Thursday, August 5, 2010

No car wash for you.

I am very late in my blogging tonight.

I had a weird day. It started when I had to drive my roommate to an auto shop to pick up his car, and stopped to get a car wash, paid for it, and then was told the car washer itself was broken down. So now I have a receipt for a $7 car wash, a dirty car, and 13 minutes to write a blog post before midnight. xD

My day consisted of editing and posting a video, getting frozen yogurt at Red Mango, and attempting to start cleaning my bedroom. It's been uncharacteristically hot in Seattle this week, though, and I live on the 3rd story of an old, un-airconditioned house, so after about ten minutes I realized this just wasn't happening.

It's literally ten degrees cooler in my house each time you go down a flight of stairs, so I grabbed a book, a glass of ice water mixed with crystal light and a fan and ended up reading on the couch with the fan pointed directly at me for nearly 4 hours. The final installment in the Hunger Games trilogy comes out soon and I've been meaning to re-read the first two, so that's what I started today. Usually when I do a re-read, it takes me much longer to get through it because I don't have the suspense driving me to keep reading like during a first go-through, but surprisingly that wasn't the case. The Hunger Games is just as enthralling a second time.

Tomorrow I have to wake up early because my cousin Josh is coming over. I am going to show him around Seattle (he's from North Dakota), and my dad is dropping him off at my house around 7 (ahhh), on his way to work. It should be a fun day; I just wish it were going to be a fun day that didn't start quite so bright and early.

As far as witty and insightful commentary on life today... I have none. Eia's birthday is on Monday so we've been planning fun things to do with her, Liz and I chatted on the phone today briefly about our trip to the Bahamas next month, and the Renaissance Faire is just around the corner, but today I was a boring, sweaty, frozen yogurt-eating, book-reading, car wash-lacking girl. And I didn't get to watch any Buffy.

Edit: No way. Literally, as I was writing this, another spider crawled across my monitor. I still had the tissue from yesterday's debacle sitting on my desk so I grabbed it as fast as I could and I GOT HIM. I'm going to now ease my mind by telling myself this was the same spider and not that there may be a spider army plotting my demise by way of monitor attack.

Last google search: "things that are 5'10" "
Chipotle burritos: 15


Kathryn said...

Speedy post!

Did you find anything exciting during your Google search?

Have fun tomorrow, I'm sure getting up that early won't be so bad. At least you don't have to do it every day.

(First! XD)

Han said...

I've got Hunger Games book 3 on pre-order :) I literally read book 1 and 2 in about the last 4 weeks (in between I read 2 Scott Pilgrim books ready for the film that comes out here at the end of August)

BenCracknell said...

I'm amazed that you could churn out a coherent post in 17 minutes! I know if I did, I'd just end up screaming it all out, coming back the next day and think, 'what the hell have I put out there?'

Have fun tomorrow! Hope getting up before 7 doesn't have any damage over you!

Have a great day!

家唐銘 said...


Justine said...

Ahaha "The Spider Returns"

Elisabeth said...

You'd better monitor the state of the spider army computer monitor attack, then.

Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Paloma said...

I can't wait for mockingjay! Suzanne Collins is a marvelous writer :)

I bet the spider took it personally the first time and it's trying to get revenge. Yay :D

Katie said...

Just wait. There will be another spider today...that would make my day..

Michelle said...

People probably think you're kidding about the "and I didn't get to watch any Buffy" statement... but I get it. I recently marathoned all of Buffy for the first time, and those days when I didn't get to watch it were severely depressing. XD

The Vagabond said...

I think Catching fire is even better the second time around. I had forgotten all of the awesome little details so it was really cool. I also just had a crazy awesome thought. What if Christopher Nolen directed the film and Hans Zimmer did the music. That would be freaking epic. I don't think that will happen though unfortunately. I'll just dream about it instead.

to_thine_own_self said...

Ugh, I really need to wash my car, too. But I'm broke, so it'll have to wait another month or so. Lol.
Anyway, I'm sorry about your spider problem. I've been having a similar one...just with bats.
Yes, that's right. I said bats.
The other night I was sleeping in my room and I like rolled over and opened my eyes a little only to find a bat swooping down at me, inches from my face O_O
It was traumatizing, especially since we don't know where it came in from...ugh.

Sammie said...

As if there was a spider on your monitor again?? I'm sure it was the same as the last one...but still...scary! haha.

seurat2 said...

A spider army? Shiver. Thanks for the reminder about Hunger Games final book, I'll have to check on that so I can grab it here at Bakka (sf bookstore) asap.

TheGingerHermione said...

I wanted to re-read Catching Fire before Mockingjay comes out, but my boyfriend is reading it verryyyy slowly. I lent it to him a few weeks after I got it for my birthday (October 6) and he just finished it today. But I won't see him for a week. Grrr.

Keshara said...

I feel ya, concerning the heat and all. It's been over 105 in my town for the last 2 weeks and I never go outside or out of my basement because of it haha.

kira902k said...

Ah, oh my god, I hate when I see more than one of the same insect over the course of a few days. I get SO nervous that there's a whole family hiding somewhere.

So excited for Mockingjay, but I have to finish about 600 pages of summer reading books before I get to read it. :S *rushes*