Tuesday, May 12, 2009


How Alex and I spend a Tuesday evening:

Me: "What do you want to do tonight?"
Alex: "Make out."
Me: *sigh* "We're not going to make out all night, Alex. What else should we do?"
Alex: "We could kiss."
Me: "That's the SAME THING. What's your next suggestion, snogging?"
Alex: "No, that's a weird word."
Me: "It's one of YOUR words."
Alex: "I don't use it."
Me: "Then who does? Who snogs?"
Alex: "Other British people."
Me: "...so you won't snog me?"
Alex: "Well I won't call it that."
Me: "I'm dating a British person and I don't even get to SNOG."

Life is unfair.


Missy said...

hahahahaha. xD You guys are hilarious.

janitorbud said...

so what did you end up doing?
and this made me think of "draco and harry sitting in a tree s-n-o-g-g-i-n-g"

hayleyghoover said...

I know I am a TOTAL CREEP, but today I was thinking... I can't even bring myself to say it. It's too creepy.

Okay. Today I was thinking, "Watching Kristina and Alex make out wouldn't be gross the way watching other people make out is. It would be cute and heartwarming like the end of a movie."

Katy said...

You're my favorite.

I would like a snog. (Not from you, just in general.)

Jordiekins said...

"Watching Kristina and Alex make out wouldn't be gross the way watching other people make out is. It would be cute and heartwarming like the end of a movie."

Oh, like how that one picture of them that jerry took wasn't annoying or gross, but pleasing?

I just realized that that sounds creepy. =/ *stares*

Ansley said...

Hahaha, SO CUTE. :)

Krazy_4_Kelly said...

When you aren't talking to Alex, you can still use the word snog with other people to explain what you did. I'm sure if I was in a relationship, I'd want to do that too since snog just sounds like a fun word. Don't worry, there are some loop holes you can work with.

VicMorrowsGhost said...

I was going to say something but I just read Hayley's comment and laughed for too long I forgot my train of thought.

SimplyAin said...

i had a book once

about a girl named Georgia who wanted to snog a boy whom she considered a sexgod

i was in the 4th grade and hid the book from my mother because i thought i would get in trouble

the back of the book had a kind of english- british english conversion dictionary type thing

i learned that if you call someone a fag, they are actually a cigarette

Elly said...

The Georgia Nicolson books! They were all set in my secondary school :) and it is true, if you call someone a fag, it doesn't make sense because you're calling them a cigarette.

Snogging is a horrible word, it makes me think of pigs scuffling around and grunting.

barefootfiona said...

I hate the word snog. It's only used here by 12-year olds:
"OH my god, did you snog Jake last night? Trixi said..."

and by parents, trying to be hip:

"You know, you can snog him, honey. It's fine. We're cool with that - when your Mum and I were younger..."


My word verification is 'socketi', which either means...
...really bad tea which tastes like it's been made with an old sock rather than a tea bag.
...the kangaroo's mortal enemy.

Which will it be?

Anonymous said...

yuck yuck yuck! i agree with Alex - totally hate the word snog... bleurgggh!

In Ireland we say:

'go with'
'ceurt' (pronounced: coeur-T)

I personally love saying ceurt =) LOL

Anonymous said...

@Elly I love the Georgia Nicolson books! Me and my friend still read them even though I'm 23 and shes 22! The last one comes out soon - i think!

Snogging does have weird connotations, I think I may have used the word once or twice at school but not any more - I don't think I even use "make out" that often either lol.

"flessoma" is my word verification. According to dictionary.com it's not even a real word

Anonymous said...

I swear, everyone else in the world likes the word snogging much more than us.

I've never met an english person who can actually stand to use it. We don't snog, we "get with" each other apparently. Which sounds even worse in my opinion, but whatever. You guys are cute. This comment is weird.

Jerry Cooke said...

Psh, I snog other Brits AND Americans - I'm don't distinguish :p

Though... not so much lately, lol


haha, that was so cute xD

cootney =] said...

i agree with alex =P

im british and i dont like saying snogging... it sounds really weird! =D

pottercake said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
pottercake said...

(To correct ridiculous typos that prove I just woke up, I'm re-posting this comment, sans mistakes)

What is wrong with snogging? If he has an issue with snogging, then he has an issue with my user name on, you know, every website ever. If he has an issue with my user name, he has an issue with me.

I went too far just then. *yawn* Good morning!

Anonymous said...

hayley -- LOL LOL and also LMAO.

ahhh the georgia nicolson books are wonderful, and this news of a 'last book' coming out that i just read made me genuinely sad.

anyway i am deeply sympathetic kristina, your life does sound absolutely wretched. whereas i am in gloomy england writing two papers with no end (or snogging) in sight! sorry, i know i'm bragging a bit...

Anonymous said...

Haha Good to know you and Alex sound like every other couple out there. You should with hold kisses until he calls it snogging. :P

Mallory said...

psh, i'm dating an American/Greek/Geek and /I/ get to snog. that's lame. Alex, you lose points. :p

Anonymous said...

So, I was going to comment, but I lost my train of thought when I saw the Georgia Nicolson books being discussed. <33333333

(remus and sirius, sitting in a tree, s-n-o-g-g-i-n-g...)

Matt said...

Alex is right. Snogging is always something other people do. "Those teenagers were snogging in the park."

It implies something furtive and somehow animal. But if it's you and your girlfriend / boyfriend then naturally kissing is full of beautiful meaning so you have to call it something else.

emperessemma said...

I just laughed at this to the theme of the adams family. Unintentional I swear. I thought you should know this.


Jessie Quinn said...


Alex just takes all the fun out of having a British boyfriend.

Thomas Close said...

My roommate hates to hear the word snogging. I was banished from the living room for several days because I kept saying it over and over just to be annoying. However, if you're going to date a British person, you should be allowed to snog. LOL! :)

Manderiffic said...


Anonymous said...

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