Friday, February 13, 2009


I feel so motivated right now.

Today I have the day off work, and my to-do list is LONG. But it's not daunting. It's exciting.

First I have class.
Then I am cashing a check that I've been carrying around in my wallet all week.
Next I am finishing filing my taxes.
Then I have to record guest vocals for a few tracks for Lauren's new solo album.
Then I have to pay and send off my stupid parking ticket I got when Alex was here.
Then I have to send my dad my grades from the last quarter so he can give them to the insurance people.
THEN I am recording vocals, finally, for that song I owe Alex for finishing my 50,000 words after he did.
And then, then, then if I am not too burnt out, I am going to hopefully start working on a novel idea I've been carting around in my head for nearly a year because this morning John Green told me he liked the idea and inspired me to not wait until nanowrimo but instead to start now.

Maybe if I get enough of these things accomplished, I will start Season 2 of Doctor Who. xD
I also missed Heroes and Gossip Girl this week, not to mention sleeping through the last 20 minutes of Lost. I will need to find time to watch those at some point as well.

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Nettles said...

you get to talk to people like john green!!

lucky duck. :]