Wednesday, February 4, 2009


So this morning Eia texts me from her bedroom and says "skip japanese art history?" and since we have this class together, I text back "Sure, sweet dreams xoxo" and then I find myself with a sudden hour of free time.
I decided to start recording vocals for a song, and the next time I looked at a clock I realized I had not only missed my first class but my second one as well.
At this point, I dont see really any point in going to the third either, as I just have to rush off to work afterward. Soooo.... my nose is still stuffy, I am going to call it a sick day. Or something. Oops.

In other news, I was supposed to get Alex at the airport tonight but airports are evil establishments of terribleness and bad stuff (not true) so he is being delayed and has to stay overnight in a city that is not here tonight. So that's annoying.

I have 3 hours now before work. Amazing what not going to school does for my free time. Food and Doctor Who? Yes, please.

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vlada said...

I never really get to enjoy those days in which I skip school.. I guess I feel guilty about it.

Hope your nose gets better soon.