Monday, February 16, 2009

Two two two.

My brain is just mush today.
Everything I did, I did twice.

I made two videos (one for 5AG and one for my channel).
I watched 2 episodes of Heroes (last week's and this weeks).
I worked through 2 chapters of my novel (which adds up to about 9 pages I think).
I worked through 2 chapters of Alex's novel (mostly reading but taking down some notes as well).

It would be nice if I could just have two night's sleep now, as well. :D

Thankfully I dont have class until 1:30 tomorrow so I can have another lovely lie in bed and do nothing sort of morning. Maybe I'll watch more Doctor Who. Maybe I'll keep with the trend and watch 2 episodes. xD

Florida is in four days and I feel severely unprepared. WHO is going to get us to the airport at 4AM? Are real people awake at this time? I have only ever seen it from the other end.
Kind of wish this plane was taking me to London.
Florida will be nice too, I'm sure. Haha.

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LullabyBri said...

You get to go in four days? I go in 2 weeks! I wish I could see you play but I'm going laterrr! :) Have fun just the same!!