Wednesday, January 7, 2009

skype contacts thing.

I'm a sheep. What can I say.
Also, who doesn't love and opportunity to talk about their friends anonymously?
I'm not doing everyone, just whoever I have something to say about.
I will never tell you who is who. Sorry.

1. You're hilarious and I love talking to you. It's always entertaining.
2. I'm actually really surprised you still like me, because I am not always nice to you.
3. You have good intentions/a good heart but sometimes you just really annoy me.
4. You're am amazing human being and I consider myself lucky every day that you think so highly of me. Your brother, too.
5. In the midst of trying to figure out what to say about you, I gave up and instead just removed you from my contacts. Ha. Sorry.
6. I used to think you were so inspiring and now I'm just not sure. You're pretty, either way.
7. I love you so so so much and you're definitely one of my very best friends. I need more of you in my life.
8. When you told me I inspired you and that you thought of me in Bangladesh, you have no idea how flattering it was. Just seeing your name on my skype list makes me smile.
9. Talking to you is always an experience. I can't wait to meet you so we can have sexy times (lolol).
10. You're probably one of the most attractive people on YT and I wish I wasn't too scared to talk to you.
11. I appreciate everything you do and I am very glad you live in the area.
12. You're my one of my favorite people and I miss talking to you. I think of things I want to email you just about every other day. :)
13. I think it's hilarious that you're on my skype list. I want to message you math problems all the time.
14. We talked once and it was a good experience but for some reason we lost touch. Aw.
15. I wish you would come home from Spain or wherever the heck you are. I miss you.
16. You're amazing and I am so lucky to call you one of my best friends. Never leave my life. Ever.
17. I love making new friends randomly and you are the most recent addition to that list. You're hilarious and easy to talk to and I hope to cultivate this friendship further.
18. Sometimes I am so glad you're not in my life anymore. Then you text message me.
19. I have adored you for 8 months or so now and I continue to adore you. Thank you for being such a great friend. I think it's my turn to send you a present. Hm.
20. I think you're one of the sweetest guys in the world and I love listening to you talk because somehow you do a British accent so much better than other Brits. Ha. I cant wait to meet you.
21. I'm jealous of what you do so effortlessly.
22. I am so fortunate to have you living so close to me. I lovelovelove you and thanks for being in my life.
23. I only subscribed to you because I thought you were cute, but now I know you're also a fantastic video maker as well. Everyone wins!
24. You're complicated. Just stay in my life forever, okay?
25. I love you. I used to want to be just like you, but now I just hope we stay friends for a very very long time. I'll come visit you before you have to go back to England, I promise.
26. I miss you so much more than I should be allowed to. Sigh. I NEED to see you again.
27. I'm so glad I met you. You're hilarious and smart and I hope we continue to be friends.
28. I can't believe I thought I may have a crush on you. No.
29. I think you're amazing and I cant wait to see you/hang out with you again. I even love you when you call me and tell me 5 minutes into the conversation that you're live on blogtv. :P
30. Your presence is missed on the Internet.


Dave said...

I don't have you on skype so obv I'm none of them... But I'm calling number 20 anyway. Number 20 is mine mother fuckers!

Todd said...

you owe me 200 dollars