Sunday, March 15, 2009

Top Model.

I finished writing my global youth final paper this morning.

I SHOULD be studying for my japanese art history exam that is tomorrow morning at 8:30 AM, but I am too excited about London to focus so instead I am watching this week's America's Next Top Model that I missed.
I almost auditioned for cycle 10 (we're on cycle 12 now), I dont think I ever really told anyone that. Brittany and I drove up to Alderwood mall where they were doing auditions but we were too late and the line was too long.
I dont know if I would audition anymore.
I dont think I am drama-y enough.
But gah. The photoshoots. Are amazing.

Anyway, they're only picking girls UNDER 5'7" this next cycle anyhow, so that rules me out.

I want it to stop raining so I can finish filming a video later today.

And, you know. Study eventually. ^^


lost in a teacup said...

GAH! I'm turning eighteen in May, and I was thinking of auditioning for cycle 13. The photoshoots are just too amazing. BUT I'M TOO TALL. No fair. Grrr.

LullabyBri said...

that would have been awesome to watch you on america's next top model. & yeah, you probably aren't dramatic enough. that's where acting skills come in handy!

Hakeber said...

now I can audition for top model :D