Wednesday, February 25, 2009


So far living with people has been pretty much nothing but fun.

But upon arriving home from Florida, I have been annoyed annoyed annoyed.
First of all, I have one shelf in the freezer that I use. One. And I keep all my stuff there, so I dont forget what's mine. When I opened it yesterday, all that was on my shelf was 8 cans of frozen lemonade and all my stuff was scattered everywhere.
I moved it all back, bit my tongue, and dealt with it.
This morning I went to make some cereal, opened the freezer again to get my blueberries (I KNOW there was a huge tupperware of them, I left them there on Friday) and it's just gone. GONE.

So here's the worst part. I was mad, because I wanted blueberries, and so I was moving everything around seeing if maybe they were under something, and in doing this, I STUCK MY HAND IN AN OPEN BAG OF FROZEN RAW SHRIMP.

If you know anything about my dislike for seafood, you will know this is the LAST way I want to start my morning.

This day is off to a good start. -_-


Redcabbageispurple said...

I know what that's like. I had the same thing happen in the summer when I got home from a trip to Washington and Oregon (which is really ironic... because I live in Florida...)

Elle said...

Speaking of shrimp, a restaurant once put a piece of breaded shrimp in my chicken nuggets.

Erm. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

Melissa Kendra said...

shrimp in any form is disgusting.

I'm sorry about the mess. that's when you invest in your own minifridge.
I think it would be worth it.

GEORGINA said...

My friends leave open shrimp in our fridge too. And then go away for a few days and forget that shrimp not only smells disgusting normally, but smells absolutely rancid when it goes out of date.
I no longer buy food that needs to be kept cold.