Monday, March 23, 2009

more more london.

My time left in London is dwindling down and I as much as I have been trying to not think about it, I do go home on Wednesday and then it'll be another month or so of UW and working and not seeing Alex without annoying pixelation and time zones.

Gah it's so strange how quickly a person can get used to something. I got here 5 days ago and it's already hard for me to imagine him just.. not being here next to me whenever I want. :(
I think that's a really good sign, that he just already feels like a part of my life, even though it hasn't even been that long. It's just going to make the time apart harder though.

I like London. I'm not good at being in all unfamiliar surroundings, but that's all I have ever wanted for myself. Stretch my comfort levels. Expand my horizons. See exciting things. Learn new stuff.
When we went into London for the HP meetup, I had this overwhelming sense of belonging... seeing Rosi and Emma and David... I dunno. I just felt like I was meeting up with some friends. London didnt feel all that far away from home that day. And it's nice to know that there is more for me in London than JUST Alex. Like, obviously he is a large reason for me liking it here, but it's nice to know that there are plenty of other people here I could just call up and spend an afternoon with or whatever, because seven weeks is a LONG time, and that's how long I will be here when I come back this summer.
And I want to keep coming back, again and again.

I cant wait. Ahhhh.
Already have plans to go shopping with Emma/Rosi/Ally when I'm back in the summer. <3


Melody said...

I'm glad you're really enjoying your time there!! Sounds great.
I can't help but to be jealous! I can't even see my British fiance for a whole year from now and the last time I saw him was October. :(

kaaaase said...

I know how you feel, a bit, and I will know that feeling even more come two weeks from now. /sigh

It sounds like you've been having a great time. I'm glad. :D


barefootfiona said...

I complain all the time, but it's actually not all that bad over here when you think about it. I should be more grateful.