Monday, August 9, 2010

Why I am a total baby.

I should spark an interesting, debatable conversation more often! There were all those blog commenters I've missed hearing from as of late. As always, I loved reading what you had to say on the topic of hurtful negative feedback/hate comments. It sounds like most people don't actually have a ton of experience with it, but hate seeing it on other people's videos. And a lot of you told me you're part of the army of people who mark hate comments as spam whenever you see them, so I want to personally thank everyone who does that.

I left that out of my entry yesterday; one of the biggest reasons I can easily ignore mean comments is because so many nice people weed them out for me before I even get to my videos. Knowing I have that many people looking out for me definitely eases the blow of a negative comment considerably.

But today's entry is not about hate comments. It's about dish rags. And how much I hate my roommate today.

Okay, I'll admit it. The other day I watched a lot of Buffy, so walking around my big, darkened house was making me a little jumpy. It's creaky, and old, so lots of things make noises at night when the house is settling (that's what I tell myself at least). What this really translates to is that there are lots of places for vampires to hide.

In between episodes I was thirsty, so I headed into the kitchen to grab something to drink while Justin ran upstairs to use the bathroom. I'm a big girl so I didn't bother turning the lights on; I was just using the light of the refrigerator to find my way around. All at once though, I heard a strange noise above me (the bathroom is directly above where I was standing and Justin must have dropped something - but I didn't know that at the time because it sounded like it was in the room with me) so I jumped, and then I looked all around to make sure there was nothing in the kitchen with me, and then I saw this THING on the ground that I knew was out of place, so I slammed the fridge shut and jumped again, and maybe a little squeal escaped my lips. Maybe.

I turned on the light, and there lying on the floor where I thought my attacker had been was a defenseless pink dish rag. Yes. I was scared of a dish rag. I laughed it off, but then made the grave mistake of telling Justin what had happened.

Before I explain why I hate him so much today, I need a little more back story on why I am so afraid of vampires right now. I have spent the better part of the weekend watching Buffy slay demon after demon, and then last night I went to go see Eclipse with Eia and Ariana. Not that Eclipse is scary in any way, but it does involve attacks by rabid newborns in Seattle, Washington. So when the three of us were all standing outside the theatre afterward the movie, talking and hanging out, I kept feeling like people were looking at us funny (sizing us up for their next meal, probably).

This one girl walked particularly close to us and gave me a weird look (I said to Eia, "did you see how she looked at us? She looked at us funny, I know it") and before Eia could shrug me off, the girl crossed the street to the parking lot, but instead of walking around to the entrance, she CLIMBED THE WALL. She climbed the wall, guys. That's not normal. Total vampire.

So anyway, yes, scary things make me jumpy, and I have watched a lot of vampire shows recently. So I was nervous. And I mistakenly told Justin about the wall-climber, too. So this morning, I woke up and groggily rolled out of bed to head over to the bathroom. I opened my door, rubbing my eyes, and nearly screamed as my vision came into focus.

Justin had tied the same pink offending dishrag to a telephone cord and hung it from the ceiling. Right in front of my door. Albeit, a dishrag hanging from a ceiling is not very scary in itself, but when it's the first thing you see in the morning, and you almost walk into it, and you're already a little jumpy anyway: scary.

So anyway. This was a really long-winded method of saying that I am a total baby.

Last google search: "dictionary definition of juice"
Chipotle burritos: 16


Rebeca said...

I totally do not blame you for being jumpy about dishrags after watching lots of Buffy. About 2 months ago, I went through the entire series in about 3 weeks, and it was my first time watching the show, so when I'd walk around Ann Arbor by myself at night, I was certain that vampires were going to jump out at me.
Point being, I sympathise with your plight. :D

And I hope you find a way to get back at your roommate :D

Also, I didn't comment on the entry yesterday, but I often try to mark negative comments as spam/thumbs down the comments. It's unfortunate that so many viewers act like the people they watch on YouTube are just there for their viewing and don't have lives and emotions attached to their videos.

elfarmy17 said...

That jumpiness happens to me when I've been watching Doctor Who.
I started watching Buffy a few weeks before you did, but I haven't gotten very far. My sisters and I just watched episodes 4&5 of Season 1 last night. Xander is hilarious.

to_thine_own_self said...

Oh my gosh! I was pranked the exact same way the other night! Haha.
I'm pretty sure I commented the other day about my "Bat Incident" and all of that, right? Well, I've been pretty jumpy lately, myself...paranoid that one is going to fly down at me at any moment. Well my mom and brother (and even my dad was in on this) took advantage of that.
They stapled a black rag to the wall thing above where I have to walk in order to get upstairs to my room, so that when I saw it it would look exactly like a bat in the darkness.
I walked under it, looked up, almost threw my water bottle at it, screamed "What the f*** is that?! IS THAT A BAT?!" and ran back into the living room.
They were laughing hysterically and I was not amused. Lol.
But that is so weird, though...we were both pranked by the people we live with using rags. Despite my anger at it...that's pretty cool. XD

But it is weird that we're both feeling jumpy lately. Maybe Edward Cullen really is stalking the both of us. Simultaneously. When you live in Seattle and I live in PA. It's possible.

Actually, no it isn't. Hah.

Justine said...

The same thing happens to me when I watch a bit to much, say, Doctor Who. Every little shadow makes me jump, it's not cool.

The Vagabond said...

So when you say she "climbed the wall" do you mean she ran up it like a monkey or like scrambled clumsily up? I think that's an important factor in Vampire calling. Also, my roommate has definitely been known to do similar things to me.

BenCracknell said...

You should tell Justin to watch his bacl; you've got hundreds of people at your command, intellectual people who are good at thinking up scary ideas. We could destory him!

Also, I'd like to know what you thought about Eclipse? Perhaps you could blog about it another time.

Have a great day!

PS--The word verification for this comment is garliclem. GARLIClem. As in, vampires! No? Oh, never mind.

Maggie said...

You may hate Justin right now, but I love him! Haha!

Glitterifictinkerbel said...

Is it just me or does that dish rag have a face? Might just be the way it is tied ha-ha.
I am a really jumpy person. I work in a restaurant, that happens to be haunted because it is where Vikings used to live, on my own in the morning, and the slightest noise makes me jump. Like the ice machine. That always sounds like a person pulling duct tape off of the role and I am convinced someone wants to kidnap me or something.
xoxo <3 xxxx

Alissa said...

Don't worry Kristina, I've done worse. On July first (basically Canada's version of Independence day)I was alone in the house, and I got a call from a telemarketer, but before I hung up she asked if my parents were home, when they would be home, and said and I quote "I'll call back around ten andd we can have some fun" (!!!) I hung up IMMIEDIATELY, ran around closeing and locking every door and window I could find, grabbed a steak knife and carried it with me... I was sure that this middle-aged Indian woman was going to come into my house and kill or rape me. So I watched some tv, knife clamped in my hand, and Igot more and more jittery as 10 approached... The only other cal I got that night was from my parents, saying they wouldn't be home till LATE, and that I shouldn't wait up for them. So I went to bed. The knife is STILL in my bedside table, just incase.
I am a HUGE baby. Did I mention I was watching a Criminal Minds marathon when this happened?

Jess the Nerdfighting Band Geek said...

I'm sorry, I laughed before you asked us not to. If it's any consolation though, about a week ago I ran from my room when I was about to sleep because of a lone 3 mm bug that freaked me out, and proceeded to stay downstairs for another three hours until I was sure it was gone.

thatothergrace said...

Remeber when you mentiond the fremont troll a few days ago? I sware it looked familar, and I figured Id seen it since my aunt lives in seattle. And today we came over from tacoma were we've been staying with my grandma for a week, and there is a picture of the troll on there wall. So I'm trying to get us all to go see it today. :D

seurat2 said...

Justin is my new hero for doing that. I was going to say that girl was just a fan of yours who wasn't sure that it was really you in the flesh, but then the whole jumped the wall thing came up. Perhaps she thought she needed to make a grand exit?

Jess said...

Dictionary definition of juice? Wha?

But, I'm sorry to say that I'm literally lol'ing at you right now. However, I know I totally would be acting the same way, so I cannot blame you :P

aubriane said...

"CLIMBED THE WALL" made me Legitimately Laugh Out Loud.

Jenni said...

Haha, I get ridiculously jumpy about everything!!! My friend made me watch Paranormal Activity last week... Then dropped me off to a dark empty house. He is a cruel cruel boy :'(

alison [= said...

Its funny to read but i seriously know what you mean... its quite strange actually because I'm generally not the type of person to get a fright,say, if someone would jump out at me or something... its as if I see them a split second before I'm meant to or something but these mysterious things that are not clear always scare me :P
Especially when I've just woken up!! Once when I fell asleep with contacts in I swear for ten entire minutes after I woke up I was absolutely certain I had gained superpowers and was trying to recall what may have caused it and what powers I had gained >< I'm not the smartest in the morning xP

Alison (:

PS. @ben epic xD

Niki said...

Haha, not to be weird or anything, but a lot of people I know climb the walls of buildings. It's called 'free running' and is a lot like parkour. It's actually really fun to climb on top of plazas... and probably illegal. But oh well.

Victory March said...

I would probably never admit it, but i am teriffied of things that go squeak in the night. And reflections. I watched this horror movie a while ago in which mirrors were killing people. The movie was terrible, but the fear stuck with me. And so now I am afraid to look at a mirror after dark. And you say you're a baby.

Ady said...

I cant be anywhere near a balloon and if one just touches me i jump a mile... upwards

I thumb down, check as spam any comment that is harsh or vulgar.

I think there must be a way for sites like youtube to check the content for vulgarity.

I hope your keeping well :)

sbubbles11 said...

I am a total baby, as well, so I understand how you feel. Just getting a glass of water with the lights off late at night makes me semi-anxious. And my friends love scary movies, so every time we hang out they want to watch something scary, and I am absolutely against it. They usually get upset at not being to watch something scary, and sometimes I try to be brave, but I just can't handle scary things.

Jess said...

My boyfriend made me watch a prank video on youtube... I was spose to be laughing at the guy who got pranked with a plastic alien, but instead i was screaming...what? it popped out..out of nowhere.

someniceletters said...

Don't even feel bad about being jumpy. It took me about a year to get through all of Buffy, and despite how much I loved the show it was a very tough time (especially at night).

But I have to wonder how did the girl CLIMB THE WALL? That sounds absolutely crazy. And even though I finished Buffy about two months ago, I'm pretty sure just *thinking* about that is going to haunt me tonight.

Allison said...

Oh man, Kristina, I think I was ACTUALLY laughing out loud through most of that post. That is hilarious! And I totally know what you mean; I just finished watching all the seasons of Buffy and Angel this summer, and I was totally more jumpy than usual. Vampires = scary!
(I'm really excited that you're getting to the part with Spike, though. Spike is... AWESOME. That's really the only word to describe him.)

Keshara said...

Hahaha, oh gosh, I really liked this post, it made me laugh. And I was exactly the same when I started watching Buffy a few months ago, it was intense.

Michael said...

I am a really jumpy boy. I'm really neurotic generally, but tend to zone out. So, when something or someone makes a noise that breaks my focus, I almost always flinch. I'm a big baby too :)

Foxy Roxy said...

I know the label says don't laugh at me... But I couldn't resist when I saw the picture. Thanks for making my day. I'm in Europe for the first time and I'm a little homesick, so this story made me feel at home again for some reason :)

Elisabeth said...

I'm sorry, I laughed before I saw that you asked us not too!

I've been jumpy in the past after watching Buffy, too. But it's not the vampires that scare me - it's all the other monsters and demons that come out of the Hellmouth. If it helps try to remember that vampires can't get into your house without your permission. ;)

Did you ever read the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them book JKR wrote for charity some years ago? There was one creature described in there, sort of like a silky silvery cloak that suffocates you in your sleep. The thought of that thing used to absolutely freak me out!

RAYCHALL. said...

Ahaha you're only on what, season 2, 3 of buffy?? I was never scared by them but there's a certain episode in season 4 that's enough to make anyone scream at the sight of a dish rag. Can't wait til you get to that if you're scared already :P

Jamie said...

Don't worry about vampires in your house, the vampires on Buffy have to be invited in... and the Twilight vampires cannot possibly be real, they sparkle. :-)

easygreen said...

LoL @ "dictionary definition of juice"

CaRiKeR:) said...

I would scream too! That dishrag looks like an internal organ or something! Right now I'm almost done with Season 4 of Buffy but there were a few episodes that scared the crap out of me. Namely 'The Puppet Show' from Season 1.

kira902k said...

LOL. You are hilarious.
Buffy never really scared me. Except for Hush. that is the scariest episode you will ever see in your whole life.

The dishrag picture made me laugh a lot. :P