Tuesday, May 26, 2009

LeakyCon Part 4

This was definitely one of those "please don't make me get up, I'd rather melt into the covers forever and never walk again" type mornings, but I think sometime around 10ish I finally dragged my achey sick body from the covers and showered. For some reason we all seemed to think the goodbye feast went until noon, so we hurried downstairs only to find we'd missed it anyway. So bagels and fruit down the street it was. I'm pretty sure Hank accompanied us as well.

Even though the conference technically ended that morning, there was still plenty of fun things to do. In the afternoon there were two shows; a WizHop show at the Middle East and Hank's acoustic show at the Lilypad. The WizHop show would have been really fun(Joe Degeorge singing as Dumbledore, the infamous Remus and the Lupins, Big Whompy...), but I know that Hank appreciated having us in his audience a whole lot so of course we chose to go with him. Also he offered to drive us. xD

Hank had to go back to the airport to get a rental car, so we waited for him in the lobby. We waited for him in the lobby for a long time. We waited for him in the lobby so long we began to think he'd forgotten about us. We waited for him in the lobby so long Eia and I both fell asleep on thr floor while apparently older people smiled and smirked at us as they passed.

Finally I was woken up to Hank standing over me and giggling and still groggy, they told me a story about how Hank accidentally saved my name with Melissa Anelli's phone number, spent half an hour texting with her about some restaurant she was at, and went THERE to pick us up because he thought it was me. Oops. Haha.

Then we embarked on what I am calling the Great Bsoton Adventure, because Hank remembered parking his car in a parking garage but he didnt remember WHICH parking garage. This took a fair amount of time as well. I should also add that my cold was significantly worse on this day and I spent a good portion of the day dragging my body places and feeling a bit like I was in a daze. Hank left us on the corner of some street while he ran off, frantic, and finally about twenty minutes later picked us up in the rental car. THEN we couldn't find the venue, but luckily I just got a new phone with GPS so I tested it out and it managed to get us there only a few minutes late.

Hank's show was fun... I really appreciated the pure joy on his face, knowing he probably never dreamed of playing in front of an adoring audience like he gets to now. Many of the Leaky staffers showed up and even Paul/Joe and Emily stopped by after the WIzHop show was finished. I was really proud of my fandom for being so supportive. Hank staged two encores and played a pretty good mix of songs, including both the boy and girl parts on the Edward Cullen song. It was nice for me too, because we all sat in chairs and there was no jumping or dancing. my body appreciated it.

Afterwards we got ice cream, got lost again on the way home because nobody was listening to my GPS (it ended up being right, go figure, satellites are smarter than a car full of internet nerds) and pretty much went straight to the Venom Show. Lena played a fun set with a full band, Erin was fun as always, and Ministry made the floor shake. I told them that there was NO possible way I could sing with them (my voice was completely shot at this point) but I realized that everyone knows the words and would be singing them too loud to hear me anyway, so I jumped onstage and mouthed Snape vs. Snape and no one seemed to notice or care. Hahaha.

Leaky had one last party in their room for the people who hadn't gone home yet, and my night took a turn for the worse. I think the fact that I had been ignoring my body all weekend had finally come crashing down on me... my body was like "No, you listen to ME." I started getting chills and was dizzy and literally couldn't talk without it hurting a lot... I was really upset because it was the last few hours I had with my friends and I couldn't hang out or chat or anything. I ended up sitting in a corner with Alex. :( I appreciate him.

I guess I did talk with Toby and Melissa for awhile at the very end, but that was after at least two hours of feeling really, really sick. So I cant really complain. I sounded like a dying frog, my eyes were red, and I was shivery and sweaty at the same time, but I did get one last good conversation with two people I adore at 3 in the morning. Then Alex Carpenter FORCED everyone to have one last dance party to some techno remix of Total Eclipse of the Heart, so I kind of mouthed the words and did a little knee bobbing thing to keep from passing out.

Our flight left at 6 AM, so we needed to take a cab to the airport around 3:30. We said our goodbyes, took a cab to the airport, cursed Burger King for not being open, let Alex delight in the abandoned wheelchair that was just sitting in the food area, went through security, and then I fell asleep across four chairs. The whole trip home after this was a miserable, uncomfortable blur of trying to sleep, not knowing whether we had or had not already stopped in Milwaukee (we didnt actually have to get off the plane, it just stopped there), and completely missing the fact that our flight was delayed about two hours and half the people got off to find other flights so they wouldn't miss their connections (I slept through all of this).

AirTran gave us all free round trip tickets for our trouble (What? Trouble? The only trouble I had was that I woke up thinking we were almost home and then the pilot said "If you look out on your left you may see Niagra Falls" and I flipped out because Niagra falls is on the EAST SIDE OF THE CONTINENT). I have never heard of an airline doing this for a minor delay, but hey. I am definitely, definitely not complaining. Finally we got home, they lost Colin's luggage, Colin's mom picked us up and brought us Subway sandwiches (I love her) and now here I am lying on my incredibly wonderful rainbow comfortered bed and planning to sleep the day away.

LeakyCon. See you in 2011.


VicMorrowsGhost said...

WOW. Epic. Epically Epic.
It was exhausting just reading it.
Hope you feel better soon.

delaney said...

I hope you feel better super soon and I'm glad you still had fun at Leaky.

The whole thing with Hank made me laugh so hard. Hehe

Rest well.

Caitlin said...

Awh, poor little soul. But at least you were there! I tried to convince my best friend to go (she lives in New Jersey, and I'm all the way over here in Liverpool, England), but she wouldn't spend the very long drive with her parents. I wanted her to find somebody with international service so she could call me because I always call her and then have no credit to text, but blehh.

It sounds amazing though, lucky! Feel better :)

Madame Suede said...

Seems like you had an amazing time, despite the cold! Thanks for the detailed description, I loved reading every word!

Also, I'm totally determined to go to LeakyCon 2011 (my first time at a con ever!), so I hope you'll be playing there!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the funnest con EVER. Aaaaaah so sorry you got sick but it sounds like you had a fantastic time anyway :D

OpheliaRose said...

Glad to hear you had a good time (minus the getting sick and all). I hope you feel better soon! :D

This might make you laugh:

My World Civilizations class got an opportunity to attend three lectures at a university last month. They were fairly interesting, but after sitting there for an hour or two, I started to get a bit bored. Finally the last professor stood up and introduced himself- the only one of the three to do so, by the way. So here I am spacing out, and suddenly I hear, “Hello, my name is Alex Day.” I nearly fell out of my seat. Apparently Alex Day is a slightly balding middle-aged American with extensive knowledge of the Opium Wars. x3

seurat2 said...

Epic about covers it alright. Thank you Kristina for this memoir of the trip and the con, and for being your awesome self.

RebeccaInTheTARDIS said...

Sounds like it was amazing. I wish I could have gone. I must go to the next one :D

Katy said...

Ah! You make me wish I was there!

eibbore said...

It was a lot of fun. Hope you feel better.

SpinachPuffs said...

Sounds like you had an amazing time! Hope you're feeling better soon!

EzzaPie said...

hey do u reckon that leacky con will still be happining in 10 or so yrs cause i really want 2 go 2 1 but i am 14 and liv in australia so there is no possible way 4 me 2 get there any time soon

hope u feel beta soon

ginger jones said...

Thank you for going into epic detail! Sounds like you all had an awesome time. I hope you get better soon!

Bianca23 said...

It sounds like you've had a really amazing time at LeakyCon. You describe everything so well, it almost feels like I was there too. But it must have sucked being sick, I hope you're already feeling better!

Did you shoot any videos while you were there?

Anonymous said...

awwww first of all i hope you feel better soon! being that sick sucks ass but i'm glad you clearly had such a great time anyway. i'm so sorry i missed it agdhkf;lgj (study abroad fail) but i will definitely definitely see you at azkatraz :D

Jordiekins said...

YOU WIN! Looks like I'm buying Songs in the Key of E-Mail before I'm buying Chameleon Circuit

Lindsey said...

Your LeakyCon stories began giving me very high expectations for Azkatraz, but then I remember I'm not a fairly well-known Wrocker/YouTuber, and I don't get to hang out with famous authors whenever I want. Fame is dumb. :P Thanks for the fort idea btw :P
Hopefully you're feeling much better. It sucks to be sick during a weekend that's supposed to be perfect.
P.S. Your blogs are very easy to read even when they're long. :)