Thursday, March 19, 2009

From the airport.


St. Patrick's day in the airport.
I forgot to wear green. Instead I am wearing my favorite bright purple pants and a pink vest and yellow socks and I almost feel like I look spiteful, wearing so many colors that AREN'T green.
I have nothing against green, world. I am a Slytherin.

So far I have had my currency exchanged (Really sucks handing over 133 dollars and getting 80 pounds back. Stupid), eaten a breakfast sandwich that just plain sucked, tried to buy milk and was informed they only had chocolate (who DOES that?) and have forgotten about my cinnamon roll until just now as I was typing this so it is surely cold. Sigh.

This trip is off to a good start!

There aren't any delays though, which is good, so I should arrive right on time into Alex's arms WITHOUT having the stay the night in Minneapolis or something. There are no Laurens to drive out to see me in Minnesota.

Right now it's still a little hard for me to believe I am flying to London. I have never been. I feel like I should be showing up at some indiscriminate place in the US for a wizard rock something or other, which is usually the case.
When I went through security, the officer who checked my passport and boarding pass saw where my final destination was and got a little twinkle in his eye. It was almost like he KNEW why I was going.
Maybe he just likes London, or knows I'll be having fun, whatever I'm doing.

I have an HOUR before I board my flight. I don't think I brought enough things to do. There'd better be good movies on this flight. Or at least ones I haven't seen before.

Right. I'm going to go eat the cinnamon roll before it's just rock hard. :/


Kaitlin said...

Maybe the security guard has watched fiveawesomegirls and knows about your relationship with Alex and when he saw where you were going he was all "Awe..."

Faith said...

I don't know if me leaving this comment is creepy or not, since you don't actually know me... but anyway, you tend to get a better exchange rate in the country rather than in the airport. I just got back from Spain, and the best exchange rate there was with using debit or credit cards. However, Spain uses the euro, so its probably slightly different...

Anonymous said...

Wow, how times have changed. I remember when around $175 equated to £80. £80 is a lot of money right now, in Britain. ...Unless prices have gone up. Probably. Yeah. Ignore this...