Thursday, August 12, 2010

A pink T-Rex, though.

Justin: So I have officially been watching too much Buffy.
Me: Haha why is that?
Justin: I killed the giant spider beast in the garbage downstairs.
Justin: By setting the garbage can on fire.
Me: LOL. Justin.

That is how my morning started.

Well, that and waking up from a dream/nightmare where my family wanted to put on a concert at their house and I was supposed to be the opening act, but I couldn't sing because I had a mouth full of these outrageous braces and was chewing gum that made them all stick together in a big gooey mess.

Before I got my wisdom teeth out, I had this subconscious terror about the situation (I hate people poking around in my mouth so much) and because of it, I had a dozen or so horrible teeth-falling out dreams. Ever since I got the surgery (about two years ago), the tooth dreams have mostly stopped, but every now and then I'll still have one and I literally find myself waking up every time with my hands rushing to my mouth, feeling around to make sure all my teeth are still healthy and intact.

I am happy to report that all of my teeth are in the same condition they were when I fell asleep last night.

Now because of a tweet Kayley posted this morning about custom macbook decals, I have spent the better part of the last half hour deciding between a T-Rex, wispy blowing dandelions, or an owl on a branch. I am aware I have a very, very difficult life.

Me: I have a problem, I need your help.
Justin: Uh, is it another spider? Cuz I've already killed 3 today...
Me: No, worse. It's a T-Rex.
Me: Which color should I buy?
Me: Pink or purple?
Justin: I think pink is more your style, but you do have a lot of pink things.
Me: I think just being able to say "my computer is the one with the pink T-Rex" is worth it though.
Justin: Pink it is.
me: I'm glad we had this talk.

Now I am rather excited because I have literally no plans today, so that could lead to any number of hours spent reading, editing videos, working on music, or watching another 7 episodes of Buffy in one day. Not that I've watched 7 in a day before... definitely did not do that last week...

In other news, I am all smiles now because iJustine just said on twitter that she can't stop listening to ALL CAPS. It's pretty exciting to know we're being noticed by the acclaimed "front-pagers" on YouTube. I'm really pumped to see where this band goes in the next 6 months, and equally anxious to start working on new music again. We joke that our first album is essentially the zombie album and our second is the robot album - so what can we do next? Ninjas? Dinosaurs? Sharks? Aliens?

Probably none of the above. Haha.

Justin: I mean, did you SEE that spider downstairs?
Me: No.
Justin: It was this big! I told you to go look at it!
Me: Why would I do that?! I know better than to walk into the demon's lair!

Okay, my copy of Catching Fire is absolutely staring me down from its spot next to me on my bed (I feel the need to tell you right now that I have a queen sized bed that I share with nobody, and in the spot where another person would fit, that's where I keep my laptop, whatever book I'm reading, and my planner. I am a cool girl) so anyway, this is going to be the end of my blog post for the day because I need to finish my reread of this book in time for Mockingjay. 12 days!

Until tomorrow!

Last google search: crystal light flavors
Chipotle burritos: 17


Han said...

WOOT! I changed the shipping speed on my Mockingjay order yesterday so that it's here quicker - I keep debating whether to up it from 2 business days to 1 business day (it's like £5 more and the book was only £4 on a pre order - do I want to pay?)

Jenny said...

I'm surprised the Harry Potter decal wasn't on your list. But a pink T-Rex is just as awesome.

Kayley said...

How did I not see the owl one?! Gah, I may have to buy that later on and switch them out or something...

Our lives are so hard xD

Krazy_4_Kelly said...

Haha I love your roommate! When I first watched Buffy, I finished the whole series in less than 2 weeks and literally did nothing but sleep and watch that show so I went a bit nuts too xD also, I love the dandelion decal but I agree that being able to say your laptop is the one with the pink T-Rex definitely makes the T-Rex the right choice.

Good luck with your reread, I really need to start mine but I can't stop watching Buffy >.>

Emily said...

Bahaha, your interactions with Justin make me laugh. Also I am SO EXCITED FOR MOCKINGJAY! I'm currently in the middle of re-reading The Hunger Games in anticipation. :D

Rebeca said...

Yeah, I just bought a Bender decal for my Macbook. Thanks a lot, Kristina XP


kyle said...

I'm assuming you've seen this already?

Make sure to hover over the image for the alt text.

Paloma said...

I'm going to get my wisdom teeth out in a year. Oh, my god. I'm so nervous. They say it hurts. Does it hurt? Does it? Okay I need to stop thinking about that.

I think an album about dinosaurs would be so awesome. Zombies... dinosaurs. Zombie dinosaurs? Oh yeah. Totally awesome.

Can't wait for Mockingjay. Go Peeta! <3

Ravenclaw2313 said...

So now I'm going to spend the next few hours debating between Snow White and Iron Man. My life is hard too.

Paige said...

I would totally get the jellyfish one.

Emily said...

Do a vampire albumn! Or is that too cliche?

Samantha said...

I've been debating with myself for months if I want to get the Snow White one.

I think it's a good way of saying "I'm in love with Disney, but still pretty amazing."


Anonymous said...

You should've gone for watching Buffy. I mean, it practically saved my day today! I just got home, and merely listening to some songs from Buffy turned my day around.

The beginning of the day was horrifying, but the rest of it shall be fantastic. I <3 Buffy!!

tigressflowers said...

So two days ago I read Peeps and The Last Days, by Scott Westerfeld back to back on the same day. I read Demon's Lexicon yesterday, and am working on Demon's Covenant today (by Sarah Rees Brennan).

I've been considering re-reading The Hunger Games and Catching Fire, I'm sure I can finish them in one day. But I only read them back in May, I'm not sure I'm up to such a quick re-read.

tranquilily said...

Haha, those stickers are cool, too bad I don't have a mac! And my best friend who has a hatred of stickers would be grossed out.

Cassie said...

My bed is like that too! I use the other half for my laptop, books, pens, clothing, stuffed animals, anything really.

Jess said...

I desperately want these two:

I don't have a Mac... But I AM getting one within a few months. At the very least, I'm getting the Dharma Initiative one, because in some people's minds, I have too much Harry Potter stuff. Whatever.

Soooo excited for Mockingjay! Less than two weeks!!

Wiiliam said...

Kristina! I had my first ever teeth-falling out dream last night, which was surprising because everybody talks about them and I've never experienced it. I think it was brought on by my realization and minor panic attack over the fact that I haven't been to the dentist in years and haven't ever had a cavity filled. It's crazy when people have similar dreams... I think there's an M. Night. Shyamalan movie about that, or at least an R.L. Stine book.

Sarah said...

It has got to be a Ninja-Dinosaur Album next time. ^.^

Elisabeth said...

And yet you ARE one of those 'front-page youtubers' to most of us. :)

GillianisAslan said...

that's my biggest anxiety dream! i have obsession problems according to my doctor, so i end up with these really terrifying dreams about bottle caps filled with gum and being sucked down drains and doing push-ups for playing too loudly and finally going over the edge of a climbing tower and falling thousands of feet into the abyss. i have some crazy bad fears.

watercolor said...

Actually, you can make "Custom" skins for just about anything here:
It's a bit more pricy then Etsy, but you can customize it to you. I've been looking at these personally myself for a couple of weeks... I can't make up my mind!

I actually made 3 custom designs on my computer, but they aren't perfect.

Also: Do you ever read these "Word verification" things...I think after a while they just make stuff up...I mean, really...this thing I'm typing to post isn't a real word! I should know!

I just googled it!

kira902k said...

The T-rex is pretty epic. And spiders are terrifying.

I hope you talk about Buffy a bit more in your next few posts! I need to know your opinion :D

KatOfDiamonds said...

"in the spot where another person would fit, that's where I keep my laptop"

i do this too.

also I've begun to re-watch all of Buffy this week... after dinner, disc 3 of season 1 here I come!

Anonymous said...

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