks!

1.Cotton Candy Machine - Be fun to film and attempt. Good for future events. Plus, is it really as easy as it looks, or is there a knack to it?

2.Hammock - Fun, reusable, and hard to get in and out.

3.BakPak Vac - It's so bizarre! How often do you get to pretend to be a Ghostbuster, and get the vaccuming done? Does it really work?

Looking forward to seeing what you end up with.
- tribedreaming x

CeCe said...

I like the idea of getting ONE harry potter thing, perhaps this:

As for the more random sky mall-y products:

I've always thought these things look cool, but I believe this is an off brand one...

Then of course all of these sound delicious!

Happy shopping! Can't wait for your mission video!

S said...

THE MIRROR OF ERISED. I didn't even know this EXISTED! I want my mirror to be the mirror of erised!

ANYTHING IN THIS SECTION. (Specialty kitchen appliances, such as cotton candy makers, chocolate fountains, doughnut makers, ice cream soft serve makers, popcorn makers, peanut butter makers)

Sarah said...

Cotton candy maker, peanut butter maker, ice cream maker, or donut maker!

Alternately, I vote that you buy a lot of Harry Potter stuff and go use it in public (e.g. stage a duel or ask people for directions with the Marauder's map) :)

Joann said...

yesh, buy a cotton candy maker!!

Kassi said...

Just because I think it'd be funny to figure out how to use it.

EuropaNat said...

I say you give the
one of the toothbrush sanitizers a try :) maybe you can see if you can sanitize anything else.

Anonymous said...

I will more than glady help and give you my opinion. I think it is only appropriate you buy atleast one Harry Potter memorabilia. You can discuss the impact HP has on your life.

Phyllis said...

an ipod to ipod music converter!!! so cool

Anonymity said...

I have an AWESOME idea. ok, i like Alenka's idea of the footie pajamas- so i will link that but i have a few things.

1.Total Leg and Foot Massager *its sounds like it would feel reaallllyyyy goood*-

2. COTTON CANDY MAKER! *ok, this is just one of those things you have to get*-

3.Something harry potter. *any of these look cool*
1. horcrux necklace-
2.Tri-wizard cup

I found some other cool stuff. *like snow cone makers!* so i will add them here

Snow cone maker-

Doughnut thing-

Ice cream maker-


?the slanket?-

this is adorabley scary-

Haley Bird said...

hey Kristina!
How about the "No blind spot rear view mirror"?
It sounds like it could be useful, and the video is for a car company after all...
hopefully this helps!

Haley Bird said...

^^ thats the link to the rearview mirror thing

Luna said...

weasley clock
the versailles telephone
suit of armor!

Larangutang said...

lol I found this extremely interesting looking :P not sure you'd want it though just looked funny.

MegTao said...

First off, you definitely need to get some sort of Harry Potter collectible.

If you get motion sickness I'd say try out the motion sickness band.

Other than that..definitely do something travel or electronic related....

Good luck! Looking forward to finding out what you choose.

becca said...

personal cotton candy maker


Phoenix said...

Hey... I used to own a giant inflatable crocodile. I wonder what happened to it.

NineYearOldToddlers said...

how about the worlds larges write on map
you could plot out world domina... I mean where you want to travel.

Matt said...

I don't know about Alex, but I would love a Lucius Malfoy walking stick. :)

Giles Baggott said...

Please, please, please, buy the Voice Controlled R2-D2, so the rest of us can enjoy the madness vicariously through you.

He even has a sulk from time to time! <33

lovethetube said...

I think you should get the time turner from the harry potter bit, that way im sure you can figure out a way to use it in a video to turn back time with your clever editing skills :)

Claire said...

It's full of WONDER!

But if not that, I definitely agree with the Weasley clock and the cotton candy maker.

Eva said...

I think the Swash High Tech Toilet Seat would be a great purchase. Or if that's too expensive, at least get Richard the Lionhearted Throne

For your snuggle needs, think about the Comfort-U Pillow and the Slanket - both things I would definitely like to have myself :D

Then, the Indoor Outdoor Fireplace for romantic evenings at home.

Start thinking about next christmas early on with the Royal Palm Trees

For your flatmates, get the
Italian Replica Globe Bar or the Penguin Wine Bottle Holder

And I am sure this will get your attention at parties: The Wine Glass Holder Necklace

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