Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bad times.

Okay. Well. I'm unhappy.

This morning I was all ready to walk out the door to head to the airport; to fly to Dublin, meet Eia, and have a really fun three days.

That's not exactly the way it's happening now.

I checked my phone before putting it in my bag, and saw I had two missed texts from Eia. Turns out she went to get on her flight to Dublin and they tried to charge her an extra 180 pounds for some reason or another and now she's stranded in Edinburgh. So she won't be meeting me in Dublin because she didn't get on her flight, because 180 pounds in extra fees is ridiculous. I had no time to even sort anything out with her; I feel awful because she's just sitting in Scotland without a plan, and the worst part is, she might not be able to afford to go to Paris now.

I already booked my ticket to Paris.
And even if I just cut my losses and skip Paris; come back to London from Rome early, I don't really have anywhere to stay for a few days because Emma is moving.

I was already nervous to be going to Dublin, and with these added problems, I just kind of had a break down in the passenger seat of Emma's car on the way to Heathrow. I called my parents, even though it was 3 in the morning for them, and cried to them about how much I hate this trip and how sick I am of all the plans I make falling apart. Especially since most of the plans were made as an attempt to try to turn this trip around into a good experience instead of a painful one.

I don't know if I can do this anymore. I really have appreciated everyone telling me how strong I am and how great it is that I am persevering or whatever, but I feel pretty fucking weak right now. Maybe it's just the way I write that makes me sound like I am handling things really well, but I don't feel like I deserve the praise. I want to go home.

But I know how shitty it feels to be left on your own in this country when you were counting on someone, so I can't just abandon Eia. I'm going to Dublin today. I'm getting on my flight in an hour and a half. I'm sorting out a taxi when I get there. I'm going to the RTE studio. I'll return to London on Friday and work things out so I can see her in Rome, or London, or wherever we end up working out a way to meet up.

Also, just as an aside, I also completely forgot Dublin uses Euros, so I wont have any money when I get there until I find an ATM, and I don't know if they use the UK outlets or the European ones so I don't know if I can charge anything electronic without spending MORE money on converters that I already have, sitting in a suitcase back in London. I also didn't bring any of my paperwork about flights and things so customs will be fun. Do you even do customs between London and Dublin? WHY AM I NOT MORE PREPARED?

The worst part of all of this, in this very moment I suppose, is that I am HUNGRY. And I am so sick of sandwiches. I walked around this entire terminal; Pret, Café Nero, the bookstore - all these places sell are stupid pre-packed sandwiches. I just want a bagel or something warm. I went into a pub and ordered Macaroni and Cheese off the kids menu, because everything else was too expensive, thinking it would come with chips or a drink or SOMETHING - no. Literally just watery butter noodles. Enough for a 5 year old. That cost me $7, awesome.

This blog has become the most depressing thing I can even imagine and I apologize to those of you still even reading it. I really thought this would be my great summer traveling adventure -- turns out it just sucks.

Days until I leave: NOT SOON ENOUGH.
Times I've had - oh who cares.


Mairead said...

I'm not going to tell you that things will get better, or that they'll get worse, because I always have hated people telling me this. Mostly because they don't understand how I feel, and when you're feeling this crummy, you only care about know, not the future. All I'm going to say is that I'm sorry that this trip has been so unpredictable, and for the most part horrendous from what I could pick up; you mask the amount of your problems well. I'm sorry that this is not how you expected things to turn out.

According to (, most British and Irish adapters are the same. I hope that it is right, for your sanity and sake.

Han said...

Kristina - first don't panic lovely something will get sorted!

Secondly - if you can find a bank (try Barclays or HSBC) they might be able to assist you with getting foreign currency. If the bank won't do it try for a post office - travel agency have the tendency to give a rubbish rate.

If you do cut your losses and go home - are you going to arrive home and be gutted that you didn't stay?? Depending on the terms on your ticket you might be able to cancel it and sort something else with Eia (Cambridge isn't too far from London and it's really cultural so you can go for a wander round Kings College and go on a punt. The other option is to go to Milton Keynes and wander round the museums and the shopping centre) ok it's not as great as Paris but they are plan B's.

Customs wise: you might need your passport other than that I've had a quick skim read of the Irish customs website and there doesn't seem to be anything unless you are carry over 10,000 euros in your back pocket.


Stefan said...

awwe darlin. feel better.

traveling is so expensive and only worth it if you can do it with the people you love.

After my trip to Europe I came home to an empty bank account and a maxed out credit card.

I want my next international trip to be some where where I can feel like a rich american.

Rebecca Mcgrane said...

irish and british adapters are exactly the same, there's countless atms in the airport and all you'll need for going through dublin airport is your passport for going through passport control, im pretty sure, but your a non-eu citizen so it could be different for you, hopefully you don't come into any trouble at the airport. :)
It seriously sucks that all this has happened to you, im really sorry that you could'nt enjoy london.
Hope Dublin goes well for you!

spiffyairhead said...

Hi Kristina
I haven't commented before on your blog, but I've been reading it for a while. I'm really sorry that you're having such a crummy time right now. I know saying that things will be okay isn't going to help, but I just wanted to say that I hope you feel better and that the rest of your trip goes alright. Know that there are lots of people out here in internet-land who are rooting for you and who care about how you're doing.


Shannancy said...

Kristina, I'm so sorry you're having such a bad time of it right now. And I know I'm not the only person who wishes she could fix everything with magic or a word or a hug.

But it seems I'm too late :) I've just seen your latest blog post and I am glad that you're happier now!



Wow, you're really having bad luck on this trip :S

First things first: calm yourself. Think of your options. If Plan A doesn't work out, think of a Plan B. Things will work out, love!

Joanne said...

I live in Cornwall and my trip to London was similar, in the fact that it was bloody disastrous. We stayed until the end of the 4 days but on the last day, I just didn't want to go outside the hotel room AT ALL. So I watched Bargain Hunt all day in an expensive hotel in London and didn't do anything.

I regret it a little now. I would have liked to have visited one more attraction or something.

But the trip was horrible in all, I think I'm just meant for the country, haha, I couldn't take to the city at all. I found the people shockingly unfriendly and brusque. That might have just been my experience, but... as soon as I got off the coach some guy in a van gave me the finger out the window. So yeah.

I wish I had stuck it out a little more though - I really only wanted to go so I could watch a filming of QI, lol. But the tickets never came, so... I had to make do and organise some other stuff. None of it was as good as I had expected it to be, and it was over-expensive to the nth degree. I dunno. I think I had painted a deluded picture of this big, glamourous city where all the "happenings" (I'm so hip) were going on, but I just found myself stuck in the middle of rush hour all the time. The air was dirty and smelly, too. I'm just a country gal, tenfold!!

I was SO happy to get home. Seriously. When the train finally pulled in... it was early evening, the sky was red, there were my familiar trees everywhere, the birds were singing, there were no cars, no noise, no people. It felt like a bit of heaven.

And so, looking back on this post, I am actually glad, I think, in the end, that I went home early. But I'm not saying that's what you should do! Not at all. We're obviously different people, and you have staked so much on this trip. Maybe hold out a little longer and see if it improves any. If it doesn't, at least have the comforting thought in your mind that you CAN go home, any time you want. And your family will be waiting for you.

It might help you keep going.

Hope it all goes well for you from here, Kristina. x

phampants said...


I know you're quite busy and life is all over the place right now. Besides, you're so far away from home and don't know what to do.

Now I know I'm a nobody online compared to you and I do not mean to "promote" my blog. But please, I ask you to do this and see for yourself.

I'm going to share with you my blog series of my European trip this past June. I'm still writing more but there are a few days already up. Read it and if you don't like it, then don't worry about it. But if you do, you're going to understand why I'm sharing you this.

Day 1:
Day 2:
Day 3:
Day 4-5:
Day 5.5:

Marissa said...

I have to disagree with you a bit. You may have had a shitty time, but I really don't think you're weak. I think that talking about it, and writing about it in your blog makes you a strong person. I know it's going to be little comfort, but I'm rooting for you to be happier, whatever it takes.

annaface said...

I feel somehow educated because I recognized what you meant when you wrote one of the places to get food was Pret. Even though things are going poorly for you at times, you still make me miss England and all the crazy English things that go on.

Things seems to have looked up since you posted this but I still hope things go continually better, Kristina.

SlytherinSweetie said...

I'm really sorry your trip's been going downhill for a while. But I'm not gonna tell you that things WILL get better, because I don't know. But I can say, try to hang in there. Yeah, that's about it. Sorry. I should really improve my advice giving skillz. When I'm really upset, I eat skittles, or chocolate and listen to Wrock. But I don't think that fix the trouble you're going through now. I really, REALLY hope it gets better for you. =/


kira902k said...


runswithwands said...

Girl if you packed up and left right now I wouldn't blame you. AND you are strong, because I would have done that a LONG time ago. So please don't sell yourself short. We <3 you and everything will work out!!

Chrystie said...


Allison said...

I'm glad that you're writing this down - I can see that this blog post's been building inside you for a while, and I think that it's good to vent. When I'm feeling upset I also make lists inside my head of all the things that are going wrong, and it helps to tell someone, even if they can't do anything to help.
I'm sorry that this trip is turning out so badly, but I see that the next entry has happy in the title. :)

UmLikeUhlyssa said...

im so sorry kristina. what a useless thing for me to say, but i really honestly wish i could be more helpful. if i ever meet you, even if its in like, years, i'm giving you the biggest hug ever. just so you know hah