Tuesday, March 3, 2009

crab rangoon.

Okay. I am significantly more calm than I was in my blog earlier.

Because honestly, if a boy was gay, and dating a girl as a coverup or because he was scared of coming out, WHY would he invest as much emotion as the two of us have into someone THOUSANDS of miles away, when he could easily hide behind a nice nearby girlfriend? Silly.

Anyway, tonight I am going out for Thai with 2 of the regular housemates and our brand new housemate, Ben. That will be nice. I hope we all get along with him.
And this afternoon I had Thai food with my dad.

And really, any day in which I can have Crab Rangoon TWICE is a good day.

(and dont call me a seafood hypocrite. I hate 99.99999% of it. I just happen to like crab rangoon. suck it.)

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