Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Once a non-football fan, always a non-football fan.

Haha, looking back over yesterday's post made me giggle; it was pretty apparent how badly I wanted to get off my computer and into the sun. I don't think I have ever written a more hurried and nonsensical blog entry, good mood or no. But look!

The weather was beautiful, the lake was calm, and the tubing was great. My dad drove the boat around Lake Sammamish while Justin, Eia, my brother and I took turns out on the tube. There are few summer activities I like doing more than going tubing, but I always forget about how sore it makes you the next day. I've been doing errands all morning, which hardly makes anyone break a sweat usually, but my legs are creaky, my shoulders ache, and my back is sore in places I don't think I've ever been sore before.

Last night when we were driving home from the lake, my brother put down the little sun visor and started trying to read the airbag instructions to us in another language (you know, how there is usually a second language printed on instructions after the English). After a minute, he goes, "Wow. I used to be able to read Spanish words perfectly after taking it in school. I really have forgotten everything already."

Eia stifled her giggles before saying, "Nick, that's French."

Justin has been watching the Brett Favre press conference all morning, so despite my complete lack of interest, I find myself pretty up to speed on his continued on-again-off-again retirement news. Being the daughter of a Seahawks Season Ticket holder (otherwise known as the father who will forever be disappointed I failed to inherit his love of pigskin) I decided it would be funny to send him a text message about it pretending I actually care.

"I can't believe Brett Favre is back again!" I sent to him earlier today.
He wasn't fooled. He immediately sent me back, "Are you OK?"

My father knows me too well. Of course he's assume I'm hallucinating or sick before he'd believe I know anything about football. He did, though, tell me to try it on my uncle (who also has season tickets, right next to his).

So I tried again, on my dear uncle Dale. "Can you believe Brett Favre? Make up your mind already, sheesh!"
Dale writes back nearly as quickly, "Ya, WTF. I agree!!"

Then a few minutes later I get another one from him. "Wait. Is this Tina? Have you turned over a new leaf?"

I can't trick anybody around here!

Monday night was the Season 6 premiere of Weeds. Eia and I have both been so excited for the show to start up again; we started watching the series together while we were in Italy last summer, because I had the first season saved on my laptop. Then we both barreled through the entire five seasons that were already out, now eagerly anticipating new episodes.

The premiere was really weird. Half hour episodes feel so short now for a drama, after watching so much Buffy this month. I mean, I hadn't forgotten that Weeds is a really strange show the way it is, but it's going to take some getting used to, watching it week by week. I think while I was catching up I never watched less than 3 episodes at a time.

Anyway I don't want to give any spoilers in my post, but you should tell me in the comments what you thought of the premiere if you're a Weeds fan. If you're NOT a Weeds fan, then... um... tell me what your favorite Nickelodeon Game Show was. I read this awesome article today and it made me so nostalgic.

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Krazy_4_Kelly said...

You have no idea how much I love you for posting that article...for YEARS I've beentrying to think of the name of the old nick show with the wall and cream cart and such and it was What Would You Do! THANK YOU FOR SOLVING THIS MYSTERY!!

And also, apart from that show, I loved Wild n' Crazy Kids and obviously Legends of the Hidden Temple. And I used to get up early on Saturday morning each week for Double Dare 2000. Man, I really miss old nickelodeon :/

elfarmy17 said...


Just finished season 1 of Buffy last night.

Jeremy C. said...

Nickelodeon Game Shows FTW!!!

I remember when there was a channel called Nick G.A.S. (Games and Sports, but you probably already knew that) and it aired old game show episodes around-the-clock.

Figure it Out was one of my favorite shows when I was little.

Legends of the Hidden Temple was before my time, but I still got to catch lots of episodes cuz of Nick Gas. I was sooo jealous of the kids on it, and I thought that I could pwn The Temple Run.

I really liked Double Dare 2000 as well. I kinda wanted my family to go on it so that we would win a N64. XD

Wild 'n' Crazy Kids was also super awesome. My favorite memory from that show was when they held it at a mini-golf course called Golf-n-Stuff that was literally 5 minutes away from my house. And they had the Spy Kids there as well. Small world, haha.
Apologies for the long comment, nostalgia tends to have that effect on me. :)

Melody said...

I watched the first two seasons of Weeds, and then, on recommendation from my sister, didn't continue watching the rest. She said it got really bad after the first couple seasons... But I loved what I saw of it! Justin Kirk is, like, soooo totally super cute. #valleygirlmoment But seriously, that guy is totally in my guilt-free three.

Ruth said...

Figure it Out was definitely my favorite!

Marie said...

I miss those shows so much! Tie between Wild and Crazy Kids, Legends, and What Would You Do?

Oh, and I don't care about football either =P

Sara said...

I watched all five seasons of weeds in five days this summer! I think it's going to be a good season but the 1st episode was just ok.

Ellen B said...

Hands down, Legends of the Hidden Temple. I was obsessed. And always so mad when they couldn't put the stupid monkey together in time.

appletrain said...

hahaah i read that same article. me friend and i (eclair? you may know her..) were GUSHING over legends of the hidden temple. and i totally forgot about how much i loved guts, what would you do, figure it out and of course wild and crazy kidssss. but i always wanted to go on either legends or finders keepers because i was obvz so much better than those kids.
i LOVE lake sammamish! i love seattle in the summer really, i miss it :( we went kayaking around there once with my cousins, so great.

maloryc said...

Hey Kristina, long time reader first time commenter!

That water looks gorgeous!! And I know, how you feel I'm totally not a football fan! I love reading your blog, and especially in August since you post so frequently.


Celine said...

When I was younger I was on Slime Time Live :)
It was a good time

Kristen said...

Nickelodeon game show has to be Legends of the Hidden Temple, I used to shout directions to the contestants on screen and was so mad when they couldn't win in time.

katie said...

I was on the bus today and I saw a woman who looked a lot like you. I was wondering if you happened to have been on the 70 around one this afternoon? I was going to ask if it was you, but I chickened out.

kira902k said...

I've never been tubing. :(
And I didn't/still don't watch tv, really. I watch seasons. So I have no idea about nickelodeon hosts. :P

Jessica said...

Legends of the Hidden Temple was THE BEST!