Saturday, January 31, 2009

productivity vs. laziness

I love that of the 5 errands/chores I have to do today, 4 of them can be done without even leaving my bed.

It's only 10 AM and I have already:
- purchased more physical copies of the newest Parselmouth album to sell at shows.
- Emailed the department adviser to set up an appointment to declare my major.
- Looked online about the GO!Global scholarship to see if I can get free money for London. I dont think I can. Although I am going to see an adviser about that next week too.

I still need to upload a paper I wrote to our class discussion board (honestly this is the easiest one, why am I so lazy?), finish laundry that I didn't complete, uh, a week ago (^^;) and go see Kayley's shooooow tonight! I am very excited about this last one.

I am enjoying my lazy Saturday. I will probably utilize the rest of my free time and eat lots of food, watch Doctor Who, and inevitably send many emails to Alex Day.

Yay for simultaneous productivity and immense laziness!

I should also clean my room. .......I'm going to pretend I didn't say that.


Bekah said...

Ahh, Kristina.
Your life - even during times of immense laziness - is so much more interesting than mine.

owlssayhooot said...

Doctor Who?! YES! :D
Andddd I can't wait to see you tonight.