Monday, February 2, 2009


This is the most terrible homework assignment I have ever been given.

So my professor has given us four short paragraphs from various philosophers that we have been learning about in class. I am to choose two of these and write commentaries on them.

Why is this hard?

So I have to read through literally hundreds of pages of Plato, Aristotle, Bacon, Bruno, and Faulkner to identify these passages before I can even begin the actual assignment. He must know that NOBODY in class is keeping up with the ridiculous amount of reading he assigns us.

Even with the help of google it's taken me an hour to identify 3 of them.

I want so badly to finish this before Wednesday when Alex gets here (because if I think focusing is difficult NOW...) but it's so haaard. :(

And my housemates are playing blockles downstairs. Life is unfair.

In other news, Gossip Girl is getting weird, and the last 10 minutes of Heroes were all we needed of that episode. But oh were those 10 minutes good.

Now back to suffering.

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partyweetow said...

Geez. My philosophy homework is always just answering two or three questions on a reading, and we have a week to do it. Online school ftw?