Saturday, March 21, 2009

more london.

I am loving this week. :)

Currently Charlie is doing a blogtv show right next to me, in which he has already sang a love song about Hayley, his rendition of Mrs. Nerimon that he calls "Mr. Nerimon", and is now singing an ode to which I think is probably my new favorite song, as I am a TOTAL secret addict.

Anyway, my week:

Wednesday was just kind of a laze around and be excited that Alex and I were in the same time zone again kind of day, which was gooood.
Thursday we INTENDED to go into London, but that never happened, and then his cousin Danny came over anyway and so we hung with him and did video game-y boyish things.
Friday was Thorpe park, and I am realizing now I am losing steam with this story as I have already told it 2-3 times in epic fashion, but here is the gist:
We were having a lovely, dry day full of rides and merriment and then since Stealth was broken down, Danny defaulted to the next closest ride with happened to be "Tidal Wave". It was a water ride, and I did not want to go on it. The boys insisted it would be fine and made me go; I resisted as long as I could, passing "WARNING: YOU WILL GET VERY WET" signs and they made me feel like a wimp but DRAGGED me into the line. We sat in the middle of the middle where I thought I would get the least wet, but as we went down the drop....
Well okay, right away I just felt the spray and had a nice little euphoric moment where I thought "Okay this wasnt so bad" BUT THEN OH MY GOD. The water DUMPED completely down our backs for at least 10 seconds. This may not sound like very long, but stop reading right now and count to 10 out loud and imagine freezing cold water just POURING down your back the entire time.

Yeah, not so nice, is it?

But I was ALMOST a little happy it was that terrible, because Alex may have won, but really... we ALL lost. It took a long time to dry and my jeans were sticking to me for hours. Eck.

Today (Saturday) we went to King's Cross for a Harry Potter meetup and it was so much fun. <3
I got to meet Lex and Charlie and J0ames, and got to see Emma and Rosi and Ally and Lily and David and Amy and loads of other people again which was so nice because I havent seen most of these people since Terminus and they're all lovely. We wandered around and ate food at Nandos and saw Big Ben and went to an arcade where we had a pretty intense round of Dodgems (for you American readers those are bumper cars) and I enjoyed it because actual bumping is usually outlawed in America, which takes all the fun out of it.

Basically each day here keeps getting better and better and I plan to keep with this trend.

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Mallory said...

i hate the fact that you can't bash and bump on bumper cars - what's the point?! baha. i'm SO glad you're having such a lovely time, Kristina. i look forward to new dailybooth photos of you and Alex every day. (: