Monday, March 9, 2009

the ciiircle of life

I am grumpy.

I got home from a lovely weekend in Kansas with all my friends, and a week from tomorrow I leave for London and spending time with Alex, and while both of these things are wonderful, sandwiched in here between those is an entire week of crappiness. I have to work 5 days this week, as writing two final papers and studying for a huge final exam.

I feel like a spoiled brat complaining, because I DO get to travel and do loads of fun things... but I feel like lately my life is a constant cycle of doing fun things and then in between just having this really low hard work filled wait time in between. I would like a bit of free time to just watch tv shows I like and maybe learn to cook or something. I dont like the CONSTANT running from place to place to homework etc.

I have skipped class today, which was stupid, but I have vowed I will use my day to write one of my papers. The easier one, probably.

Actually, maybe I will do myself a HUGE favor and start the harder one. That would make life easier for sure.

I just miss Alex and I miss having time to watch Doctor Who and I miss my mom's cooking, honestly. Mac and cheese is getting old.

It stopped raining since I started typing this blog and the sun is shining in through my window. That's a sign if I ever saw one. It's time to shut up, get work done, and smile because in 9 days I will be giving Alex a big, long overdue hug. :D

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