Saturday, May 9, 2009


I haven't been writing anything in my blog because Alex has been here since Monday and I have just been living my life with him in it without being the computer constantly to keep me occupied and it's been nice.

I've been diligently driving the new fiesta pretty much everywhere. I am getting better, but I've been finding that when I arrive at where I am going, I let out this huge sigh and realize I can relax my whole body because it's been tense the entire drive without me even noticing. You can't just let your mind wander and drive like you can in an automatic.
I hope this is just a temporary learning thing and that it passes.

Last night Alex and I played Mario Party (7, for the gamecube) with Justin and it was a lot of fun (I lost, miserably, I don't know why I don't listen to Charlie and just stop trying to play against Alex) but we made it a drinking game and then Eia got home and we made this epic chili pasta thing and the whole thing was reminiscent of when Sam lived here and it was fun. She's coming to visit in June and I can't wait.

Today is Fiesta mission day; Alex and I are going to see how many waterfalls we can find today. Life is fun. :)

This is making me giggle as I think back to one of my favorite songs as a child, "Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls". Sorry TLC, but I am going to do just that.


Jordiekins said...

Have fun!
I @replied you with a video on twitter. You kind of have to watch it. It's yours anyway... It's cool. Just... do it.

My CAPTCHA was "safte"
and I got all 2008 5AG Reminiscent.

Phyllis said...

I remember when I was first learning to drive (an automatic) it was stressful just being on the road. Of course that feeling passed and now I day dream half the time I am driving.

Name: Moo said...

I'm from the UK and drive a manual car.

I definitely used to feel tense when driving my car at first because changing gears and the clutch, none of it's a natural reaction... but with practice it will be! I promise!

I'm quite scared to admit that I'm probably daydreaming half the time when I'm in the car changing gears... It's actually pretty fun though- more so than driving a glamorous version of a dodgem/bumper car anyway...! ;)

Vuraaa said...

dude, the one time I attempted to drive a stick shift, I cried. balled. Haven't attempted it again since. SO you're doing much better than I did. Ha.

wingy-a nickname/slang for Harry Potter's place of upbringing.

eh? eh? ha. sorry. lame.

Kev said...

I've been driving manual for years, and it quickly became second nature for me. You'll eventually start shifting and clutching automatically after a while.

Being on hills in the beginning was the only thing that freaked me out, but eventually you can get good at it and have fun freaking out the driver behind you as you roll back a little.

You're instructor was right, don't worry about the cars behind you if you stall. My parents, even after driving manual for 35 years, still stall occasionally. Everyone does it.

The best advice I got was to just relax and become confident, it's a heck of a lot easier when you're not tense and stressed out. Eventually it will become a lot more fun, and whenever you get into a manual, you'll automatically search for the clutch and the stick.

Tesni said...

its a temporary thing I promise. soon you'll be able to let your mind wander.

janitorbud said...

when i was learning how to drive an automatic, i was tense the entire time without even noticing. so i'm pretty sure it's just a learning thing. =D

goldensnitch said...

That's suppose to be one of the benefits of driving a manual car, by how you always have to be alert more. I hope you get used to it more:)

pottercake said...

I'm so glad to hear you're having fun. I love youuuu.

June, baby.

Larangutang said...

so how many waterfalls did you find :P have fun :]

Matt said...

Like everyone else above me, I just wanted to say that driving the manual will be a lot easier for you the more you do it. When I first starting driving mine, I hated it and had the same sigh-of-relief feeling when I got to where I was going. Now, when I drive an automatic, it feels weird to me and I have to force myself not to try to shift into another gear.

Keep it up, you'll do great!

Katy said...

Good for you Kristina, go chase some waterfalls:]

Anonymous said...

You'll get the jist of the manual driving. I used to drive a manual Fiesta (an old one! not as nice as yours!) I now drive a Sunshine Yellow Seicento and love it.

nicoleeeyyynyquil09 said...

lol my best bud sean thought that song was called go go jason waterfalls..he blames it on limewire but we all know hes just an idiot. :)

Anonymous said...

Kristina... listen to the rivers and the lakes that your used to.

Anonymous said...

hahaha, "don't go chasing waterfalls"