Saturday, August 7, 2010

Mystical energy is all over the place.

It is a rainy, gloomy day in Seattle.

I went out to run some errands, and among these was getting the carwash that I was so rudely denied the other day. But the clouds opened in anger and I knew washing my car would be futile. After my grocery shopping was finished, I drove right on by the Shell station, my little unused receipt staring sadly back at me from its safe place in my cup holder.

I have felt my blog recently has been a bit too much on the "I woke up, I did this, I did that" side lately, so I asked on twitter if there were any topics people would like to see me blog about.

Among the suggestions of pineapples, unicorns, power rangers, and the lack of bouncy castles in my life, there were actually a few gems.

@krazy_4_kelly wanted to know my thoughts on Buffy so far. As I am now 3 episodes into Season 2, I feel qualified to give my opinion. Buffy is something that's always been in the back of my mind as "that show I never got into when it was on, but lots of people whose opinion I trust like it, but it's such a big time commitment so I'll watch it later". Matt and Lauren were determined to make me give it a try on tour, and it was almost instant love. Even though the earlier seasons are cheesy, and my roommate and I have made a drinking game out of outdated slang, the wearing of animal print clothing, and the term "techno pagan", this show is just so good.

Magical realism is my absolute favorite genre, so the scfi-fi and the spooky invading a high school rates pretty high on my entertainment hierarchy. And I find the outdated 90's trends to be hilarious, not cringe-worthy. I'm not much of a feminist, but it's also a great "girl power" centric show, seeing a girl fight vampire after vampire in high heels, prom dresses, and mini skirts.

I have a little trouble with the episodes like "Out of mind, out of Sight" where they claim disappearing/invisible girls are "physics!" (though recruiting them for some underground government assassin school made me laugh out loud), but I can easily let go of hyena possession, creating life out of spare body parts, and ventriloquist dummies coming to life; because hey, they're on the Hellmouth. Mystical energy is all over the place.

In short, I'm enjoying Buffy. I love Willow and Xander (and their heartbreaking will-they-won't-they tension), Giles makes me smile, and I find Angel's storyline tragic and interesting. The last episode I watched introduced me to Spike, as well, so opinions are forth coming.

@Matthew0007 wanted to know about my pet peeves? I have a lot of little pet peeves.

I hated when kids sat on their backpacks on the bus (you're CRUSHING your stuff!), I hate when people go really slow reading their credit card numbers to you over the phone (I used to work in customer service), on that note I hate that American Express credit cards don't follow the standard 4-4-4-4 pattern of most cards, I hate when people don't organize money with it all going the same direction, I hate when people don't say "bye" or formally end a conversation online (you're still TALKING and it's still polite, even though chatting is more casual) and most of all, I hate that people often wreck innocent trends and words by making it a "thing". Things don't need to be "things". You can just do and say them without notating their existence and instantly ruining them. I don't mean this in a "waah my favorite indie band is on the radio and therefore they now suck" way, I mean it in a "oh you say 'epic'? I love that it's a thing now, I'm going to try to say 'epic' as much as I can" way. Blah. Just talk.

Aaand @DPrAMAZING wanted to know why cats don't have wizard powers. How are you so sure they don't?

@ItsBenCracknell suggested a game of Would You Rather, so I think that's how I will end this post. In the comments, tell me what your pet peeve is, and would you rather endure that thing forever, or find out your DVD player ate your annoying cousin's Twilight DVD and now it's the only movie you can ever watch for the rest of your life? Including movie theatres. And other DVD players. Somehow. This is an alternate reality Would You Rather, apparently.

Last google search: "all caps lyrics" (WHAT. Don't judge me. I was just checking to see if we'd reached the big time yet of having someone else post our lyrics on some virus ridden site full of popups.)
Chipotle burritos: 16


kira902k said...

SPIKE! Ah! He's my favourite. And I love Drusilla. Eek, I'm excited to hear your opinion on him as time goes on. And yeah, Buffy stops wearing the crazy short skirts around season 3, I think. :P
What I love about Angel is that, essentially, he acts a *lot* like Edward Cullen. But it's okay, because Buffy is Bella's OPPOSITE. So him being all creepy and sulky and obsessive (well, he's not nearly as bad as Edward, by any means) is okay, because Buffy's responses to it are good. Know what I mean?

And my pet peeve is people leaving water running. Obviously, there's the environmental aspect, but I actually just can't STAND it when water is just on. It pisses me off.
And I guess I'd rather endure Twilight being the only movie, because at least there will still be water. xD


Krazy_4_Kelly said...

I appreciate you answering my question of your opinions on Buffy. That show just gets better and better, you're in for a real treat as I'm sure you already figured out :)

As for pet peeves, I HATE when people say they're "obsessed" with something they know virtually nothing about. Being obsessed with HP and Kelly Clarkson, I get a lot of "I've seen all the movies 5 times!" and "I love Since U Been Gone!" and it pisses me off royally. You're not obsessed, you're a casual fan...

And I don't watch many movies, but I watch Friends and Buffy on DVD everyday so I have to go with my pet peeve and dealing with it because at least I could unwind from people annoying the heck out of me with a good episode of Buffy or marathon of Friends.

Sara said...
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Sara said...

Pet Peeve: When people will argue with me (or someone else) and I cite facts or examples but they are ignorant and uncivil in response. Mostly this happens in political/theological debates. So basically: dealing with ignorant people.

I would rather have to endure Twilight forever. I can deal with a bad film for the rest of my life, but I need real, intellectual discussion.

BenCracknell said...

Ah, you did it!

My pet peeve is when things I've liked for a while--like YouTube and before I was stupid, Twilight--get really, really big and people who don't know anything about it claim to 'love it'. I feel like such a snob when people talk about YouTube, it's unbelievable. But, if I had to pick, I would pick my pet peeve. I could either turn into a personalityless male version of Bella or slash my wrists. LOL, AT LEAST EDWARD WHILL B ABLE TO SUCK MAH BLUUUD! LOLZ.

Have a great day!

BenCracknell said...

Ah, you did it!

My pet peeve is when things I've liked for a while--like YouTube and before I was stupid, Twilight--get really, really big and people who don't know anything about it claim to 'love it'. I feel like such a snob when people talk about YouTube, it's unbelievable. But, if I had to pick, I would pick my pet peeve. I could either turn into a personalityless male version of Bella or slash my wrists. LOL, AT LEAST EDWARD WHILL B ABLE TO SUCK MAH BLUUUD! LOLZ.

Have a great day!

PatrickWrocks said...

I'm happy you like Buffy! I find that you can easily relate some aspects to it to Harry Potter (Like the Willow and Xander relationship to the Ron and Hermione relationship)

Pet I can't stand when people claim "things" were theirs first. Like for example, if you said "That's so jokes!" and then someone responds like "So jokes is MY thing." Ah.

I think I'd rather be stuck with Twilight. As much as I don't like that movie, RPattz facial expressions never stop being funny.

Amanda Rumm said...

I'm very excited for you to watch the rest of Buffy. I think regular updates of your progress are definitely necessary. It continues to get better and better as it goes. Also, a lot less cheesy. And later seasons follow an over-arching story line, whereas the first one is pretty mostly a random mix of fighting every kind of supernatural being.

My biggest pet peeve is poor grammar. I proudly earned my "Grammar Nazi" title in grade 5, and have upheld it since. It just bothers me that most people on the interenet can't be bothered with spelling out an entire word, or rereading what they write to be sure it makes sense before they post it. It's not that much of a hassle. It's less annoying when people speak improperly in real life, though I tend to correct people every time they do, so they get annoyed with ME. But it's their own fault for talking like 3rd graders. Though, I definitely wouldn't rather watch Twilight for the rest of my life. No thank you. I'll deal with the bad grammar.

Anna said...

I hope you're not spoiled about what happens throughout the Buffy series--though I understand that's probably unlikely. Please post more as you watch the series--you're getting to some of the best parts!

I, too, am a proud grammarian/grammar nazi. My pet peeve isn't so much poor grammar as it is people who take offense to having their grammar corrected, or ridicule people who care about grammar. Language is meant to help us communicate with one another, and when the form of language degrades, so does our understanding of one another. Languages have rules for a reason.

I wish, just once, someone who speaks incorrectly and is corrected would respond with "thank you for the information regarding my error. I didn't realize I was using the wrong pronoun, and I appreciate the information so I don't sound like an uneducated idiot in the future," rather than "omg you're such a grammar nazi get a life."

nerdgirl1990 said...

I have many pet peeves, the biggest of which being those who are lazy with grammar. I have to stop myself from correcting my cousin's grammar on Facebook because I know she'll get so annoyed with me that she won't talk to me for a considerable amount of time.

That or Twilight until the end of my days? The Twilight thing. Much as I hate it, if it were the only film I could watch, I would probably come to like it. >.<

The Vagabond said...

I know what you mean about the things. My roommates in Italy and I always abbreviate things and one of the things we came up with "awk fest" (as in an awkward festival/festival of awkward) and I let it slip with someone back home and now apparently it's a thing. Annoying.

Pet peeves: when people leave things plugged in and when people ask for a bite of whatever your eating. Like all the time. And then they take a massive bite out of whatever you paid for/made.

Maggie said...

Meh, I don't really have too many pet peeves. I guess hearing people speak improperly bugs me. I don't mean the occasional "me" instead of "I." I mean really bad, I'm-a-little-kid type of grammar mistakes. Oh gosh.

But I have to say that I'd pick the movie. I hate Twilight with an ever growing passion (except for comedic purposes). But I don't really watch movies. And you didn't include tv shows, so I think I'd be able to survive. =)

SayAnything said...

Ha! Buffy drinking games, eh? My roommate and I did that too. Except, with us, it's every time you can blatantly tell its a stunt girl/guy, and every time some says Buffy's name. The name one goes for Harry Potter movies as well... they say his name sooo much!

Joey said...

ZOMG! Totally love Buffy. Joss Whedon is just frackin brilliant.

My pet peeve (at least one that I can recall right now) is people who push the door when the sign says "PULL" and vice vursa. Though the chances of someone acutally taking more effort to PULL when it says "PUSH" is not all that likely. I swear I can't touch a door that has been pushed when it was supposed to be pulled!!!

Which reminds me of another one, I really can't take it when people in my office pantry get rid of the "wooden stirrers" in the PLASTIC WASTE section instead of the WET WASTE section. It's dang well mentioned just below the "WET WASTE" sign (that wooden stirrers are a part of the "WET WASTE" section). Ugh.

Would I endure the Twilight movies being the only movies. Um, no.

You see, with regards to my first peeve I'm just gonna stand back till the retard in front of me is done pushing the door, then I'm gonna go ahead and pull and get on through the door (albeit that this entire process will make me look like someone with a weird OCD).

With regards to the second one, I'm gonna invent a waste bin that spits out wooden stirrers back in the depositors face. That'll teach them a lesson.

I have never bothered to even watch a single Twilight movie because Pattinson and Stewart actually make me sick. I could be shanghaied into watching them once. Maybe. But no, all that drama, and all that blechness. No. I'll deal with my peeves instead.

Cheryl the Good said...

Pet peeves? None here. Just cats and fish. For the record, I'm pretty sure mine have wizard powers. How else are they still living here after ruining so much laundry, papers, flooring, etc., because they have aversions to litter boxes? Obviously, spells have been cast.

By the way, Twilight non-stop is bearable as long as one owns the RiffTrax. :D

Jess the Nerdfighting Band Geek said...

People being in the house right when I'm thinking about writing. I need a few hours to relax, and then I get into that mode, but by then, people are home, and I can't write when people are home, because they always interrupt. I prefer this to the twilight dvd though. I don't *have* to be a writer.

tranquilily said...

My pet peeves: when teachers miss a spot when they erase the chalkboard, and when people have bad spelling/grammar of basic words. You learned them in second grade! And probably lots more, but I can't think of them right now.

I would rather endure my pet peeves than watch Twilight for the rest of my life. The movies are decent, but I want to experience other things.

Moonshoes Emma said...

My biggest pet peeve is finding out my DVD player ate my annoying cousin's Twilight DVD and now it's the only movie I can ever watch for the rest of my life. Including movie theatres. And other DVD players. So if I had to choose between that and... Oh shit. I'm screwed. -_-

pickles4muggles said...

WOAH weirrddd. We're on the same level when it comes to Buffy episodes. I just started watching this week and I love it! I agree with EVERYTHING you said about willow and the 90's trends and everything else lol. It's so amazinggg.

one pet peeve - when people focus on negative things ALL THE TIME and compain and complain and complain. Just be happy :D

umm. i'd endure that thing forever. end.of.story

Kat said...

I have a blogging topic: Can you clarify what you mean by "not much of a feminist"? I'm curious.

Ben said...

My pet peeve is people who call other people sheep (do you use this term in the States?) An indie friend of mine once called me one. I nearly shoop da whoop'd him.

sbubbles11 said...

My pet peeve is when people act like they are the only person in the world to know about a trend, and if any of thier friends know about it, they insist that they discovered it. I have a friend who did that when colored skinny jeans became popular. My other pet peeve is leet speak. And I would rather have Twilight be the only movie I could watch.

Rory said...

Parroting what Kat said, i want to know what "not much of a feminist" is supposed to mean. You seem to be a really awesome, articulate, independent woman so I would hope that you would also embrace feminism for it's literal meaning of "supporting the advocacy of women's rights." I did just look that up in the dictionary, I'm a nerd. Sorry I didn't answer any of your questions, that phrase just really got my attention (as an avid feminist who adores you)