Tuesday, March 3, 2009

grandma <3

I almost forgot - this was HILARIOUS.

So my dad sent my grandma an email this morning; in it there was a picture of him at work installing a furnace in some place out by the water. In the background of the picture were two of his male coworkers and then a pretty view of the sound and a few ferry boats.

He wrote "Look at the ferries behind me!"

She was quick to write back, and replied with this single sentence:

"Okay, just because you live in the city doesn't mean you have to call them ferries, Randy, here in the country we still just call them Gays."

LOL. I love her.


Chise said...

your grandma is so full of win <3

blundine said...

Couldn't help laughing :D

Joey said...

Lulz... This sounded like something you would read in a Reader's Digest's Jokes section.(Its a complement).

Amanda said...

Oh man I literally busted up laughing at this.