Thursday, February 19, 2009

six years ago.

I have been reading my old xanga; it spanned from 2003 to 2004, which would encompass my freshman and sophomore years of highschool.
Reading my journal entries is such a trip for me, because I am exactly the same yet so very, very different.

On the one hand, I was pretty eloquent, even as a moody prepubescent teen girl. There arent grammar or spelling errors or anything.
I used my blog half as an escape to complain about my life and half as a promotional tool to talk about my fanfiction and other nerdy internet hobbies. The latter hasnt changed, ha. I mean, I dont write fanfiction anymore, but I still talk about concerts and CDs and new videos, and internet-nerdom is all relative.

But the biggest difference is how often I just hated life.
And the fact that I actually, literally on Monday, May 26th 2003 started an entry by saying:

"Man, life really blows."

hahaha. That is so dramatically far from the truth and I hate my six-years ago self for being so ignorant.

Also I did the cute thing where I would actually write everything I did that day. I think it took me a few years of blogging to figure out that no one cares.

If I described today as I used to in 2003, it would sound like this:

"Today I woke up at 7:30 and read the four emails waiting in my inbox from Alex, wrote a quick little good morning message back, and then pulled myself out of bed. I listened to Lily Allen while I got ready for school and then decided to forgo a shower so I could have time to make myself oatmeal with bananas. <3 Then Eia decided to drive us to school instead of walking, which was a nice change, and we illegally parked in a load/unload zone before running off to our Art History section, which is annoyingly on the 3rd floor of the -"


I'm sure there ARE people out here who would read this, but just, no.
My life is not THAT interesting.
I'm glad I grew up hahhahaa.


Kat said...

"There arent grammar or spelling errors or anything." Irony ftw. (Was than an obnoxious comment? Yes? I apologize, haha.)

sugandha90 said...

Kristina, I just want to hug you.


You are so nerdy but oh-so-awesome, but your 6 year old self was partly right.

Life can blow...just doesn't suck so much for you anymore.

Sammie said...

Oh man, i have an Open Diary dating back to 2001, and it is so embarassing to read those entries....oh to think i thought grade 9 was so hard. haha