Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I dont know how or when it happened -- but it was like suddenly I woke up one day and was fairly decent at blockles.

Now if only this would happen with memorization of Japanese art slides.

In other news, I started going to the gym with Eia. When I used to think of "going to the gym" I would just imagine sweaty people doing all sorts of dull and repetitive things, and why would I want to walk on a treadmill for an hour and not get anywhere when I could be eating cereal on the couch and watching Gossip Girl?

Well, THEN. Then I we went and realized there are all sorts of machines with their own television screens, which is probably just about the most innovative thing I have seen in a long time. All you need is a set of headphones!

I can run on an elliptical for HOURS with Family Guy, Home Improvement, American Idol, and the Price is Right. Last night I watched "the Girl Next Door" while biking. It was wonderful.

Speaking of biking; here's ANOTHER magical thing about the gym. There are these biking machines that you can sign up on, and it not only keeps track of your overall miles (I'm at 6 or 7) but there is this GAME. You collect colored coins and then have to hunt down dragons of the corresponding color. Dragon hunting isn't exercising, it's FUN. Way to pull the wool over my eyes, IMA. You are one crafty little gym.

And now, to celebrate, I am taking the bus home from school instead of walking. xD

Once a couch potato, always a couch potato. 

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Steven said...

your gym sounds fun! it's like they want people to exercise...i smell a conspiracy