Sunday, May 17, 2009

10 year old Kristina

I found my diary from elementary school and I have been reading it out to Alex because I find 10 year old Kristina very amusing. I don't think he cares much, so I going to put some highlites in here instead of continuing to read them out to him.

May 22nd, 1998
"My best friend is Amanda. She is kind of a teacher's pet and her singing is fake and she thinks she's popular and always gets her way, but she is still my best friend."

May 23rd, 1998
"Me and Amanda are not BEST friends anymore. Just regular friends. Anyway I am going camping this weekend."

June 28th, 1998
"I am camping again. Yesterday was my half birthday. We went clam digging and I found a hermit crab. My Dad put the hermit crab in with Nick's starfish and the starfish took the crab's shell so he is going around the bucket naked."

June 28th, 1998
"My Dad and I found an amphitheater here. I sang STOP by the Spice Girls and he recited the Gettysburg address for me. Oh and I walked my brother to the bathroom and he wanted me to wipe his butt!! I left him there and got my mom to do it."

Jan 7th, 1999
"I left school early yesterday. Yea! I went to the eye doctor. Boo! They had to put stupid 2 eye drops in each eye. Ew, I hate eye drops. She missed one time. The drop went in my mouth, making my mouth numb. Yeeh!!"

July 5th, 1999
"My dream boy would be: At least 5'1" (I'm 5'2") I want to be able to look him in the eye! I want him to have blond wavy hair. Short, but long. It would be nice if he could have blue eyes. I also hope he wont be too shy, I hope he's a great dancer, and most of all - a great KISSER."
(note: I told Alex the 5'1" criteria needs to be updated as I have grown 8 inches since I wrote this entry, also that 11 year old Kristina will be judging his dancing.)

And the last entry in this little diary (complete with one of those built in locks^^):

July 7th, 2000
"Gosh. I don't know what to write. It would take me HOURS to write everything everything about me. I am soooooooo different. All new friends, looks, even handwriting kind of. So, I guess I'll just leave it at that. Bye."

...and then there are about 200 blank pages. I was such a snarky child.


IFTBA said...

WHOA! Girls can tell when we don't care? *looks around nervously*

I love that you thought you might meet boys shorter than 5'1". I mean... it's possible, but I've never heard a girl worry about boys being shorter than her. Short people got no reason to live!

"autstice" an omen received by an autistic.

shecaptain said...

I loved 'bucket naked.' The way kid's perceive words and phrases is adorable. When I was little, when my mom would say, "Your room looks like a pigsty." I would think of it as, "Your room looks like a pig's tie." Yeah... I don't know either but it made sense to little me.

It also makes me really happy that you used the work 'snarky' because that seems like a words Alex uses quite often.

Caitlin said...

I never got into writing in a diary. Whenever I got one, it'd last for a day before I drew on every page...

^Aha at Kayla, I'm going to be saying "pigs tie" instead forever now.

I don't like it when lads are shorter than me. I mean, as friends I don't care, but my boyfriend's have to be my height or taller. My last boyfriend was a foot taller than me though...bit much...hurt my neck...

Rachie said...

And there I was, thinking I was the only child who loved half birthdays...

Anonymous said...

Ohh wow.
I was/am a huge diary writer, I cringe at the thought of looking back at my diaries.
Yours were cute.

Redcabbageispurple said...

Ha ha! I love the half birthday comment. I always remembered mine because it was my older brother's birthday.

Jenny Boleyn said...

Can I meet 10-year-old Kristina? She sounds SO cute.

hayleyghoover said...


Anonymous said...

It makes me really really sad that 11 year old Kristina was 5 ft 2. It's taken me 16 years to get to that height and I'm not going any further apparently :(

Anonymous said...

I kept a journal like that one from 7-10 and then when I was 11 I started writing every day (am now 17.75 and haven't stopped). That's a lot of stupid journal material. I can't decide if I was funnier at 11, when I wrote three totally unrelated lines every day ("I hate my brother. We're going to the ice skating rink today. I love hot chocolate!") or when I was 14 and just as dumb but more long-winded about it. ;)

Also: "dishing" is already a word. This might be a problem.

Bianca23 said...

Reading your old diary again is always funny. My oldest diary is from when I was 12 and the only thing I wrote about was high school and what I thought about the other kids there (not very postive btw). Oh and all the best friend drama stuff you have when you're that age.

I haven't kept a diary since I was 15. I've tried writing again but I always quit after a few days.

Since Alex doesn't care, you can always write some more diary entries here. Because I like them!

Marie said...

Wow. I'm 17, and I'm only 5 ft. I feel like a bug now!

Anyway, I love how everything is so trivial with little kids, but in their world everything is huge, and they change their minds so quickly.

I was going to share some of a diary entry from my 10 year old self, but I can't find it. Instead I found this little "best friends" book with a bunch of activities/questions in it for best friends. We were 12 at the time.

If we were a professional sports team, we'd be called...The Surfing Monkeys.
Our school mascot is...A buck. Joy.
My dream car is...a blue mustang convertable.
The weirdest thing in my backpack 35 books.
Words my friend Kate used to describe me: funny, happy most of the time, fun, strange, hyper, alot hyper, smart, very very strange, oddling, very YOU.
And according to what Kate checked off, when I get angry, I "go totally silent" and my "eyes shoot flames."

I also found three pieces of paper I was not to open until January 1, 2006, which stated what I thought of all the people in my homeroom and other classes, and what instrument everyone in band played.

That was fun, finding that stuff!

seurat2 said...

Great stuff, I love the "short, but long' and the fact that Amanda got downgraded so quickly. Maybe she got to read your diary entry about her? That would have done it.

the_who_ru said...

Lol. I never kept a diary when I was that young, but if I ever did, I realised how boring I was pretty quickly. (Note: that doesn't mean I'm interesting now.) Now, however, I have a diary that I've been using on and off for about four years. I'm only about halfway through it because I only write in it when I can't ignore something important for any longer, and I end up scribbling about three pages and feeling very sorry for myself. Yeah, this comment has no purpose. :/

janitorbud said...

i love that the guy's hair has to be "short but long"

pottercake said...

You haven't changed a bit, Horner.


Aussiescopper said...

My old diary entries were about the same. It's very entertaining to read back pointless things I wrote when I was younger. :)

Anonymity said...

Ooooh. so your birthday is december 27th? that's 7 away from mine! eah. ;D

Anonymous said...

I used to write in my diary just how you did. Write like, 10 entries over a period of a month, then one almost a year later, and then leave the rest blank.

Haha "short, but long". Does Alex's puff suffice?

disasterpastor45 said...

I had a twitching left-eye because of extreme stress because my apartment manager died and left his utterly incompetent wife in charge of a 40 unit building full of senior citizens, some of whom fell ill due to the stress also and wound up in nursing homes, (and which led to my leaving Minnesota under an impossible scenario). So Jan. 26, 1999 @ 1:30 pm I went to the eye doctor. He put these drops in such that I couldn't be outside without sunglasses & I couldn't focus my eyes for a day on any reading material. I'll never know if those drops made me permanently photosensitive to headlights & streetlights while driving. The doctor never found out why my eye twitched, but it always recurs with extreme stress from landlords.

My kitchen sink is clogged & my disposer is busted. I hate to pick up the phone to make that call. She can't listen to anybody for more than 60 seconds.

Catherine said...

I do the same thing with my journals.

What do you think you'll think of your this blog entry when you look at it in ten years?

Jordiekins said...

6/28/98: So, you've always been awesome?

P.S. EEEEEEEEEW, butt wiping? lolol

the apple that astonished paris said...

i completely have that same embarrassing journal sitting over there in my journal basket. that amuses me greatly.

Kaitlyn said...

Bahahahaha. This is beautiful. I don't know why, but the naked hermit crab made me laugh a lot.