Saturday, May 2, 2009


Fiesta Training was AWESOME but more on that later.

Firstly, I got a message on YouTube today with a subject that said "LOCA".

I opened it and it said:


I don't speak any Spanish at all, but I figured the gist of it was that I was being called stupid.

Babelfish gave me this:


With this I felt we were getting closer, but I wanted a second opinion.
Another generic translation site said this:


Well, 2 for 2, there you have it folks. I am an estupen. Can I get a definition on that from Jordiekins please? I feel you would excel at this.

EDIT: Commenter Callidora thinks estupen is actually another word for "stupendous". All in favor of going with that definition?

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Jordiekins said...

Oh, god. I'll try.

I believe the perso was going for "estupenda", but...

Estupen: A pen from East Tennessee State University (a real school).

Ergh... that's the best I have? sorry!

Catherine said...

It's obvious some people have too much time on their hands. I mean the haters, not you. =)

Agostina said...

Hey, kristina!
I do speak spanish, is my mother language in fact, so I thought you could use my help
QUE ESTUPIDECES CREES QUE DICES would mean somenthing like : what stupid things do you think you're saying?
and by ERES UN ESTUPEN i think he/she was trying to say something like you're stupid but couldn't get the last word right
there is no word in spanish that I know to be estupen, bute there is one that is estupendo, maybe that person was trying to say estupendo estupido o idiota which would be to emphasise the insult, like stupidest or somenthing like that, so there you go
Hope that helped
Oh! and for the record most online translators are just real bad

Jordiekins said...

haha, my CAPTCHA was "wedrig".

Faith said...

I used google translator and I got "You say CREES QUE ERES stupid stupid"

I think they were going for "you are stupid."

They need to learn Spanish better.

And to figure out that Nerdfighters are Awesome, not stupid.

VicMorrowsGhost said...

Estupen: To make guesses about the University of Pennsylvania.

I laugh when people try to insult you in other languages. If I can't understand it how am I supposed to be offended?

Callidora said...

I think that you are more like my CAPCHA: switt- one who possesses a swift wit.
Estupen kinda sounds like stupendous.

the apple that astonished paris said...

i'm pretty sure that failing to call someone else stupid in one's own language is a clear sign of the real estupen here.


Adolfo said...


As a native speaker I can give you an accurate translation:

"What stupidities do you believe that you're saying? You are a stupid."

The "you are a stupid" part reminded me of George Lopez.

withsebastian said...

haha wow they could have at least gotten the insult completely right. haha my captcha was phiestwo - obviously Phord's super secret name for the second version of the Phiesta. can't wait to hear more about your Fiesta!

Nicholas said...

I would like to understand haters for... let's say an hour? Then I could go back to my usual self.

Honestly. To take the time out of your day, just to try to offend someone? We all get our fair share of haters on YouTube, but I would once like to read a well thought-out blog from a hater why he/she does the things he/she does. Oh wait... that would be oxymoronic ;)

Keiko.LeMon said...

Hey I just wanted to say have an amazing time with Alex when he gets there! I am so jealous (not of you seeing Alex but because I can't wait to see my own boyfriend). Have fun!

April said...

You should respond by saying, "Sorry, I don't speak Spanish. By the way, what is estupen?" in Spanish.

Anonymous said...

What stupidities believe you said you were stupid.
That's what Denis said it means. He's fluent in Spanish. Hahaha, it's a really poorly written sentence.

My word is "gograb," as in "gograb some food Kayley or our going to pass out."

quidditchs said...

I speak spanish and as Agostina said the translation is: what stupidities you think (or believe) you are saying.

estupen is just a typo, who knows what the person wanted to say, but I'm all for going with the new definition ;3


It means "narcotic". At least that's how it got translated on my MacBook o.O
I speak spanish, and "estupido/a" is stupid, and "estupen" is narcotic, but she could have been trying to write "estupenda" which means "awesome"?
(Curiously my captcha is a Portuguese/Spanish word, haha: pediste)

~fresh42jazz~ said...

Ló, that is an awesome captcha. :)

Acording to the Real Academia Espanola, "estupen" is definitely a typo.

You really should respond back, affirming the lack of intelligence of the original commentator. Perhaps going with the spirit of King Juan Carlos I of Spain? "¿Por qué no te callas?" :) []

seurat2 said...

Stupendous it is. I'm all for changing potential insults in a foreign language into compliments. I want to hear about the Fiest thing. Soon, please?

Anonymous said...

Hi ever since I started watching the five awesome girls videos, I always find myself describe things as awesome. I think I need to find other words to replace them, just so I have a wider vocabulary. Any suggestions?

Circular said...

I'm pretty sure it's a teenager who thinks they're all cool by insulting you in "spanish" because you'll never figure it out... except they don't know spanish either, so they come out looking like the idiot.

nicoleeeyyynyquil09 said...

The fame definitely has not gone to your head. You replied to one of my comments and that was totally awesome.Made my day!

Thanks rock!