Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Eia I are going to be in the UK this summer; different countries but close enough to potentially meet up there at least once. I will be in a foreign place, further than I have ever been away from home, and one of my best friends will be nearby.

To reiterate -- I am going to be in LONDON this summer.

This is exciting on so many levels.
I cant wait to immerse myself in another country, to live in a dorm, and let's be real here - to meet EVERYONE that I have spent the last year getting to know and becoming friends with.
I have a whole long list of people I NEED to see, and it's funny but I think I have more offers of staying at people's house than I have nights needing a place to stay.
I love the UK youtubers.

I finished recording my part for Lena's Rock Opera. I now have an even greater appreciation for Beedle the Bard. The piece is nearly 20 minutes long, and recording my part took two sittings, a few hours each. If you have no intention of buying her album, at least consider buying that track on itunes when it's up. But also change your mind about buying her album because she's brilliant.

I'm not sure what I wanted to talk about. I came here with a definite urge to write, but now that I am here, fingers hovered over keyboard I feel like I have less to say.
Sometimes when I have a ton of things circling around in my head; wishes/fears/doubts/worries/anticipation/stress/love I think sitting down and writing it out will help me figure out what to actually deal with and what to cast aside as clutter... but other times, I sit down and realize my thoughts are still too chaotic, too much in disarray, to even sort through them.

So for now, I shall ponder.
Boy do I get myself in messes.

That's all.
Got two silver medals in blockles tonight. I just wasnt meant for greatness, I suppose.

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partyweetow said...

Are you going to be in London for a semester or for the whole year? Either way, it sounds like a LOT of fun!

My old university had a study abroad program at Oxford that I really wanted to do, but I left the school before I could. :\