Sunday, February 8, 2009

shoes WHAT.

One of my coworkers has just showed me a pair of (questionable) brown leather boots she purchased earlier today.

I already was not a huge fan of boots of its kind in general but then I asked her how much they were.

She blushed and said "five hundred dollars".


I have spent a WEEK weighing the pros and cons of spending $500 on going to London to see Alex for spring break, which would include CULTURE and NEW SIGHTS and GENERAL FUN TIMES, and she just threw the same amount of money into some stupid leather with rose patterns on it. That she will probably only wear twice and decide it's out of fashion.

I hate people sometimes.


Jessie said...

Seriously ... where do you work and can I submit my resume?

Sammie said...

That is so insane that i HAD to comment just to say this. crazy!!