Saturday, May 16, 2009

the usual

It has always been my dream to walk into a restaurant and be able to just say "the usual".

In my 21 years of life, I had not yet been able to make this happen.

Today, however, I got to work a little early (I usually am) so I stopped in at Jamba juice (I usually do) and the scrawny little Asian guy was working (he usually is).

The other guy working (a tall blonde guy) asks me, "What would you like?"

To which I replied, "I'm going to have -"

"Peach Pleasure, like usual?" the Asian guy smirked at me as he cut me off.

My eyes widened and I nodded vigorously.


(Clearly I go to Jamba Juice too much. ^^)


Anonymous said...

This is the point when you know you're slightly addicted.

I had a similar experience whilst I had two weeks of exams. Most days I had an exam in the morning and one in the afternoon. Everyday I killed the time in between by going to the same coffee shop and ordering the same drink. Everyone in there knew me by the end of those two weeks. It feels nice to have people remember you :)

Melody said...

I don't go anywhere nearly enough to be remembered but the place I DO go to the most is Human Bean coffee (cheapish and mm) and one time a girl I previously had a conversation with tried to guess what I wanted but got it wrong. I still liked that she tried though!

Mmm, Jamba Juice. Haven't had that in about 3 years!

HeyLukey said...

Winner one dream down
i also share that dream but have yet to live in a spot long enoth for this to happen mabee next year will be my year..
i also have the dream where ill be walking down the high street busy and a freind of mine will be walking the other way and we just high five as we walk past each other rather than stoping to have the how u doing im good ok i gotta run convosation.

one day

hayleyghoover said...

Taco Bell knows my usual.
It's not so glamourous when it's Taco Bell.

Caitlin said...

I think I have a phobia of tills, because I always make my friends/parents/sisters pay for me. The people are intimidating!
So sadly, I doubt this will ever happen for me.

The Vagabond said...

Peach Pleasure is my favourite too!! And now I want Jamba Juice so thanks! I think I have the right to treat myself to one since it's my birthday.

Marie said...

There's this one Chinese place in town where I used to go a lot, and the girl there always knows what I want. She even remembered when I switched from sweet and sour chicken to vegetable lo mein when I became a vegetarian. Even the guy from my school that used to work there knew my order! Same thing happens at Friendlys...Heh. I suppose there's a point when it's more pathetic than cool :P

Natalie said...

I had the same shocked experience last week!
There's a cafe in the local bus station and I always go in and get a Caramel Frappucino, even in winter. Last Saturday I walked in and the woman said, 'Ah look, its freezing and rainy and this kid still comes and gets her caramel ice!'
I was scared.

Sarah Arant said...

I got to that point at the Starbucks near my old house. My mom and I were both that way, actually. It got to the point that we actually knew people by name and they knew about our lives and stuff.

Now that I think about it, I guess that is creepy. We moved last November though, so now I don't have a place that knows me.

Stefan said...

Another easy way to do this is at Chipotle. If you order online you have to call to confirm and they write your name big on the bag (at least in nyc) so they learn your name fast. And now when I show up to pay they can just grab my bag and swipe my card.

makes you feel a little fat but ultimately worth it.

Anonymous said...

Sooomedaaay, my "ussssual" will cooome. Wow, I actually had trouble remembering how the song went, beat-wise. I'm the kind of person that tries too hard to make a mediocre comment. U-su-al is like, 2 more syllables than "prince" anyway -_-

Anonymous said...

I tried it in the work canteen and now rather than knowing what the usual is they known that nearly all the time I have it to takeaway (which means I now get my stay-in meals packaged like to goes)

Jenny Boleyn said...

I would give anything to do that in a restaurant. :(

pottercake said...

This is actually really cute. I'm the one remembering usuals. I don't have a usual anywhere.


janitorbud said...

..i've never been to a jamba juice

EzzaPie said...

lol well i am 14 and i work across the road from some asain shop and i no longer hav 2 ask now i just walk in and they get me a spring roll:)

ifmemoryserves said...

I LOVE Jamba Juice, but unfortunately there are none up here in New Hampshire. I've only been to ones in New York.

My first visit to Jamba Juice was with my friend. She was going to order a Mango A-Go-Go, but she was like, "I am NOT saying Mango A-Go-Go" and just said "Mango" instead. And the cashier, in between smirks, said, "You mean Mango A-Go-Go?" and my friend, grudgingly, said "Yes." and rolled her eyes.

I think Jamba Juice was the highlight of my latest trip to New York. It brightened my days and took my mind off of my extremely painful foot. (which still is healing, a month later)

Kaitlyn said...

So far I've had employees recognize me for coming in too much, and I've had employees recognize me and my order once I place it, but I have yet to be able to say, "the usual."

Hakeber said...

I can say "the usual" at the mexican restaurant we went to after the Everett show. Well, maybe not anymore. I haven't been there in like a year, but I USED to be able to say "the usual." Does that still count?

captcha: gynci. is that some sort of cutesy word for gynecologist?