Saturday, September 12, 2009

I had to google all the French place names.

Today was my second day in Paris!

Eia and I woke up super early and decided to power through the tourist things we wanted to see. We even made a list. It was serious.

We had our free croissants and jam courtesy of the hostel, grabbed our purses, and jumped on the Metro. We got out at the stop for the Eiffel Tower, and had to meander our way through the men jingling metal Eiffel Tower key chains at us and other men with string trying to distract us long enough with compliments to start tying a bracelet on our wrists. No. Thank. You.

Finally finally we got to the Eiffel Tower! The tower itself was actually a lot prettier than I expected it to be, and we spent a long time trying to find the best angles to take pictures of it from. We had to keep walking backwards because it's so tall, and after awhile, we realized we were probably a quarter mile back from where we started, near this big fancy fountain. We were finally able to get a picture that had the ENTIRE tower in it, and then we started playing around with our Polaroid cameras because where ELSE would you want to use film that is obsolete and more than $1 per picture?

Near the top, the fountain was flooding all over what was supposed to be a nice place to stand and look at the tower I suppose, but it quickly became mine and Eia's personal wave pool as we kicked off our shoes and ran around in the water. Eventually loads of other people seemed to think we had the right idea, and tons of barefoot tourists were playing in the flooded faux-pond. It was fun. :) We never actually made it to the beach in Rome, so this was our substitute.

After this, we let our feet dry in the sun and headed over to the Arc de Triomphe, where within seconds, two guys fro Israel tried to get us to spend the day with them. Cute or not, we declined, and rushed off in the direction of the Champs Elysées without even bothering how to figure out how to actually get TO the Arch without playing an extreme game of Frogger in the giant roundabout. But not before the guys had us take pictures with them. They're probably going to go back home and tell all their friends and family about all the wild and crazy fun they had with these two American girls, which is a laugh, because we literally talked to them for about a grand total of 4 minutes. Or so.

Our stroll down the Champs Elysées was fun; we saw Louis Vuitton and lots of other stores we can't afford to even look at for an extended period of time. We ducked into a bookshop and bought copies of Harry Potter in french (Eia bought me Sorcerer's Stone in Italian a few years ago, so I've decided to compile a collection of the entire set in different languages of places I've been; so I now own the french edition of Chamber of Secrets). The covers are so cute here!
I was looking for other cool covers of well-loved books, but the only ones I recognized were Twilight and Uglies, and both had the standard covers.

I'm having a hard time remembering what we did next, since we crammed so much into today. We were going to go to the Louvre, but we decided to save that until Monday. Right, so we were going to hit the Paris Hard Rock, but had a terrible time getting directions (3 different people told us 3 different Metro stops) and then, much to our dismay, we took the yellow line all the way to transfer at Nation, which was CLOSED, so we wasted about an hour riding a line all the way to the end and all the way back. We finally found the Hard Rock, got to add it to our list, and then walked in circles looking for the big Opera house. I have no idea how it took us so long to find it, but we did, and didn't end up going inside because it cost money and we're nearing the end of a VERY LONG European adventure, so funds are low.

After all of this, we headed back to our hostel, took a bit of a break where Eia napped and I fit in a bit more time reading the Hunger Games (I LOVE IT) and we generally just let our feet and bodies rest after so many days of constantly being on the go.

We had plans to check out the Moulin Rouge and the Eiffel Tower at night, but instead I got a phone call from these two French girls who'd been trying to meet up with me since I got here, and Eia and I decided to go with them out for crepes. We had a lovely time chatting with them about funny language barrier problems and the Internet, and not to mention, it was nice having translators for once and the best part was being able to be sure about what was going to be in my food when I ordered it. They advised us to get this yummy dessert crepe with alcohol in it because they lit it on fire when they brought it to us. That was awesome.
They also gave us these French caramel sweets with jokes on the inside that are known for being terrible (the jokes, not the candy) and we had a bit of fun while they tried to translate the jokes over to us and it just... didn't.. work.

The girl's were lovely and I'm glad we met with them. It was nice to "know someone" in Paris. Haha. They were still complete strangers I suppose, just... complete strangers who happened to know a lot about me. xD

So we decided to pass on any more night activities after getting back around 10:45, because we want to be up BRIGHT AND EARLY tomorrow for Disneyland. Oh god I can't wait. :D

Also, I'm sad because I am the only 5AG who didn't make a video this week. It's been SO LONG since I made a video.. in fact, the last Monday video was made by ALEX and that's not really okay with me. I don't know if I'll have time this week. I miss it. :/

In other news, my best friend from middle school just told me she was singing "Mrs. Nerimon" at her color guard practice the other day, and another girl on the team was like, "Oh, you know about Kristina too?"
Heather said, "You have NO IDEA."

Okay. That's all for today. Goodnight, blog.

Days until I leave: 11


Han said...

Bonjour Mon Amis!

Sounds like you are having an awesome time in Paris with Eia - I loved Paris when I went a few years ago - i keep meaning to go back but i want to explore further afield then start going back to the same places. lol

Enjoy Disney :)

loveacrosstheocean said...

This whole blog made me smile while I was reading it, especially the polaroid part. I went to paris with my best friend in july, and had a blast. Experiencing really cool things with a close friend just makes things THAT much better. I love reading your blog, and I'm super happy you're enjoying yourself.
cheers, love.

Elizabeth... said...

I liked the bit about not wanting to play Frogger... there is a tunnel under the road but it took us ages to find it when we went there on an art trip. Sounds like a hellova lot of fun exploring and eating crepes that have been on fire. Enjoy Disneyland!


Anonymous said...

I love Paris! It was fun to read about what you did, because I was just there in February. I've been there 3 times, and in February I went thanks to an exchange program at my high school.

I've been to the the Louis Vuitton you mentioned because my exchange student lived on La Rue de la Grande Armee! I could see the Arc de Triomphe from my apartment (I actually stuck my camera out the window and took a picture of it.).

Good to hear that Paris is treating you well!

Scott said...

Oh, Paris. What a wonderful place. I went on a student exchange to France when I was in grade 11 for a semester, so I spent a couple weekends in Paris. I feel as if I should've warned you about all of the men who try to tie bracelets on your arms. The reasoning behind them tying the bracelets is to distract you while their friend pickpockets you, by the by.

Have a fun day tomorrow!! And as the french say, bisous.

Ravenclaw2313 said...

I love hearing about all the touristy things that you're doing. Can't wait to hear about Disneyland and the Louvre! I know you're crazy busy but we do miss seeing your beautiful face on 5AG.

Alyce said...

I hope you have a great time in Paris! I'm going there for a weekend this December. Super excited :) I love keeping up with your European adventures. Have a great time at EuroDisney tomorrow (or, later today).
xx, Alyce

the_who_ru said...

Glad you're having a good time in France. :) It's really lovely that you're sharing all your travels with us all through blogging. For me, it's especially nice, as I have never been to Paris and would love to travel as much of the world as possible. I really hope you enjoy the rest of your travels. :)


Would you be interested in a Portuguese copy of The Philosopher's Stone? :) If so, you can message me on Twitter (@alorena1) :) <3

Wyatthaplo said...

Sounds awesome! All i can think of to say in my drunkiness lol

janitorbud said...

i want a polaroid camera!
i loved the ending about your friend from middle school.
i'm glad you're having fun

Coreyclaxton said...

Check out WOS Bar on Rue Saint Jacques. (By the Parthenon 5th arr.) A very fun international bar with a very friendly staff and probably the most awesome bar owner in the world, Pierre. It's a fun place and home away from home. Have fun in Paris!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh you had Carambars! They are amazing! Two of my friends lived in France last year and they brought them back for me! (haha the jokes are really awkward translated :P)
I'm happy that you seem to be having a nice time on your trip now! Keep smiling and keep blogging, Kristina, reading your blog makes me happy :D

89ravenclaw said...

i feel sort of bad now whenever i get mrs nerimon stuck in my head... even though it was technically "before"

gah it's so darn catchy

Kristen said...

I love Disney! Especially Disneyworld, and more specifically the Haunted Mansion (but let us all forget the movie that was based on it). I can't wait to hear about it. What does Mickey Mouse sound like with a french accent? : ) Have a great day!

Joanna said...

hey kristina!
It's Joanna, glad you had a fun time in Paris all day ahah yeah I remember you telling us about the Israeli guys :S..
and the crepes out last night w/ you & Eia was SO surreal (&amazing, duh! :) ) but we're so glad it finally happened! Thank you both so much!

VicMorrowsGhost said...

Le Harry Potter!

RhianonLives said...

This blog made me happy =) I can't believe you're going to Disneyland in Paris xD That's so american...
Hehe You're famous, Kristina_ you have "fans" all over the planet!

Kate said...

Your Paris adventure sounds just like mine! We only had a day there, so we hit the Notre Dame first, followed by the Arc, Champs Elysees and the Eiffel Tower! We missed the Louvre, but I think that's somewhere you could spend a whole day in itself.

Oh, and we had flaming crepes too!

omgitslouise said...

I love Paris!!
I went with my school last year, and it was beautiful. Disneyland is pretty good, I've been so many times :D
I hope you have an awesome time :] <3

La Causerie said...

It's terrible about the metro. I can't believe they closed it. When they did they only made the announcement in French and it was only yesterday. Sometimes the French are just like that. And you have to watch out for those guys with bracelets, they're aweful! If you make it to the Sacre Couer, (which you should try, it's in Montmartre and is a very good view of the city at night, it's near the Moulin Rouge) the guys with the bracelets are there with a vengence.

Elayne said...

So excited to hear about your trip to Disney! And how many votes do you have for Antarctica? John really wants you to win, it seems. :)

oxiigen said...

sounds AMAZING. I can't wait to hear about Disneyland Paris! I want to go to Paris so bad. Have fun! :)

HarryPotterNERDFIGHTER said...

Ugh Paris. I want to go so badly. I have plenty of time though :).

Kristina, Everytime Mrs.Nerimon plays, on my ipod I skip past it because I feel bad. It feels kinda wrong after seeing(well reading) how hurt you were and still are after the breakup to listen to a song about Alex. Its sucks though, because its an awesome some.


Anonymous said...

Have you ever seen the movie "Taken"? This is the first thing I thought of when reading this! Be careful and don't get kidnapped! I hope your having fun and I love hearing about your trip!

Katy said...

The whole thing about your middle school friend is hilarious.

Paris sounds awesome, of course.
Nice move staying away from The Creepers.

Kazza Teresa said...

I have a spare copy of Harry Potter agus an Orchloch, which is in Irish and as you visited here and want a copy from each Country, Let me know if I can send it to you

idyllic said...

Those bracelet guys got me too! Except I was at the Sacre Coeur and my friend wanted one so I got one tooo lol. I still wear mine. It's in the colors of Senegal. I'm glad you're enjoying your trip to Paris :D

lou said...

ooooh, I'm sad I wasn't there the one time you and Eia were in Paris... :(
I'm glad you liked it !
and I do the same thing with the HP books, I bought one in gaelic when i was in Dublin, and I have one in Chinese as well :)
aaaah, the things we wouldn't do for our friend harry p !
Chloe told me she would meet you in London, so would you do me a favor and hug her for me, because I miss her very much...
enjoy your last days in Europe !