Thursday, January 15, 2009


So, today is the day I just threw caution to the wind and decided that since I want a Mac, I should buy one. And I did. And it's in the mail. And it will be here next week.
I also returned my new HD camera. I just -- don't need it. The money is going toward the computer. Merry Christmas to meeee.
I am happy with this decision. And it's so nice-looking.
And I have had mac-envy for a long time even though I was of the variety that feigned disinterest.

I had to be talked into it but it wasn't very hard. A few nudges toward the "confirm purchase" button from Alex Day and Rosi and Liz and also my lovely housemate Mari and - really, that was all it took. Alex basically sold it to me. Ha.

All of my mac-friends are jumping for joy right now and handing me cups of koolaid, assuring me my jumpsuit is in the mail and will be here shortly.
And my PC friends? Calling me a traitor.

They'll get over it!


Sam said...

All I can say is...


partyweetow said...

I wish I had a Macbook. I told myself, though, that I'm going to wait until I either get into grad school or get my first real library job, whichever comes first.

Elle said...

I'm saving for a mac. It's a long way off, though.