Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Just had a very intense drive home from work with a lot of things on my mind.

One of these things, though, was the fact that I have worked at Village for over 3 years now, and every time I go to the bathroom, I use the same stall. The second to last one on the right. For the longest time I thought this was just a weird thing that I do - I mean, I feel like I live at that theatre sometimes, and thats MY stall. It's the one I use. 
Somehow this has come up in conversation more than once and now two of my coworkers have admitted to doing the same thing. I just wonder how many people actually stop and think about little things like this. Surely I can't be the only one who overanalyzes so much that I even think about choice of toilet stall. That's like saying there can't be any other life in the universe - it's just selfish.
I realize more and more each day that other people are much more fascinating and involved creatures than I often give them credit for.
Also on this drive home I heard on The End the "urban dictionary slang word of the day", and tonight's was "Cinemuck". This is the gunk and grime you walk on that is left behind on the floors of movie theatres. I liked it. I am going to integrate this into every day conversation.

Now I am going to go ponder my life and why it's so wonderful and how I get myself into these beautiful messes I so often find myself in. 


partyweetow said...

I always choose the stall that's the furthest away from the door, unless it's a handicapped one, because then I'd feel bad if a handicapped person came in and couldn't use it.

I hate it when you're the only person in the bathroom, then someone comes in and uses the stall RIGHT NEXT TO YOURS. It's like, "Hi, there's like 5 other stalls; why don't you NOT be a Creepy McCreep-Face and use the one that's at least one stall away from mine?" Psh people and their weird bathroom habits *rolls eyes*


Jerry Cooke said...

haha, I always use the same stall at work too - maybe everyone does :)

Feel like I've not talked to you for weeks - not a good feeling :(

priscamonkie said...

At my school I always use the same stall. There are 2 bathrooms and I always use the same stall. One of them has an extremely creeky door and the other's toilet flushed for a really long time. I have noticed that I use the same stall and sometimes I try to avoid the creeky one but I just use it anyways. :D

Sammie said...

Oh man, im sometimes a little OCD on things like this, if i do use a public bathroom, i always use the very first stall because i read once that it happens to be the cleanest, probably not true...haha.