Saturday, May 9, 2009

boyfriends > homework


I hate having to write papers on Adorno and the Enlightenment when Alex is here. Writing those stupid theory papers is hard enough when I'm home alone with nothing to do, but when I have a whole LIST of things I'd rather do and person right here to go do them with me, it's REALLY DIFFICULT. Okay, I am going to quit acting like a child and actually say things about my life/day now.

I only have 1 month of school left. I only have one month of school left.

Alex will NOT want me to announce this on my blog, but I am happy to say I officially initiated him into the Parselmouths today by buying him a pink v-neck tshirt to wear for our show at LeakyCon. He still seems hesitant but I think it looks really good! People will be like "Man, THAT guy is in the Parselmouths. He's awesome."

He's not even paying attention to me right now, so I suppose this is prime paper writing time, but I can't focus so I am going to complain about how much I hate my theory class a bit more before eventually shoving it off until tomorrow when I won't have time because it's Mother's Day and I am spending with my Parental Unit of the same name, and then I will REALLY hate myself when I have to do it on Monday, early in the morning, because that's the day it's due.

At least I am prepared for this inevitable self-loathing.

I would be so much a more of peaceful person were it not for college.

Tonight I recorded vocals for a song for Alan/Tom and I've just realized that has nothing to do with what I am about to say, but here it is. A conversation I had with Alan:

Alan: I expect Parrot Stories to be released in time for the next presidential election.
Me: Hahha don't say that around Alex. He'll push you down the stairs.
Alan: hah, I'll wait til we're firm snugglin' on the couch first then, so there's nothign to get hurt on... I mean.. wont' mention it at all. thanks again for recording this, I'm off to bed
Me: See ya!
Me: Oh and dont get any funny ideas about snuggling. I have a monopoly on nerisnuggles.
Alan: hah, yeah, eventually the joke will get old and I'll stop
Alan: but apparently that time is not tonight

Oh yeah, waterfall day was fun. Alex and I got recognized by a youtube fan on the hike down to Snoqualmie falls literally in a forest in the middle of nowhere. That was a surreal experience.

Number of Chipotle Burritos Alex has eaten (EVER): 1

(He wasn't impressed. ...I didn't know how to take it.)


Scott said...

I can't imagine having to focus on school right now, eight months of college in a row was definitely enough for me. I can't believe back in high school, I used to do ten. [/lazy]

I wish we had this famous Chipotle up here in Canada... Between you and Hayley, my curiosity is gigantic.

Adolfo said...

Not impressed? Not impressed with Chipotle? Blasphemy!

For a second I thought the world was coming to an end, then I realized that I have the window open, which explains why a pile of papers just flew off my desk.

Word Verification: caraneri

"Cara" in Spanish means face. I associate Neri with Nerimon. Therefore caraneri must mean some type of Nerimon facial expression. You choose which.

Nicholas said...

I should be studying for my final exam right now :-( but I just can't. I'll resume tomorrow, but I just can't today.
Maybe I'll just do some organizing, cleaning, planning, so my mind has the notion of having something done, while actually not having done what I should have been doing :) Good plan.

Oceansurferg said...

How can Alex not be impressed with chipotle? He needs to be grateful, there are people who love that stuff and can't get at it because of their location *coughmecough* dumb Hawaii.

Krazy_4_Kelly said...

Get him another burrito. THEN he'll be impressed!

And while you are in a state of self-loathing due to your paper, I'll be in the same state because I keep reading things that are not Frankenstein which I need to have finished by the end of the week. That's what college is for, teaching you that you aren't all that amazing and helping you get better at dealing with the side effects of procrastinating ^_^

Nicola said...

If you want him to like burritos you're gonna have to go to a real Mexican joint!

That being said... I lived in the US for like 5 months before I started to like Mexican food. BUT, it only took one good burrito.

The Blazing Snow said...

Now I want to try Chipotle! Everyone seems to be going crazy over Alex not being impressed.

Is it that good? o.0

hayleyghoover said...

The first burrito is always awful. Get him a second one, and then he'll slowly start to think about it involuntarily... and then he'll start craving it... and then he'll end up eating approximately five every month. Eh.

Emma said...

Ha, well I am currently procrastinating on writing an essay on Crime and Punishment (due tomorrow)Instead I am reading your blog. Which is defiantly much more interesting.

Kim said...


Keiko.LeMon said...

Rich is from London and he is not overly enthused by Chipotle either... Maybe it's because they don't grow up with it?

Melody said...

Meh, I've never had Chipotle. I looked at pictures just now and it looks like what you can get really cheap at a local place and those are fucking huge. But I don't like all that stuff in a burrito, I'm simple. I'm not even curious about Chipotle.

Anyway. I noticed you've been somewhat gone from all of the internet but I completely understand. Have fun.

BTW, I can't get over how lucky you are.
Free car? Free camera? Boyfriend with you?

Larangutang said...

Haha maybe he'd be more impressed if Hayley beat him up over it, which I bet she would :P Good luck on the term paper. I've got an 8 page one due next week myself.

Callidora said...

I am just finishing a paper for English that is due today. I also need to study for my bio quiz that is today. And I have literally a ton of other homework to get done in the next day or two. I really need to do homework over weekends as procrastination is not working for me. I'm tired.
I am so getting Chipotle the next time I'm in Seattle. I need to get up there soon.

Kaitlyn said...

Your tweet about Alex asking what a burrito is made me laugh so hard. Then I forwarded it to my Mexican friend, who laughed even harder. :-P

Anonymous said...

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