Friday, August 13, 2010

It's nice to think about.

Yesterday I was reading some of my blog comments out loud to Justin in our living room, and he goes, "Wait, did you tell them about the laptop decals? Did you tell them about our conversation? What are you saying to people about me?!"

I did my little mischievous Kristina grin and said, "I suppose I'll let you read it and find that out on your own," mostly because I like being annoying but also because it's way funnier in context.

He gets all stern-like and says, "Kristina, I think you and I need to have a talk about what you're allowed to put in your blog and what you're not. I have an image I need to uphold."

I came back with, "When all I ever do is hang out with you at our house, OBVIOUSLY most of my blog posts are going to have you in them! Because we do funny things! It's not like I'm going to go invent new things I did that day!"

It's not like I'm making him look bad, anyway. Usually. As of right now he has the reputation of a demon spider slayer. I'd say he could do a lot worse.

So I wasn't going to admit this to you, but yesterday I did end up watching 6 episodes of Buffy. But I didn't mean for it to happen! First we realized we were almost at the Season 2 finale so we had to keep going, and then we had to start Season 3 because the finale was such a cliffhanger, and then the first episode was so depressing we had to watch another one to make ourselves feel better. And then it was 11 o'clock at night.

But I did get some other productive things done yesterday. I worked on some writing. I cleaned and vacuumed my room. I made nachos. And burnt them. And made another tray nachos.

(See Justin? I'm even taking credit for you burning our nachos. I don't know what you're complaining about, really.)

Someone asked me a question for my blog the other day and I think I am going to answer it now. They asked me where I see myself in 5 and 10 years.

This is kind of difficult for me, because I have been trying to learn how to live my life in the moment, rather than dwelling on the future. I spent a lot of time, in the height of wizard rock, living from event to event and being sad when I was at home; it was really easy to get swept up in the next time you'll see your friends, the next conference, the next gathering. But I realized when you live your life that way, you forget to enjoy the now. Seattle became a sort of "home base" for me rather than my home, so I've spent the last year or so relearning to love where I'm from.

But that doesn't mean I can't imagine my future. The unplanned one.

I guess in 5 years, I don't see my life being too drastically different. I'll be more well-adjusted to not being a student anymore, obviously. But I still see myself blogging, I still see myself making videos on YouTube, and I still see myself making music and going to nerd-conferences and living my life in the exciting way I have been. Hopefully, though, in 5 years I'll be working for some hip social media company or representing some client or being paid an actual salary to do the work I'm already doing. I'll only be 27 in five year's time, so I can definitely still see myself as the starry-eyed, travel loving, daydreaming girl I am now. And hopefully I'll be celebrating the success of my first published book. :)

In 10 years, I see things being a bit more settled. I'll be 32, and I would like to be married by then. I can see myself possibly with one child already, or maybe still thinking about having my first child. I would like to live in a house that I have furnished and decorated myself, possibly in a suburb, definitely near a lake. I can see myself being excited about starting a YouTube channel to post videos I film of my children. But I definitely still see much of the same things in my 10 year future as my present future. I want to still be writing. I still want to be going to conferences, being involved in the social media world, still working for that hip company, still traveling. Though maybe not QUITE as frequently. Maybe I'll have published 3 books. Maybe my music will be on the radio. Maybe ALL CAPS will have a one hit wonder.

Maybe all this internet stuff will have settled down and I'll be fading into obscurity, but it wont matter because I'll still be happy and doing the things I love. And I'll always have the memories of my crazy experiences to look back on, and smile at, and tell my kids about. Their friends will probably find my videos and tease them in school. I can't wait to be an embarrassing mother.

But that's all very far into the future. It's nice to think about, though. What do you think?

Last google search: "DragonQuest IX"
Chipotle burritos: 17


Kayley said...

Love the recent search, LOL.

I can't even begin to think about 5 or 10 years from now. All I hope is for is a lot of traveling will be occurring, haha.

the nerds said...

I'm glad that you see yourself as still doing the same things you do now(well with a few new things here and there). What would we all do without Kristina Horner?
Izzy Brown

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good plan for the future! :) you must not fade into obscurity though, we would miss you far to much. this is a bit random but I was just listening to Madame Puddifoot's and I really, really need this song on my ipod!! Is there anywhere I can download or will it be in the next album? xxx

Maggie said...

For one of my classes last year I had to write a journal about where I saw myself in 20 years.

In 5 years, I'll probably just be starting grad school, so that isn't terribly interesting. But in 10 years... In 10 years I hope to have a career, have my own house or apartment. I'll be 27 in 10 years, which, like you said, is still pretty young. I still have a long way to go, I guess. XD

I have a good feeling that you will do just fine in life, wherever you end up. Just write a blog every year or two, kay?

kyle said...

The fun thing about imagining your life (particularly your web life) in 5-10 years is how fast things have changed. You've only been on youtube for three years, youtube's only been around for five years. It'll be interesting to see how youtube, twitter, blogging, etc. evolve over the next 5-10 years and how much that'll affect everyone involved with them.

Rachel said...

I don't blame you for watching 6 episodes of Buffy in one day - I started watching Lost on July 25 and just started season 4 this morning. Now THAT'S bad.

Jess said...
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Michael said...

I like the label of this post. The future is scary. It is to me. Perhaps, it's because I'm not particular fond of the situation my life is in now and I worry that it won't change. Ok, enough melodramatic whining.

Have a nice weekend

Signe said...

So there I was, thinking: "It's been a long time since I've read Kristina's blog, maybe I should take a look". And then you've updated it! A lot! :D And it makes me happy.. And today is my birthday and..
Kristina, you are so epic-ly awesome, and I will definitely read your book(s) ;D
Also, sorry for being such a complete weirdo ;)
And also x2: the fact that you still want to do the same things in 5 to 10 years is something I really admire, I wish I could say the same thing!

Alissa said...

You will make an AWESOME mother some day! Embarassing yes, but they all are... Any kid of yours ould have to be so nerdfightastic that I hope they'd grow up to reaslise just how cool you are... just saying

Christina said...

as i'm a bit older than you, i think about the future and my plans for it often and they've evolved from being not knowing wtf i wanted to do with my life, to becoming EXTREMELY specific and exact, to what they are now some goals, but with an open mind knowing mine's really changeable lol...

in 5 years i'll be 30, and i definitely want to be finished with my degree and working for an ethical/sustainable fashion company (or working on getting a fashion company ethical/sustainable that'd be even cooler). I want to either have my first kid already or be planning it. (I'm already married). I'd also like Nick (the hubs) to be able to be a stay at home dad/husband so he can commit 100% of his time to writing and the babies (his dream. cute i know). This is my subtle way of saying that I'd like to be on a pretty good wage to sustain our lifestyle singlehandedly until he gets published :o)

in 10 years (35) i would like to achieve these goals:
-Own my own company, or become an executive/high level director of a company I love, marrying my passions: sustainability, art, fashion etc. And still earn enough to sustain our lifestyle so nick can be at home creative & rearing the chillens ;o)
-Own my own house, and living in London that's a mean feat, but an achievable goal in 10 years.
-Have lived in at least TWO other cities besides London, (Nick's put his foot down and we've got to live in NYC, he said that when i started fashion school, and i guess its on par with him marrying an american, the romanticism of living in the states lol, but hey NYC is wicked so i'm down) London will always be home, but I'm not sure if this is where I want to raise children.
-Have at least one child and definite plans for a second one (maybe a third at this point).

and I'd like to have travelled to most of the places I want to go but never been yet. This includes the far east (including india/nepal), australia & new zealand, south america & the southern half of africa (I've done north africa pretty substantially so far)

I'm hoping the career i choose will include travel, if not i am planning on some exciting holidays ;o)

extremelyemily said...

I have no idea why this almost made me cry. The future IS scary. But I hope that all your dreams come true and even if you leave the internet forever, you remember us. XO

extremelyemily said...

I have no idea why this almost made me cry. Thank you for being a part of this wonderful internet world. I hope all your dreams come true. XO

Paloma said...

Oooh. A tiny Kristina would be so cute. Would she have the power of talking to snakes?

I hope the hit of ALL CAPS comes true, because we would all be so proud of you guys. "Shut up, I met them through the internet waaay before you did!"

Jenni said...

Thinking about the future is scary! It's all about to change for me because I'm about to go to university so who knows what I will find out and what I will want to do with my life.
In 5 years I will only have been out of uni for a year but I hope to have a job. One that sets me up well for my preferred career.
In 10 years I will be 28. Anything could happen by then. I hope I'll have some kind of long term relationship but who knows :S And I hope I have maintained a good job and am on the way up the ladder!

elfarmy17 said...

I love this post. I hope all of that stuff comes true. But don't fade into obscurity! We would miss you!

In 5 years, I'll be nearly 20. I'll be in college, and I'll hopefully have one or two books (or more! lol) published by then (I'm currently querying agents for one.)
In ten years, I'll be almost 25. Maybe I'll be married, and maybe I won't. Maybe I'll have gone to grad school to get a masters in library science. Maybe I'll be teaching English.

Pisike said...

I like that you are so optimistic about the future and think that you will still be making videos. :)

In five years I will be 22, same age as you are right now. I think I will be in university studying for becoming a teacher. It has always been my dream, so I like to think that it'll not change. Maybe I have bublished my book, whish will be a children story or a poems. And I'd like to be travelling.

In 10 years.. I'd like to be teaching in a little school, for children who care about books and culture. I will be married, maybe? And I will have a little house, wich is full of beautiful things and I'll be having my own cafeteria. In the summer I'll be making cakes by myself and taking orders from clients.

I don't know, if it all will be like this, but I like to think it will :).

vivsmiles said...

so, in ten years, you want to be john green?

haha, i don't blame you.

The Vagabond said...

I love planning for the future. Even if it's crazy and totally unrealistic. I just wrote about crazy unrealistic plans actually. It involves the mafia. Exciting.

淑君韓淑君韓淑君韓 said...

Quality is better than quantity...................................................................

Emily said...

I hope that in five years I'll be working in or close to the career I love, which is directing. Maybe I'll be an asst director on a television show. Maybe I'll be regularly getting coffee for Christopher Nolan just so I can watch and learn from him (I know, I dream big). MAYBE I'll be directing my own movies, but I'll only be 25, I don't know if it'll all come around that quickly. I'd like to be possibly married by then, maybe. Or at least looking into it. I don't fancy being single for too long.

In 10 years, I definitely want to be married and have at least one child, and I absolutely want to be directing my own films by then. I'd like to be fairly established in filmmaking (not famous or anything, just established -- I may never make a high-budget film and I'm okay with that), and I want to be happy. I really just want to be happy. :]

I'm excited about the future. I hope you are too!

Sadie said...

i can totally understand not really wanting to get too much into the future. i feel like living in the now is really important. when i start to think about things that might happen, i start to get really anxious, and worried about the possibilities, which seems like a huge waste of time in hindsight, of course.

kira902k said...

Ah, thinking about the future, or even reading what you think about your future is very teary-eye-y for me. But your vision seems pretty nice.
In five years time, I'll be in University, in 10 years, I'll be...I have no idea. I guess I'll have to wait and see. :P