Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ah, Little Cushion.

Everything about this experience in Dublin has been really intense.

Yesterday right after I wrote the blog post prior to this one, I got a phone call from Adam, who ran to meet me in my hotel room as soon as he got in. We chatted for awhile, until Aaron (our contact at RTE) called us and told us he was waiting in the lobby. We headed downstairs to meet him, and went out to dinner at the Gourmet Burger Kitchen where we inhaled an insane amount of food while talking about ApartmentRed, the Internet, and YouTube in general. Aaron's girlfriend met us a bit later, and was lovely as well. American, too.

We wandered in the rain a bit while everyone made fun of me for only bringing a tiny sweater (wishful thinking again I'm afraid) before we ducked in a pub for drinks and more chatting. We got back to the hotel at 11:30 or so, and even though we were both completely shattered, Adam and I ended up accidentally staying up until 1 in the morning just hanging out and reading over the scripts and wondering what the first day in the studio would be like.

When my alarm went off this morning at 7 am, I remember thinking "this is a JOKE."
I was so, so tired. It took me 15 minutes to drag myself out of bed and then I got showered and ready in record time. I met Adam downstairs for breakfast, and when we were through, we set out on the 15 minute walk to the studio.

The first thing that happened upon arriving was that we were taken up for "makeup". I was not expecting this at ALL. I mean, it obviously makes sense... we were being filmed on real cameras in a real studio with a real production team, of course we're going to need professional makeup. I've just never never had another human being put mascara on me, so it was odd.

My makeup guy was named Javier, and he asked me what my name was.
I said, "Kristina".
"Ah, Cushina?"
I figured it was close enough so I nodded.
"Cushina," he mused. "Little cushion."

He proceeded to call me "little cushion" for the rest of my foundation, eyeshadow, mascara and lipstick application.

Once I was loaded up with more makeup than I have ever worn on a normal day out, we headed out to meet the rest of the cast and see the sound room and the set of the Apartment. I didn't actually get to film anything IN the Apartment set today. My two scenes were in the hallway first, and the best one, which was an awkward scene between me and Stephen (3sixty5days) inside a makeshift storage closet.

The first scene only had 2 lines from my character, but the second scene was a back and forth between Stephen and I that spanned 2 pages in the script. I was so, so, so nervous. The only real acting I have done was in high school, when I did stage productions, where I had months to learn my lines and develop my character. I learned these lines today in about 40 minutes.

I realized in the middle of it all that I knew nothing about being filmed in a studio or anything. I was getting all sweaty palmed and heart-thuddy while I was waiting for my first scene, because while we waited we got to sit in the control room watching the other people run their takes on all the little monitors. I didn't know any sort of cues or code words or how to act or when to start or where to look, but it all ended up working out pretty well. It wasn't very scary it turns out, and acting opposite Stephen especially was relatively easy.

I found out I have to wear the same outfit again tomorrow that I wore today, since the things we're filming happen in the same day (in the context of the show) so I'm glad I wore the better outfit today, haha. I only brought 2 outfits since I knew my trip up here was short.

Anyway, Dublin has been fun, and busy, and distracting. This feels like some completely removed from my own life - I can hardly believe I am here, doing this. I finally got in touch with Eia yesterday... some plans are kind of still up in the air but nothing life-threateningly bad or frustrating is happening at the present moment.

So my plans for the rest of the day are to go out and see a bit of Dublin with Adam and Stephen, and then come back to my hotel, bask in my awesome double bed, try to learn my lines tonight to make tomorrow a little easier for myself, and then go to bed early. I kind of can't wait to do this all again tomorrow. I could see myself doing something like this, maybe. In the future, I mean. :) Depends on if I can act, I suppose. Aaron said things went great today, but I have no idea how I actually did. Last time I acted I was 18 and played Gertrude McFuzz, the bird with a one feather tail. This is a bit different. xD

By the way, I will post links and twitter information on when these episodes will be posted online for the public viewing pleasure. :)

Days until I leave: 20
Times I've had Indian food: 11


Hailee said...

That sounds actually really fun! The whole filming process and all.
Dublin sounds amazing! <3

Wyatthaplo said...

Sounds amazing so far :) You are very lucky to have this oppourtunity. Enjoy tomorrow!!

Julia said...

"LIttle cushion" that sounds so lovely :)

Glad things are looking up for you. Enjoy your time in the UK, it's not all bad, I promise.

Primrose Marie said...

I know exactly how you feel about the whole script things. It's a feeling I know well. I've done a bit of film acting, and it was unlike anthing I have ever done. There feels like there is always SO much pressure! Hang in there, Little Cushion.

seurat2 said...

I just read your last three blogs in order, and I am ever glad this was the last one since it is the most hopeful. I'm so sorry you had a meltdown and that things with Eia haven't worked out as planned. Don't worry we don't think you're Superwoman or anything , but you are demonstrably awesome and if I was traveling with you I would have complete faith in you pulling things together and having fun no matter what.

nzaussiegirl said...

hey 'little cushion' (great nickname really)
just wanted to say that I really respect how brave you are - not just dealing with all the craziness in the real world, but also sharing the ups and the downs here with us, your humble readers.

its very cool. and I am glad that things are back on the up :o)

to_thine_own_self said...

I'm glad you're feeling better, Kristina. I mean...Little Cushion.
That really is an adorable nickname. XD

I just read your past three blogs in a row, too, so I'm relieved that things are working out well now. I actually would have been pretty worried had I been left with that first blog about your misfortunes =/

But glad things are better!

Katie said...

I'm glad things started looking up on your trip. Everything you were going through just sounded so awful. :\

Did I miss an entry or video when you explained about the RTE shoot? What's the show for and how did you come across it? I guess I'll do a little delving and research to try to figure it out. Or I could wait until it is online and I can see the final result. It sounds really cool. :)

SlytherinSweetie said...

That sounds AMAZING! I can't wait to watch it!! Wow, Dublin sounds soooooo great!! ^.^


RhianonLives said...

Wow, I just opened this after only a couple of days of having no internet and BOY did you go through some intense stuff in my absence! Aww, I'm so glad it's turning out better for you, it broke my heart when I read the sad blog... It must be bad, feeling like you're stranded and alone and not knowing what you're going to do next.
Hope everything keeps going well in Dublin! Love youuuu!!!

Madeline said...

I can totally see you being Gertrude McFuzz, Kristina!! :)

Ravenclaw2313 said...

Glad that things are looking up. Filming sounds like a lot of fun and it's great when you discover something new that you enjoy. Hope that the next day is just as wonderful.

Cheers, Little Cushion

easygreen said...

I just read your last three blogs and I'm so glad everything is turning out... better. Not, ya know, 100% wonderful, but better.

You write so well that I can't help but to put myself in your position. I keep thinking, "omg what would I do if that were me?". I know you said that you aren't really that strong, but I think just trying to complete your trip and continue on proves you are.

Well, have fun!
LOL- I have to share this with someone. My word verification is "smoopsu". I think if I ever get sad I will think of that word.

sophie said...

It sounds like you are finally having an enjoyable experience! I hope everything continues to be lovely.


janitorbud said...

I AM SO JEALOUS. i love stephen and adam.
and i'm so excited for you and RTE. i love that show thing..
little cushion is amazing. that's like a new joke thing with your readers.
like cheers, love.
ummm i think that's all i wanted to say.
OH and i want to go to Ireland so badly.

Melissa Kendra said...

I love Apartment Red, I can't wait to see you on it!

kira902k said...

Your filming experience sounds great. I have no idea what RTE is or ApartmentRed except that it has something to do with...something?
Anywyas, I'm going to go look that up now. :P

Yay, little cushion. hah.


Azar Davis said...
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KaraDawlish said...

haha have you had makeup applied by a dog? Or another species perhaps? Lol i love how you say human it's so random as opposed to person it's like "Human" lol


Hema said...

ah for a second i was distracted from real life, as if i were reading a book and it was really fun, then the blog post ended and i was like, 'oh right, back to real life now'. haha

VicMorrowsGhost said...

Wow these three updates were like emotional pinball. Ping! Sad. Pow! Happier. DING! Terrified! Ching! Relaxed.

Good times or bad times this trip is a heck of an adventure. Hang in there love. Stay fluffed little cushion.

jello said...

Hi!! My name is Leah, and I'm 13 years old, and I love in NYC. I love reading your blog posts and watching your videos! You're very interesting, and keep my attention well..:)
Anyways, I've been watching your videos for awhile, but I haven't written any comments, so I guess I'll start now.

I just got back from Europe a two days ago! I was traveling in France and Spain with my grandparents and my cousin. I just got caught up on your blog (after this trip, i've concluded that free wifi in europe just never works), and I have a bunch of stuff to say!
This is in no order, though.

1) At one hotel we were in, the showers were boxes. They had the sliding doors and you couldn't move in them! And on top of that, water leaked everywhere, and the handle was broken, so you couldn't hang the shower head up!

2) I can't believe you went to the Imperial War museum! I go to France every April, and Spain every August, because my grandparents are spanish and live in France, but go to Spain over the summer. Sometimes in France, we take the train from Paris to London, and spend a night or two in London, and my mom and aunt are OBSESSED with that museum! Every time we are in London we go to that museum! It is pretty cool, though..

3) Okay, like I said before I go to Europe two times a year, (this year 3 because my other grandparents took me on a trip, but thats a different story) and I go to the same small suburb right outside of Paris every year, and the same tiny village where my family is from in Spain, and even though I love going to both places, and I love seeing my family, its not that big of a deal for us. Some of my friends have never been out of the country, and for me and my brother, its just another thing we do. We are grateful to be able to experience going to new places, but we're used to it!

4) As for Alex, I can't give you that wise advice, but I think you should try to focus on the times that you enjoyed with him and things you enjoyed doing in London. There's this story about my cousin, thats sort of crazy, because he's also 13. He started dating this girl in December, they just broke up a few weeks ago! They were dating for 8 months! And they're 13! My cousin is a third child, and he's a really nice guy, so would never want to hurt someone. The truth is, though, she broke up with my cousin, and afterwords, he told me that after a few months of being with her, he realized that he didn't want to be with her. He tried to break up with her, but he felt to guilty, so he ended up spending 5 months not enjoying himself and not being happy. I guess the moral is that you should feel happy that when you and Alex were together, you had fun and enjoyed being together. Also, you should be proud that you guys beat the odds and didn't break up because of the long distance relationship(as far as we know)!

Good Luck, and you'll be home before you know it!


HarryPotterNERDFIGHTER said...

See? Isn't Ireland amazing, Haha. You should come to the west, its far prettier here.

Been attempting to learn any Irish? Haha.

I feel bad for missing like four posts. Sorry :(.

Im glad you're having a good time here though :).

Kate said...

This has nothing to do with your post, but can I just say... I had Indian food for the first time today, and I totally thought of you. It was really good, and better yet, free!

Brianna said...

Kristina Cushion. That's funny. I'm glad you had a better day in Dublin with your filming. It sounds like loads of fun. I want to go into filming as a career.

Anyways, hope things are getting better. I worry about you. You don't deserve all the crap you have had to go through.