Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Yes, public.

You are allowed to formulate opinions about how I look, the things I say, and how I dress.

But do not tell me "Honey your boyfriend is gay."

That's.. just... it's FALSE.

No. He does not have a secret crush on Charlie. No, he wasn't dating Tom when he made the "Eyelashes" video. I think I would know a bit more about the sexuality of the guy I am dating than you, Mr. Random Internet Fan Guy.

All of this time I have felt badly that Alex has been getting the brunt of this "Your relationship wont last" garbage, but now this. This is just irritating.

Now I just went to check and see if this guy has replied to my last email, and I saw THIS waiting for me in my inbox, from a new person:

Just wanted to check whether or not you and Alex were dating, following all the hintings on twitter.


This is just bizarre to me. Everything about it. "Hey yeah, just checking whether or not you were dating, see ya around."

Gah. No point to this blog. Just - everyone - shut up. Not gay. We are dating and it's working and it's good and it's lasting and we're both straight and WHAT ELSE do you want from us?



Melissa Kendra said...

Twitter can be such an evil and horrible website at times.
that being said, I saw your tweet about the email earlier.
People are clearly stupid and have nothing else to do with their lives if they're accusing random YouTuber's boyfriends of being gay.

Redcabbageispurple said...

Even if we did want anything from you, it doesn't matter, we're not the ones in the relationship, it's you and Alex.
I personally don't think it is possible for a girl to have a gay boyfriend... logic just doesn't work that way for me.

alexis julian. said...

you guys should both quit responding publicly. you're just adding fuel to the fire.
i mean, i understand the impulse to respond, but it's just so... unimportant what someone else thinks.

LittleRadge said...

People are stupid.

Jerry Cooke said...

You're a woman right? With lady parts? Not at all a man? So that would make Alex.. straight.

Phew, glad I got that sorted out.

My work here is done!

Chise said...

Just don't use your time answering them, people is always going to talk and think what they want, if you guys are happy together that's what matters, don't give them more attention

I'm sorry you are feeling like this :/

Mariel said...

Aw, Kristina 8(
i never for a second even questioned that. the only thing i questioned was whether you guys were actually dating. but it's beyond cute and it's no one else's business, right? hope you feel betttter!

lessthanthree :)
virtual hug!

Anonymous said...

As everyone says, people suck and should learn to keep their noses out of everybody else's business. You and Alex are the ones invovled, emotionally and otherwise, nobody else is in a position to comment on what you do/don't do unless you ask for their opinions.

Ignore the losers, maybe it's simply too hard for them to grasp the concept of a long distance relationship because of their emotional immaturity. *shrug*

Ylou and Alex are adorable and in a way, you guys are so similar. Both impulsive, awesome, creative and lovely (as we see it) people.

Tina+Alex =<3