Friday, August 27, 2010

How did he KNOW?

After two days of back to back depressing Kristina blogs, I am back with a little more skip in my step today. Sometimes you'll get in a bad mood, you'll stomp around, maybe slam a cupboard, but you know you're being ridiculous and that it's not really that bad. Sometimes, though, the world can be overwhelming in a lot of different ways, and you need to take a day or two to just let yourself deal with stuff. A little time can fix most things, is something I've learned in the past year or so. It really can.

So anyway, I'm back with my regularly scheduled programming of silly anecdotes, roommate woes, and funny stories.

Our new future roommate Johnny stopped by yesterday and I have no idea what to make of him. He plopped himself right down in our black papasan and talked a mile a minute for nearly an hour (while Justin and I had our most recent episode of Buffy on pause the entire time). In that time we found out he has an irrational fear of cream cheese, he went to a high school for aviation, doesn't eat salad and has tried soup once. In his life. He's tried soup one time in his life.

Though he did get us pretty good - I said to him, "You know Johnny, I'm not sure how this became a tradition but usually within the first week of someone new moving in we tend to get all the roommates together and go out partying."

He then informed us he's underage, so I said, "Okay, well, then we'll stay in partying," to which he said, "and yeah, actually I'm Mormon."

Justin and I just stared at him for a second, both completely lost for words, when he cracks up and says "just kidding!"

I guess you would have had to be there, but I can already tell living with this guy is going to be an experience. So we'll see.

I just realized how weird it is that he came to our house, told us all this stuff about himself, and now here I am transcribing that to thousands of strangers online. What if he doesn't want the world to know he's afraid of cream cheese? (He didn't hesitate to share the fact with us, so I'm doubting it's some incredible secret of his). But that's not the point! Here I am, saying my new room mate seems a little weird, but I'm totally weird too. He doesn't even know about my YouTube life yet. Though he did find out about ALL CAPS pretty much right away because I accidentally said "while I was on tour this summer" casually in a sentence. Oops.

He moves in next Wednesday, so expect more Johnny anecdotes in the near future. Justin will be pleased, haha; it will give him a break from being the main topic of my blog.

Speaking of watching Buffy; I'll admit, I have been watching anywhere from 1 to 4 episodes a day. But I also do a lot of other things with my day, such as writing, working on new songs, filming videos, running errands, hanging out with people, etc etc. But for some reason, our other room mate Paul only seems to come home when Justin and I are sitting on the couch watching Buffy. It's like clockwork. But a new disc in, Paul comes home.

It started out innocently. Paul would walk in and I would stop him in the entrance-way saying, "I promise, this isn't all we do." He would just shrug, smirk and continue into the kitchen.

The next day a simple call over my shoulder, "Really. I swear, we do more than sit here and watch this show!" Another shrug of the shoulders, another saunter into the kitchen.

Then I got a little more insistent, the next day. "You just have terrible timing! I was doing other stuff all day today, Paul!" "Whatever guys," he said back. "I know what I see."

Then I started getting frantic. The next time it happened I grabbed him and was like, "Listen, YOU. I can just feel you judging me. You may have just gotten home right now, but this is the first episode we watched today. This is your fault. I bet you wait outside all day until you hear the Buffy theme music and that's when you walk inside. This is a conspiracy!"

And last night, we finally got a brilliant idea. When I saw Paul coming up the front walk, Justin immediately paused Buffy, returned to regular TV, and flipped to something dumb like football. We both put on our innocent faces as Paul walked in, pretending to be totally invested in the game.

"Did you guys just pause Buffy and switch to something else when you saw me walk in? Smooth, guys," and into the kitchen he went.

"HOW DID HE KNOW?" Justin and I were baffled. It's hilarious, because we do watch a lot of Buffy, but not that much. Not as much as it looks like to Paul -- to Paul, we look like lifeless drones who never leave the couch. Really, though, he just has impeccable timing. And actually, he's been coming upstairs and joining us for the random episode here and there, so can he really judge? No. No he can't.

Anyway, these are the trials of having a lot of roommates. If nothing else, it makes for great blogging.

Last google search: "popason?" (had nooo idea how to spell that word)
Chipotle burritos: 17


Freya said...

Sounds like fun! And you're right about the time is a healer thing :)

Charlie said...

I am getting a new room mate as well, and all that I know is that she is friends with one of my current room mates and is a Dance major.

Come tomorrow night she will be here, so I will be getting back from work to a complete stranger.

I really enjoyed today's post, and I hope that Johnny's eccentricity keeps up! ^_^

Arletta said...

you should tell him that Mormons know how to party, we just don't need alcohol to have fun. We actually get to remember having fun and don't have to clean up any vomit.
My roommates were singing today... like, BELTING singing. They were practicing. It was loud and disturbing my own Buffy watching.
And he knew because you were watching football, I thought you don't like football.

kira902k said...

Hahah this made me laugh a ridiculous amount.
I wish you luck with the new roommate. I hope he's not awful and oppressive. Do you have the right to kick him out if you want? Or do you have no say?
Anyway, I'm sure he'll be fine.

And Buffy really does take over lives. Like, I have to admit, tragically, that I didn't read one book the entire time I was watching Buffy.

I don't understand how you can not have a job and not have school and still get things done with your life. I would end up just sitting in bed all day, on my laptop. Seriously. You're inspiring. :D


Krazy_4_Kelly said...

When I got into Buffy I became a lifeless drone that watched it for 12-16 hours a day. I would give excuses, but I actually think this was a pretty good use of time lol.

Also, is it kind of sad that when I was thinking of why my birthday today was going to be awesome, the majority of the list was that I would get a blog from you, Hayley, and Kayley today? Hopefully it's not lol.

What season/episode of Buffy are you guys on now, by the way?

Maura; said...

This actually made me laugh out loud.
I have a similar thing, except I have a brother called Patrick and a friend called Patrick. Everytime my friend comes over, for some reason, my brother is out. It's got to the point now where my brother is convinced we're all having a group hallucination because what are the chances? Quite large apparently, just like everytime you sit down and watch Buffy!

ajayrious said...

Lol, When I start watching a show I can end up watching up to 5 or 6 episodes a night if i'm really into it. I was watching the Buffy spin off Angel last week and I must have gone through the whole of season 2 in the space of a week.

Kai said...

Buffy will take over your life!
It took over mine when I watched it in January, but right now my family and I have been taken over by Lost! We watch at least one or two episodes a day, but usually more . . . and I'm totally roped in!

boobjob12 said...

Johnny sounds hilarious. :D Have fun with that one.

I think you should expose some really embarrassing facts about Justin on your blog someday. Or wait until he least expects it… >:)

Reading your blog makes me wish for roommates.

The Vagabond said...

It's been such a GREAT day for blogs and vlogs. I love so much about everything you put onto the internet.

STV said...

I can't wait to hear more about Johnny! :D and also, your addiction to Buffy is only natural.

Jaime said...

I can't imagine living with that many people, let alone not knowing someone before they move in!

GuitarGirl said...

Your new roommate sounds... intriguing? Whenever people are unsure of what to say as a description, you hear interesting. It's nearly an insult now, I suppose. I like intriguing more.

ANYWAY. He went to an aviation school? Would that be, by any chance, the Aviation High School near SeaTac? A good friend of mine went there for his freshman year, than left- according to him, everyone was fairly uptight and conservative. Maybe you really do have a mormon on your hands...

And we're happy to have bounce-in-her-step Kristina back!

reinix said...

This is the first time in a while I've laughed out loud reading a this-is-how-my-week-went blog. Thanks for that. Hahaha.