Thursday, January 15, 2009


I am a ridiculous person.

At the start of this year, I made a list on my little white board of things I would like to eventually buy, and for the first week of the year I looked at it despairingly because many of the things on it are expensive thingggs.

But I have now crossed off two of the most painful purchases, money-wise, which include "new computer" and "condenser mic".

That's... exciting.

That doesn't leave much hope for the other two ominous ones which are "figure out how to pay parents back for car" and "somehow make enough money for London".

I'll focus on "new shoes" and "new backpack" for now. Those are slightly easier to deal with.

Oh money. How bittersweet of a relationship I have with you.

In other news, <333. For so many people. I just feel really happy about people right now.

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Sammie said...

Hahaha. I had something similar and although it's great I have a new laptop and new camera, i really could have used those new jeans i needed. haha. Next time maybe!