Saturday, August 21, 2010

Slumber party.

I am currently at a sleepover party with my friends and fellow bloggers, Tara and Brittney. It's past one in the morning now, and it occurred to me that I wont have any time to blog tomorrow as I will be waking up early, driving home from Tara's house, donning my Renaissance garb and heading out to the Faire for the weekend. So here I am, clicking away on Tara's laptop while the other two play Dead Space: Extraction.

The two girls I'm hanging out with are my fellow writers, and since we all live here in Seattle, we've decided to make these sleepovers a monthly thing (to hang out, film videos together, and continue to expose each other to even more awesome geek stuff). We're past the age where sleepovers are a normal occurrence, so we're taking it upon ourselves to change that in the name of nerd-dom and blogging. Plus, our guys friends are having a LAN party, so what better way to combat that?

Already tonight we've recorded an interview for the G-ovah! podcast, looked over the PAX West schedule and highlighted what panels we want to go to in those scented Mr. Sketch markers, bought candy at the nearby gas station, played Just Dance on the wii, watched a children's choir sing the song from Portal on YouTube, and Tara taught me how to play Puzzle Quest.

Also, Tara terrified Brittney and I by making us watch a Chatroulette ad for the new Exorcist film, confirming that neither of us will sleep tonight. We were hiding behind our drink glasses, and I definitely heard Brittney yelp "hold me!" at one point.

I'm going to be doing a lot of really exciting things with Zaxy in the future, so it's been fun getting to know Brittany and Tara better. I spent most of my life hanging out with boys because I thought in general, "boy stuff" was more fun in a recreational way (like video games, explosions, playing outside) than "girl stuff" (makeup, dolls, playing house) -- so it's always fun for me to meet girls who are the exact same way. Even though Tara lent me a pair of her high heels today, but that's another story.

They've been educating me on PAX, since I've never really been to a conference outside the HP ones and VidCon/YouTube Live. I've been looking over the panels, but I still really have no idea what to expect. It will be a whole new experience for me.

I'm a little jealous of all the zero-gravity and shooting and radiation happening over on the TV screen without me, so I'm going to end this post here. Thanks to everyone who commented on yesterday's post - I know it was long, but it was a story I'd been thinking about and was meaning to type up for awhile now, and I'm glad so many people enjoyed reading it.

Last google search (on Tara's computer): "Arianna the Just Dance Girl"
Chipotle burritos: 17


Veronica said...

...Your sleepovers sound so much more fun than mine.
Although my friends and I did have a jello fight last time...
Yours still sound more fun. XD

Christina said...

I don't see my friends very often, because I moved a year ago, so when we meet up, we have sleepovers that never really involve sleeping. Instead I teach them about the awesomeness that is Lost :) They're currently on season 3, so I say I did a fairly good job in moving them along in the series :)

Alissa said...

I went to my best friends birthday party last night and had a tonne (and probably too much) fun.

I ended up staying over because we live a decent half-hour drive away from each other, I had no car, and both of us were a little drunk...

But then today, I've just been lazing about the house hung-over, bored and a bit depressed. I (re) watched your video with Kayley about toothbrush bracelets, and felt a bit better...

And now after reading your blog post and picturing all the fun things you and the Zaxy girls did I can pretty much say that you made my whole day!

My head still hurts a bit too much for comfort, but you definately cheered me out of the bored/depressed funk I was in.

So thank you Kristina, keep up the awesome, because something as simple as a recap of your slumber party antics can really brighten peoples day!

Elisabeth said...

Sleepovers are totally awesome. I'm 20 in a week and I still have a few a year with the girls from high school :)

rose24 said...

I just had a sleepover :) 4 of my friends came over and we had a Lord of the Rings Marathon. We had a pretty sweet time despite the fact that we did not sleep at all and I am running on sugar right now. All nighter? Check.

kira902k said...

I went to Otakuthon, an anime convention, recently, and it was my first Non-HP con, but it was super super epic. Even though I don't really know anime, just being surrounded by nerds is a great thing. :)
Have fun at PAX, or whatever it's called!:P

Xtine said...

I completely get you. I've always liked hanging out with guys more, too. Even though I love being a girl and high heels are fun to wear every once in awhile :D