Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I have been meaning to write something in here since I got home from Florida, but I didnt feel inspired because I would just write something like:

"Had a blast in Florida, played 2 great shows, got to see all my friends that I only get to see here and there across the year for wizard rock events and spent a lovely day at Seaworld."

I dont want to just sum up my life in a blog. I like to ponder and notate and dictate things within my life, but the weekend was just a whirlwind of fun things all happening so quickly... I barely had time to take it all in, let alone digest it and now write a commentary on it.

So here is a list of things, I suppose:

1. Got to spend a good 3 days with Brittany, which was lovely, as our time together is rare.
2. Flew across the country and back in 3 days time.
3. Played shows in both Jacksonville and Orlando.
4. Sang the debut of Fair Fortune to a nice audience complete with silly costumes and props.
5. Got to meet Kasey, a youtube friend.
6. Ate at the Hard Rock Cafe in Orlando.
7. Hung out at the Hard Rock Hotel.
8. Kissed a dolphin and tickled its tummy.
9. Held/fed various exotic birds.
10. Saw Shamu and Sea Lions, respectively in their own shows.
11. Rode the Kracken, a feet dangling type roller coaster.
12. Spent a weekend with some of my favorite people in the world.
13. Missed Alex, which is ridiculous as he really wasnt any further away from me. He was closer actually, geographically. But still. <3
14. Got home in time for class on Monday.

Now I have a whole list of things to accomplish, but instead I am watching Doctor Who. xD

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VicMorrowsGhost said...

Have you seen the Dr Who epp "Blink" yet? It's one of my faves, or the girl in the fireplace or... well almost all of them. :P